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Comment Re:And it won't ever get hacked (Score 1) 160

You are making assumptions about the implementation of the User Agent with which I read Slashdot.

Suppose that when you used the capitalized words RIGHT NOW, that the following text would be silently executed as a command due to a bug or deliberate programming vulnerability. Now imagine that a similar bug or vulnerability exists within the car radio when displaying text. Maybe it has a format injection bug. Or some undocumented markup language that it supports, which was poorly implemented with a vulnerability.

Comment Re:And it won't ever get hacked (Score 3, Insightful) 160

Gee, if you can display text on the radio's display, or the car's infotainment system, could there possibly be any weakness in individual implementations?

Maybe the police should lobby to have certain texts that signal all nearby cars to cut engine power.

Because terrorists.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 2) 160

Years ago, I seem to recall an internet video. Was it Swedes listening to a car radio? I can't quite recall. Two parents in the front seats of the car. Two young girls sitting in the car's back seats. The video was a commercial for learning English. In the commercial, the two children understood the, um, shall we say, not so family friendly lyrics being played over the radio in English. The parents didn't understand the lyrics. The mom began to rock her head and snap her fingers to the music. The two children snicker at each other. Then the commercial fades to text that says Learn English . . . and name of a company that offers lessons.

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