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Comment Re:Twitter Board (Score 1) 64

But on the flip side, think of how short board meetings would be if each director had to express all new and existing business in 140 characters.

And the board secretary who takes the minutes of the meeting has the easiest job in the world (Well, second easiest, right after Donald Trump's fact checker.)

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 64

> I think another consolidation wave is upon us as relics of the internet get swallowed up.

I think this would be a pretty HUGE consolidation.

Just re-read the Slashdot headline:
> Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Verizon Are In Talks With Twitter For a Potential Acquisition

Wow. I didn't know that:
1. Twitter could afford to buy Salesforce, Google, Microsoft and Verizon.
2. That Google is a relic of the internet

Comment Re:Why is Windows 10 the benchmark? (Score 1) 201

People also compare Pi and Arduino sometimes for the specific purpose of identifying the important DIFFERENCES between them.

The Pi, and Arduino, each do a specific thing very well. That is why they sell in such large numbers.

The idea that Windows has any place in this game is an idea promoted by Windows fanboys and Microsoft. Like Windows 8 Phone and Tablet. An attempt to say "me too!". Late to the game, and what do they bring to the game . . . windows.

Comment Re:4x E7-8890 v4 with 12TB ram DESTROYES SolidRun (Score 1) 201

I was going to post something similar. I would point out that some Raspberry Pi fans will say that it's not a fair comparison. You should compare the Pi's $35 price to the price of . . . .

How much is that 12 TB or RAM again? And how many thousands of dollars is each single one of those processors again for that four socket board?

The real point being, that performance comparison of a Pi to something more expensive is probably not really meaningful. The Pi does something that fills a real need. That's why they sell so many of them.

This Solid Run board is an attempt for the Windows fanboys, or for Microsoft to say "me too!". Just like Windows 8 Phone, and Windows 8 Tablets. And we saw how well that worked out. Late to the game, and what do they bring to the game . . . windows.

Comment Re:Microsoft IS a cancer (Score 2) 258

Former Microsoft CEO Steve "developers" Ballmer says Linux is a cancer.

Former #4 guy at Microsoft, Allchin, who also headed up Vista, said Open Source is un-American, and Legislators need to be educated to the danger.

Can Microsoft get rid of cancer as effectively as it got rid of Linux and Open Source?

Try to Embrace, Extend and Extinguish cancer.

But these days Microsoft Loves Linux. Just like Sharks love Fish, and Foxes love Chickens. Maybe next: Microsoft Loves Cancer!

Maybe Microsoft can find some obscure nobody company, like SCO, and dump a bunch of money into them to start a big lawsuit against Cancer in order to destroy it.

Microsoft, just keep fighting cancer the way you fight open source. If at first you don't succeed, use a shorter bungee.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Kapla: Spirals

Just building stuff, sometimes continuing the following week: Week 1 Week 2

The booklet had a spiral which took some time to figure out. Basically, 2 pieces in the middle, and 1 on each side of it, which makes it look really cool, and more importantly, supports the turned pieces. They do a slow turn though.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 386

Is there anybody who makes significant use of hardcopies anymore?

Yes. We're called "lawyers," and nearly everything we submit to the court in my jurisdiction (Oklahoma) is done not only on real paper, but in triplicate at minimum (one for the Court, one for me, one for the other side; more if there are multiple parties, if the judge needs his own copy separate from the court file, etc.). PACER is all electronic in the federal courts (though some things still have to be retained on paper for audit purposes, such as bankruptcy filings), but e-filing hasn't come to my state system yet (we have one county, out of 77, working on a pilot program right now). Print, sign, make 2+ copies (I love my auto-stapler), have the clerk file-stamp all of the copies, and mail or FAX them to the other side. For pretty much everything we do.

Contracts, though not filed with the court, are done on paper. Wills are done on paper. Deeds are done on paper.

Paper isn't going anywhere.

Comment Data Caps exist for only one reason (Score 1) 160

It's not because of network congestion. The reason for data caps is to limit how much you can stream. But if there isn't a congestion issue, they why limit streaming?

Ta da . . .

In order to charge money on the other end to streaming providers to be "Zero Rated".

Basically because they have a monopoly on the last mile and want to exploit it.

Whoever will pay the biggest amount to "partner" with the ISP for Zero Rating will get all of their streaming through without trouble.

If data caps went away, then Zero Rating would simply not exist. Netflix is right to pick this particular battle rather than go after zero rating.

Comment Re:Ok, what's the catch? (Score 0) 89

> Ok, what's the catch?

Here is your answer:

Windows 10 has been installed on this computer.
To restore this computer to a usable state,
please send 3 Bitcoin to Microsoft.

In order to do this, Microsoft must get you to first install some Microsoft software as a beach head.

Or try . . .

Clippy: It looks like you're trying to get useful work done. Would you like to install Windows 10?
To install Windows 10, do any of the following:
1. Click Yes, I want to install.
2. Click No, I do not want to install.
3. Click Cancel.
4. Click the X in the title bar.
5. Pull the power cord from the electrical outlet to have WIndows 10 conveniently installed on the next reboot.

Comment Re:What does this have to do with Windows? (Score 1) 102

Yes. That. I am disappointed that Slashdot would put a friggin' Windows logo next to a Raspberry Pi article. Insulting and clueless actually. Let's use the logo of a company that has and continues to try to destroy Open Source and Linux at every possible opportunity.

Microsoft putting a broken special stripped down Windows on the Pi is the fizzle of a "me too!" moment. Like many other things, Microsoft will lose interest in this as soon as a new shiny comes along. Windows on the Pi is too little, too late. Just like Microsoft being late to the mobile devices revolution.

The kind of people likely to anything great with a Pi are probably not using Windows.

Microsoft's adding a Linux personality to Windows 10 is Microsoft's recognition that the developers developers Developers DEVELOPERS they want . . . are on Linux.

Comment Poll: Windows 10 (Score 1) 239

What is your favorite way to have Windows 10 installed?
[x] A popup that offers to download and install Windows 10.
[_] The popup doesn't have a Cancel or No button
[_] It does, but the Cancel and No buttons, and clicking X in the title bar install it anyway.
[_] The popup has no buttons and says, you can even pull the power cord from the electrical outlet, and Windows 10 will be installed for your convenience on the next reboot.
[_] The popup says that you need to give the Linux sudo password to begin installation of Windows 10
[_] Windows 10 has been installed on this computer. To restore the computer to a usable state, please send 3 Bitcoin to Microsoft.
[_] Cowboy Neal installs Windows 10 while you wait

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