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Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 3, Informative) 508

From a fellow Canuckistanian:

Remember that we, in Canada, have a fairly unified banking system. Really, we've got the big 5, and we've got the Interac system, and any bank that wants to sign on, signs on.

In the US, however, you've got thousands and thousands of banks. They don't have a unified banking system; they have the big Credit Card companies.

But, yes, we've been on swipe and pin for decades, and chip and pin for years, and applepay Just Worked when the banks turned it on, because virtually any place that's set up for electronic transactions already has a tap capable terminal, and the infrastructure's all already there.

Comment Re:Uber won't take you if you're too drunk to driv (Score 2) 67

Horse shit. There's a huge difference between slobbering hammered and simply having had enough to drink that you'd get arrested due to the draconian MADD sponsored alcohol laws. When I still drove, I used Uber all the time when drinking. I probably COULD have gotten away with driving in those situations, but I'd prefer not to risk my freedom.

Now I live and work downtown and walk everywhere. I still use Uber to get places outside walking distance, but sometimes I'll use it to get home if I don't think I'm safe to walk.

I have a perfect 5.0 rider rating. Of course I've never been beligerant or puked in a car or whatever.

And "most uber drivers I've talked to" isn't a scientific sample. I have NEVER had a problem getting a ride with Uber. I might have to pay a little more than usual if the supply of drivers is lower, but it's still FAR cheaper, more reliable, and safer than any cab service in this area I've ever used.

Comment Re:Imagine (Score 1) 108

How free is this free market? Are content producers allowed to negotiate amoung themselves to fix prices? Are they allowed to pick and choose where to offer services? Are they allowed to enforce odious restrictions? Are they allowed to solicit 'incentives' from geographic regions to set up shop?

Comment RSS is broken (Score 1) 111

Can't just replace with, the RSS feed facility is badly broken.

RSS feeds seems to work at the top-level categories, but you can't turn your search results into an RSS feed anymore... Still got the RSS icon at the top of the page and in the META so your browser bar shows it. But both just show the same old HTML page instead of an RSS page:


Comment Re:Nothing of value was lost (Score 2) 39

Replacing Usenet with 8 million different web forums that I have to register with individually and use a different interface to read is not an improvement.

You don't have to visit any web forums to read them. Nearly every site has an RSS feed, and those which don't can be scraped and converted into RSS with something like

I would HATE using my smart phone to read the news if it wasn't for RSS. /.'s mobile site is the single worst piece of crap I've ever seen. But with RSS I'm fortunately able to read any and every site out there, in a uniform "eBook"-like format.

You can read my RSS tips here:

Comment Re:Absurd Pile (Score 1) 1006

OK, there are a lot of strange arguments you've made, but I have to get running soon. So here goes:

This is why I rank Woodrow Wilson as the worst US President of All Time: He really put into practice this idea that "Europe's problems are America's problems", and it's saturated the minds of Americans ever since.

Unfortunately it didn't. We stood by for two years while Hitler took over almost all of Europe, and it took Pearl Harbor to crack through our isolationism.

Your assertion that an Atlantic Wall is enough to protect us also makes me suspect that you're forgetting what happened in WWII.

The Russians are deeply pragmatic. What would they have to gain by annexing the Baltic states?

Russia just invaded Ukraine in 2014. What did they have to gain in that case? I hate to send you to a George Will article but it popped up in my first Google search and I have to go now.

Comment Re:How many times... (Score 3, Funny) 57

Don't you worry. After this election we'll eliminate oversized regulatory agencies like the FCC that are full of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who make it harder for small businesses like AT&T to come up with new business models (such as throttling websites that don't pay extortion fees).

Comment Re:Acetaldehyde (Score 1) 304

Acetaldehyde can cause nausea and headache, and is (partly) what gives you a hangover after drinking. Your liver first oxidizes alcohol to acetaldehyde. then to acetic acid. (Weirdly enough, the brain also converts alcohol into acetaldehyde using a different enzyme.) OTOH if you drink methanol the liver converts it into formaldehyde which is extremely toxic because it denatures proteins.

Acrolein is a common smell near an outdoor barbecue, and also frying pans when the oil reaches its smoke point. In dilute form acrolein doesn't smell too unpleasant, but the vapor from pure liquid acrolein irritates and burns the eyes, skin, and throat, and also triggers coughing, severe shortness of breath, and fluid in the lungs.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 1006

I voted against Clinton and think she's a horrible candidate. While she may have exhibited patterns of incompetence and knowledge when dealing with embassy security, look who she's running against.

The guy who wrote The Art of the Deal said it was difficult working with Trump because he has a five minute attention span, and says he thought he was a sociopath even as he was writing the book. (Trump responded with a lawsuit.) Psychiatry professors are presenting Trump in lectures as a classic example of narcissistic personality disorder. The DSM V lists several mental disorders with symptoms that describe him perfectly. You can't pin him down on any policy, other than building a wall (across a 2000 mile border where the net traffic has started going south), dismantling the EPA, not allowing Muslims into the country, reforming the First Amendment so he can sue for libel, etc. It's mostly amorphous stuff about "hiring the best people", "making things work again", shutting things down "until we can figure out what is going on", etc. He can't keep a promise, abuses eminent domain to seize property, stiffs people once their legal fees would exceed the amount he owes, and runs scams like Trump University.

Are you comfortable being one tantrum away from a nuclear war? Ask any ambassador if they're more worried about Trump or Clinton. If you can't see all the red flags around this guy you must be a blind partisan.

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