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Comment Re:I was most frustrated by ... (Score 1) 149

I don't think it's that simple. Typically what happens is business needs something in a short period of time in order to exploit an opportunity, but then development needs time to return the code to a well ordered state rather than the hacky (albeit working) mess left after the rush-job is delivered. Typically your average PHB has no clue what they are asking for in terms of human effort and often even the dev team don't appreciate the full extent of the impact of a change to the system like this.

Good programmers continually fix and improve code as they work on it. Usually compensating for weaker team mates, refactoring as they go, improving overall maintainability without spending vast amounts of time. Micromanage these good programmers at your peril, you'll just frustrate them and reduce the quality of your product, making it harder and harder to get those quick changes your business values so much.

Comment Re:Genesis 6:3 NIV (Score 5, Informative) 290

Noah was born pre-Flood. And if you follow the geneologies, they lifespans increasingly shorten with each successive generation; thus not an immediate effect but something that took a few generations to take in.

Also... the bible is not a trusted reference source. It was written by people who weren't there, repeatedly re-written by people with poor translation skills (not to mention political agendas to achieve). Each new interpretation of "The word of God" heralded as an unchanging, perfect holy text. Codswallop!

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 623

You are quite right of course, however as we have no reliable way to tell 'asshole' from emergency, we should refrain from prejudice, and choose to drive safely; This includes not obstructing traffic, moving over to allow others to pass that are going faster than us, and making sure we don't break the speed limit. It's not our place to judge other drivers, we don't have all the facts, we are not police or judiciary and we cause more problems by behaving as though we are. People behave like spoilt children when they drive, they get all entitled and territorial about the bit or tarmac they occupy and forget that their juvenile hissy-fit could kill someone because they're not in full control of the two tons of metal hurtling along at over seventy miles an hour that they're supposed to be responsible for.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 623

There are always exceptions! The guy behind you is not always a dick. I got held up by a inconsiderate asshat while I was rushing a bleeding woman to the emergency room. Even though I had my hazard lights on, briefly flashed my headlights, and eventually honked my horn. He decided that the fast lane was his tarmac and that I was not entitled to pass him. There was nothing stopping him from moving over other than his attitude. There were no other cars on the road (it was about 1am). I eventually went round him on the inside after about 30 seconds or so, and only after checking it was safe to do so. Alas, the idiot swerved over, trying to prevent me from passing on the inside. I leaned on the horn and drove at/past him accelerating away and onwards to the hospital.

You don't always know what is going on in the car behind, just follow the rules of the road, don't impede traffic, it's not your job to enforce speed limits by being a rolling blockade. It also goes without saying that speeding is wrong and dangerous but sometimes it is the lesser of two evils and the choice to speed lies with the driver doing the speeding not the guy in front. It's best to drive defensively, just move over, it doesn't hurt. I do it every day that I'm not rushing someone to hospital.

Comment Re:Fascinating. All of TWO relevant languages (Score 1) 88

Last time I checked, most embedded development is done using C especially on low power devices. We are getting more of these devices added to our world every day, not less. The PC on the other hand is in decline in terms of numbers. I don't think the world is moving away from C, but I do think that C is in decline on the PC.

Not much competes with C in the embedded space. While Java is having some limited success on the bigger embedded systems; Those that have enough space to install it and still have room left for your code that is. As I stated earlier, embedded development is growing rapidly. With regard to C on the PC though... it's easier to work in other more forgiving languages at the expense of having slower code because modern machines are so fast very few people actually care that much about the overhead. I think the basic problem is that our industry is has a large number of computer programmers that are quite bad at what they do. We found out through painful experience that we don't want these people working in C because the damage they can do in it is very large and costly, compared to the damage they can do in something like Java where idiocy is much easier to detect early in a project.

Comment Re:Arguing over the subjective (Score 1) 523

I see, understand (and even agree with parts of) the argument you're making in your original post above... "If the code is clear, comments are superfluous"; The trouble is that code is often not clear to the reader, and it's really hard for the writer to make a judgement call on the reader's behalf, as to what constitutes "clear". Therefore, I would always advise commenting the intent of code in case you get it wrong, and some poor guy with a different definition of "clear" has to fix it in the future. This way, he can read your commented intentions, compare them what the code actually does and have a chance of applying a working fix.

Your conveniently simple example in the previous post would likely not require a comment, however, the code INSIDE of your isEmployeeEligibleForBenefits() method would likely need clear comments to explain why it works in the particular way it does.

Comment Re:Arguing over the subjective (Score 1) 523

Comments are only superfluous in this situation if they are paraphrasing your code. Comments should document the code's intent not it's actions. Assume the reader knows little about the problem domain and document WHY your code is doing something not WHAT it is doing and then they'll always be useful to those who come after you (or yourself in 12 months)

Comment Re:Bays don't sail... (Score 1) 91

hehe, sorry but you made me laugh now I have to say why...

neigh: a characteristic high whinnying sound made by a horse.

motorboating (slang): The act of placing one's head between a woman's breasts and making the sound of a motorboat with one's lips whilst moving the head from side to side.

cruising (slang): wandering about a place in search of a casual sexual partner.

Comment Re:Bomb or missile (Score 1) 410

you forgot about Jews

As it happens, while I didn't mention the Jews I did happen to cast my eye over their estimated contribution to the overall percentage of people on earth that believe in "God" and their inclusion in the figure still did not increase the figure to a majority (or "most") of people as indicated in your claim.

Know is right,

You imply 100%

No I did not. Had I done so you would have known by my use of words like "all" or "always" or "without exception". I made no claim regarding the extent of the harm religion causes, only that it does indeed cause harm.

based on... what? It's the classic circular argument, isn't it?

Empathy, a trait observable in many creatures. We don't need an imaginary friend to tell us that killing another being is "bad" we _know_ this because we don't want to be killed ourselves. This is not a great mystery of the universe, this is not hard to understand, this is not something that requires a teacher. We can use the word "most" to describe how many people know right from wrong.

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