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Comment Ran By Fans (Score 1) 184

What's scary is now 4chan is going to be ran by people who grew up with 4chan as a constant presence in their life. If you thought the website was bad now, wait until it's ran by kids who believe "anonymous is legend!!!!!!!!" is something other than a joke.

Comment How About... (Score 1) 448

How about they be careful what they GIVE us. If it's of a lesser quality AND costs more than I'm pretty sure consumers will go elsewhere. It's the reason we are having this discussion today I believe, consumers have already gone elsewhere and the cable company wants to cut off a mass exodus as seen in the CD/music industry.

Comment Re:FBI is bored, needs more business... (Score 1) 556

I assume the 13 in your username is either the year you graduated highschool, or your current age; because the inability to see that this is an issue larger than some kids fighting in comment sections speaks volumes of your knowledge on the subject.

Thank you for sharing your empty comment, do you have a blog I can subscribe to in case I want to hear how little you care on other subjects? Perhaps a twitter account?

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