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Comment Re:I Almost Never Agree (Score 1) 89

But this IRS scam is so stupid and transparent that anyone who feel for it has to be so stupid that they really are a menace to society.

If you were talking about people our age, you'd be right. The problem is that these people largely prey on the elderly, many of whom are much less street-smart than folks decades younger. They're from a generation born when these sorts of scams were relatively rare, so if somebody called saying they were from the IRS, they probably were from the IRS—particularly if they have lots of your personal information. It isn't easy to teach college-age folks how to reliably recognize social engineering, much less the elderly. This goes double if they have any sort of mild dementia.

These people prey on the helpless. That makes them utterly inhuman in my book.

For[t] Lauderdale easily has over 1,000 phone rooms going on any given day.

Is it any wonder why they're all in Florida (snowbird central)?

These companies never sell in their own states.

That might have been true in the old days, before they discovered VoIP-based caller ID spoofing. These days, they can sell anywhere from anywhere. All they need is a mailbox somewhere.

Comment Re:2 ports and one needs to to be used for power (Score 1) 170

Apple is really pushing for you to work over wifi and avoid connecting usb drives.

Then they need to put more than 1 TB of storage in the thing. The days of being able to use a Mac without external storage are in the past, not the future. Five or six years ago, my laptop had 1 TB of storage. Now, even with the hardware they announced today, I'm still stuck with the same capacity, and a lot more data to store in it. I maintain multiple external drives at this point. Apple's hardware hasn't failed to meet my storage needs this badly since the mid-1990s.

Comment Who's on First? (Score 1) 326

at the end of the day Apple makes more on their PCs than anyone else (They don't ship more, but they make more money. Think about it)

Yes, that's marvelous for Apple, but it isn't marvelous for me and so guess what? Lost sale. Just the measly one lost sale (well, two, actually, because I'm not buying that stupid trash can thing either.)

Believe it or not, I don't sit around here pining for things to go better for Apple.

I do, however, think about what might improve my circumstances. Unfortunately, Apple thinks just like you do: About them. Not about the end user.

Comment Designed to Suck (Score 3, Insightful) 326

I'm with you. I just can't see a good use for Touch Bar ... at least not yet. I don't look at my keyboard when I type, why would I want to start?

Not only that, but you'd have to start, inasmuch as there is zero tactile feedback, and you don't know what's up there until you look.

Funny thing... if they'd have gone with a touchscreen on the main laptop monitor, they wouldn't have needed to do this and it would have been a metric fuckton more capable and it would be where you're already, you know, actually looking (but then again, since there's nothing really good about this thing, and there are a lot of things that aren't, I guess they really needed something to confuse the potential buyers.)

But hey. No touchscreen for you.

Comment Re:They need a big success (Score 1) 37

One mistake and most buyers will forgive, a second big mistake and they could rapidly lose market share.

Fortunately for Samsung, most buyers have poor memory. I just about gave up on the Blu-Ray format because I had so much trouble with two of their players lasting only a year or so before they stopped reading discs reliably. When I replaced my refrigerator, I seriously considered the Samsung, because (IIRC) its reviews showed ridiculous numbers of people saying that they stopped keeping food cold because of control boards dying (repeatedly)... and a refrigerator is not something you can just toss in the trash can and replace.

This is not to say that they don't also make some products that are good. Obviously they do, or nobody would buy their products. But IMO, it takes a lot more than one or two big mistakes for a company with that much name recognition to rapidly lose market share. Otherwise, it would have happened long ago. :-)

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