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Comment Simple Russian Motivation (Score 1) 61

I think this is much simpler than the Russians trying to influence US elections or policy. It's about revenge. Everyone knows Hillary was playing god in Libya and a lot of people died, including friend of Putin...Muammar Gaddafi. Who was killed with US assistance and his corpse mutilated and broadcast on TV.

Russia took the gloves off after that, going after Clinton's support on all fronts. First internationally and now at home. All the leaks from the DNC to Soro's and his constellation of NGOs are all long time Clinton supporters. Taking out Gaddafi changed the rules and everything that follows Ukraine, Syria, etc. is because of it.

Clinton's desperation is just sad...she knows what coming and she'll be done.

Comment Re:not important (Score 1) 226

If Mozilla is paying non developers to work on these awful logos, they need to redirect their spending to hire more developers.

What made Mozilla think there was something wrong with their highly recognizable current logo?

It's like New Coke, but worse. Some of the logos look like street grafitti. Or the result of an explosion in a neon paint factory.

Comment Re:Only one of these is even intelligible. (Score 3, Informative) 226

'Tweaking' a logo is supposed to mean that the new logo is largely recognizable from the old logo. Not that it is completely different.

Microsoft would like to 'tweak' my Linux system so that it runs Windows 10.

Most of the proposed logos are not legible or immediately intelligible. And certainly not recognizable as the Mozilla brand. If I saw one of these logos, my immediate reaction would be that some clown is trying to capitalize on the Mozilla name recognition, and not doing a very good job.

Comment Re:So, what's a problem? (Score 1) 157

I can't be bothered to click through on the rest of the Apollo missions, but the only Apollo astronaut I am aware of not reaching their eighties is Ronald Evans from Apollo 17. Basically the Apollo astronauts looks to be living *VERY* full lives if you ask me.

Gus Grissom, Ed White, Roger Chafee; Apollo 1.

Comment Re:ok let's do it (Score 1) 254

Let's see how Hollywood screams about copyright! OMG copyright! Copyright is more important than national security, preventing world wars, and even the preservation of the human race. Can't wait to hear them scream about movies streamed with easily broken encryption. Exempt that you say? But then it would become the next big thing used by bad guys to encrypt their communications and make it look like a streaming movie.

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