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Comment Re:Nice try (Score 1) 178

Cost of college education in California was $300 a year ($1800 in today's money / year).

College education was basically free before.

It's only since the far right has been cutting taxes to further enrich their corporate owners and further indebt the US that social services have suffered.

Thanks for playing.

Comment Re:Who are these people? (Score 2) 399

Sanders has had a consistent message for over 30 years.  I will vote for him.  His beliefs are line with mine:

* He voted against the Iraq war.
* He voted against the patriot act.
* He spoke out against warrant less wiretapping.
* He's spoken against H-1B cheap labor.  This important because Americans are being replaced by people from certain countries simply because they are much cheaper labor.  Doctors and lawyers have unions to protect them from cheap labor.  Why shouldn't the rest of the middle class have them?  I would be in favor of H-1B visas if 1) it allowed employees free access to the job market (job mobility) and 2) they were taxed to pay for education and training in America for Americans.  Remember, they say the only reason we have to import H-1B people is because we have a shortage in skilled labor.  If that is true, then it makes sense to allow business the ability to bring in skilled labor, yet invest in our future instead of the future of people, some of which end up returning the knowledge and insight they gain in our society back to their home country.  I love the US.
* He's against free trade agreements that ship American factory jobs to countries with cheaper labor.  This is important because when they move from country A to cheaper country B, you still pay the same amount for that $9.99 t-shirt, instead they pocket the profit and invest it in buying more government influence to further enslave you.
* He wants to bring education costs back to where they were before (virtually free) by restoring higher marginal taxes (though he has not proposed restoring them to the >90% level they were at before).  This will restore the ability of the lower and middle classes to educate themselves and increase our collective competitiveness.  It will also educate the electorate again.  I'm for reducing the barriers to social mobility.  The Nordic European countries have a much higher social mobility rating than the US - meaning if you are born lower or middle class you have a higher chance of making more than your parents did.  Fact.
* He wants to reduce our health care costs and remove our pro-profit health care slavery.  Our health care system is ranked 38th in the world, yet spends 2x for a worse patient outcome.  To have the chance at an American dream, your health should not be at gating factor and at the whim of a patron.  This is slavery.
* He wants to increase parental leave vacation and family rights.  He is pro-family.  Starting and having a family does not mean you lose your livelihood.  This is slavery.
* He wants to break up big banks and restore regulation to prevent them from speculating and causing the need to socialize their losses again.  In 2008 these "high rollers" nearly destroyed the American and global economy - their house of cards crumpled because we let them be unregulated, and we as citizens had to pay for it.  They get their privilege to function from us, we provide them with limited liability and fictitious person-hood.  Our society should reap the benefits of it.  Not a few moochers at the top.  Too big to fail my ass.
* He wants to protect worker's rights to collective bargaining.  We had to fight dearly for them.  They gave us what was the 40 hour week.  I wonder if the decline in our collective social happiness is due to the decline in unionization, and increase in worker abuse.  Police, lawyers, doctors, and in some places, teachers still have and love their unions.  It's a concept we should protect.
* He is for net neutrality.  This is important.  Net neutrality was guaranteed before because if one independent company tried to degrade network QoS, you could easily move to another provider.  From the 20-30 competing Internet providers of the 1990s to now virtually just one or two in most markets: Comcast and AT&T in the Bay Area.  Because there are only two of them, they are able to do whatever they want - they have no more competition.  They can now charge companies like Google, Netflix, Amazon etc tolls.  This is important because they can effectively raise the bar on entry into the market.  Startup companies will not have pay to get into someone's home at "decent speeds".  This means that social mobility is affected.  You cannot have an idea, write some software or build some hardware and then build a startup without having a Comcast or AT&T tax.  This is what net neutrality is about.  It is about ensuring equal access to any data for anyone as has been the case since the Internet's beginning.
* He is for privacy protection, especially on the internet (from both Government and Private players).  The 4th Amendment is supposed to provide us with privacy, that doesn't mean the government can search our personal belongings simply because they reside with someone for safe keeping.

The choices in the US are always between the center right and the far right (corporatist a vs corporatist b), and it's refreshing to see a candidate that is slightly left of center compared to the world stage.

How many people are against these ideas, and why?  Are these ideas that extreme?

And I can vote, so I will vote for Sanders.  Because I know the others will say whatever they feel you want to hear.  Bernie has been consistent in Vermont.  He has been consistent in Congress, and I believe he will be consistent in the White House.

Comment Re:Ha (Score 5, Interesting) 399

I'm voting Sanders.  He's had 30 years of consistent messaging.  Finally a third party in the white house.  Checks and balances could be restored between the two branches again.

The Corporatists in Congress with their < 15% approval rating will have to actually negotiate with a non-Corporatist for once.

I'm excited at that possibility.

Comment Re:Ha (Score 3, Informative) 399

Thank God Americans live in a Democratically elected Republic.  We don't have to move elsewhere to return to the prosperity of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s before we reduced our top marginal tax rate from 90% to 35% and indebted our future generations and destroyed the ability of our middle class to educate itself and collectively bargain for a piece of the pie from their corporate en-slavers.  And like we did in the 1930s and 1940s, we can use our right to vote to do it again.

And maybe your family can rise out of poverty too and get educated and contribute again.

It's amazing how much money the liberal states provide the to republican "pull yourself up by your boot straps" welfare states.

Democratic liberal states make money.
Unlike dollars allotted, tax dollars received show where the money was actually spent. New Jersey receives 61 cents for each tax dollar paid, Nevada 65 cents, Connecticut 69, New Hampshire 7 cents, and Minnesota 72 . Illinois receives 0.75 for each tax dollar they pays, followed by Delaware  At 77 cents and  California at 78 cents per dollar paid.
Republican welfare states mooch and live off of it.
The states receiving the most are number five Alabama, which  receives 1.66 per tax dollar paid, number four North Dakota with1.68, West Virginia at 1.76 , Louisiana,1.78, Alaska, 1.84 , Mississippi 2.02  and New Mexico at 2.03, over 100% of every taxdollar paid.

The cognitive dissonance of these moochers is amazing.  Against welfare, yet living off of it.  But I don't mind, I'm a city dweller and and taxed adequately, but I also understand that getting ahead is not just an individual act, but a collective one as well.  You people want individual freedom unless it is the decision to choose who you want to marry or what medical procedures you can have.  Then freedom is a bad thing.  The cognitive dissonance amazes me.

I enjoy the nice roads, clean environment, business friendly and responsive government.  I will gladly pay more to ensure everyone gets a chance at the American dream through hard work and education.

Comment Re:Is the NYT Racist? (Score 1) 231

So far, you have not offered a single thing you dislike about "Bernie" except for some vague "but freedom!!!" comments.

Let's discuss some of his policies:
1) Bernie preaches Increased taxes.  The tax rates from the 1940's through the 1980s were much higher, with the top marginal tax above 90%.  The rich still worked and got filthy rich.  This is important because that money was used to pay for the (now) crumbling infrastructure we take for granted.  It was used to pay for social programs that were incredibly popular and successful.

2) Bernie preaches Increased taxes.  The tax rates from the 1940's through the 1980s were much higher, with the top marginal tax above 90%.  This paid for education which used to cost less than $1800 (inflation adjusted) per year at UC.  Now a year of school at a UC costs $13000.  There has been a redistribution of wealth from those who have not, to those who have (banks and financial institutions collect on this debt, and ultimately their shareholders).  If you have numbers otherwise, show them.

3) Bernie preaches Increased taxes.  Before Reagan finally put the stake through the heart of the US, US deficit/debt were under control.  The US debt started increasing massively after Reagan cut taxes.  If you have numbers otherwise, show them.

4) Bernie preaches Increased regulation.  As the right and far right parties in the US cut regulations, they removed any incentives for businesses to provide for the society that gives them the limited liability and corporate-hood they so enjoy.

5) Bernie preaches Increased regulation.  Worker protection and supporting strong unions.  The Japanese are unionized.  The Germans are unionized.  The French are unionized.  They have middle classes.  They have happier citizens.  They have social mobility.  If you have numbers otherwise, show them.

6) Bernie preaches universal healthcare.  The US ranks 38th in the world in healthcare.  The US healthcare system available to the average person provides poor outcomes at 2x the cost.  Life is not a for profit business.  Americans travel to Europe so they can get cheap health care.  Americans import drugs from foreign countries because they are cheaper.  The high end medical centers in the US are inaccessible to the general population and are frequented by Sheiks, Dictators, and the American filthy rich.  If you have numbers otherwise, show them.

7) Social mobility in the US is MUCH lower than any of the European countries with so-called "socialism" (Sweden, France, Germany, Norway, Australia, etc).  If you have numbers otherwise, show them.

Without infrastructure, without education, without regulation there can be no middle class.  Only the rich and their servants.

I'm in favor of the Government working for all of us, which is what the Constitution promotes.  Not for a handful of us which is what you promote.

My question is, why do you want to tear apart the Constitution to keep a few rich people as your masters subverting the intention of the Constitution?

The only thing I can guess is aspirational identification, you have the illusion that one day you too will rise out of the lower, uneducated class you are in and become filthy rich and will be mildly inconvenienced by having to pay back into the society that gave you the ability to become filthy rich in the first place.

Please share those policies that Bernie has that you are so scared off, and how they are incompatible with the Constitution.

Comment Re:So! The game is rigged! (Score 1) 570

I have no debt.  My credit score is >750.  I have a few rewards credit cards (>25k limit) I use every month to pay monthly living expenses and rack up free miles; the credit cards get paid at the end of the month so no interest is paid.

I used the racked up miles for my trip to Europe last year, it was great!

It doesn't sound like you've figured out how the system works.

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