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Comment Re:Monitoring Blogs (Score 1) 248

Yup, monitoring blogposts is going to be TOTALLY useful. I can already see the blog posts that they'll have to be reading through:

"Dear Allah,
It's me, Muhammad. How do you deal with peer pressure? I mean, like, my friends have been pressuring me to join the jihad against the infidels. They've all joined the jihad, except for me. I really want to, but my mom won't let me. She's so uncool! What should I do?"


"Today I tried to talk to this hot chick in my engineering class, but she totally ignored me. Well, fuck that bitch - in a few days I'm going to be partying it up with 72 fine-ass virgins! YEAH! And that bitch will burn in hell with the rest of the infidels."


"Ugh! Service with is HORRIBLE! I ordered 300 pounds of ammonium nitrate, and it took them FOREVER to ship. When they did, they only shipped me half my order! I'm still waiting for my bulk shrapnel to come in. I'm never going to do business with these guys again."

Comment Great, an alternative to tattoos! (Score 5, Interesting) 105

It's gonna be a whopping 15 seconds before the body modification types get their hands on this, and start using it to implant horns, bumps, random appendages, what-have-you wherever they please :P

Anyone ever see the story about the guy who implanted horns on himself?

This seems like a much better alternative than silicone or teflon or whatever they're using these days. I could go for

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