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Comment Re:Imaginary benefits of social media advertising (Score 1) 32

I work in the marketing analytics and attribution space and can confidently speak to this topic. While Social isn't the BEST performer, it doesn't carry with it the dire statement of a "complete lack of results" as you state.

With dependencies on vertical and how the advertising is used in known conjunction with other channels, Social definitely does have an assister effect on those other channels. The problem you may be encountering is relying solely on outdated analysis methods which do not appropriately track credit for known users across the entirety of their path to purchase or you're simply just looking at in effective ad buying behavior resulting in poor ROAS.

Done right, Social is definitely valuable for relatively low cost when compared to the much larger channels (based on investment) and can absolutely jack up your return on those other channels as an assister but definitely is not going to be a 1:1 return as the only advertising channel you should leverage if you are hoping for conversion.

Comment Interesting they're shutting down devices and not (Score 2) 178

First off this no-charge strategy is not confirmed.

Second what Samsung has been doing til now was installing nag screens and limiting battery charging to sixty percent. I'd be surprised if the US is the first country where they roll out no-charging. All their other methods were first launched in smaller markets.

Thirdly it is interesting they're supposedly software shutting-down the handsets and not simply denying them service. It'd be trivial to place every Note 7 on the blacklist maintained by US carriers for stolen devices.

Of course denying service means the devices are unreachable, so this might be the step before that, to ensure they're not kept around as wifi devices or fancy alarm clocks. Blocking the battery means they're effectively defanged - no charge means no chance of fire.

In my part of the world I haven't seen a Note 7 in weeks. I expect when a clerk points out a Note 7 is keeping a known fire hazard next to their genitals, or in their purse-of-important-stuff, or holding it to their face is asking for trouble, or charging it in their bedroom while sleeping is really scary, and insurance will no longer cover it's damages, the sane ones figure it's time to trade-in.

Comment Re:More holes than swiss cheese (Score 4, Informative) 72

>How can *one* piece of software have so many fucking critical vulnerabilities over the years?

Because it's spaghetti code. It's so bad that the single Linux maintainer flipped his shit years ago and wrote an angry blog post about it. I tried looking for the article, but that is too much of a needle/haystack problem.

Apparently it's been a fucking mess from the beginning.


Comment Without their needed displays Pebble was doomed (Score 5, Interesting) 185

Pebble had a single source supplier for their displays.

That source is in financial trouble and unable to produce the displays Pebble depends on.

Therefore Pebble has no products to sell and thus no cash flow.

Therefore Pebble has had to wind down operations and pay off creditors.

Pebble's IP has some value to Fitbit and hiring a few of Pebble's suddenly-available engineers is a no-brainer but Fitbit has no interest in the Pebble company or it's products.

The lesson is to be very leery of DEPENDING on a single source supplier. Pebble was a healthy going concern until they could no longer get their needed displays. Then it went off the rails.

Comment Re:Wish they'd looked into this sooner (Score 1) 77

So if there had been some kind of Parents Advisory Council telling you to turn down the volume of your Megadeth, you'd have listened? Gimme a break, that wouldn't have happened. Meekly obeying authority figures? Shah right. "If it's too loud, you're too old" was the heavy metal motto.

Comment Cherry picking data, you say? (Score 3, Insightful) 570

My, cherry picking data to support a pre-existing conclusion? Where did anyone get that idea? Oh, right the mainstream media uses this tactic all the time.

If we were only as skeptic and hostile towards the MSM as we were towards alternative media and citizen journalists. The MSM is frightened as it has never been frightened before. People are reading the news without their hostile filter and it's a scary new world out there. What's the point of being a journalist if you can't bias reality in the guise of "providing context"? They went to J-school to change the world, not to be some kind of impartial fact recorder, like a baseball umpire calling balls and strikes.

"Media which got everything wrong will now tell you all the things that will happen as a result of the thing they said wouldn't happen."

-- Dave Rubin

Comment Re:Mandate reporting when antibiotics are prescrib (Score 1) 75

Yes. But we need to be aware that man is not the only source of antibiotics. They naturally occur. We get a good lot of them from plants and bacteria, starting of course with penicilin which we got from mold, and which was already present on salted food and damp environments. What we did was to make antibiotics present in organisms other than their natural sources.

Comment Re:I don't think he understands trolling (Score 0) 782

Accidentally? Where do you even get that? It's not accidental. It's a logo of "boy love". From the FBI:

Pedophiles who sexually abuse children as well as those who produce, distribute, and trade child pornography, are using various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences.

Seriously, go and read the memo. Accidental? Where do you come up with this shit? I mean, in the absence of other evidence it might be nothing, but when Podesta himself has an artsy, sterile bedroom with children's stuffed animals in it, more investigation is called for. He's childless, by the way. What kind of grown man keeps stuffed animals in his bedroom? Much less a top-level political operative?

That's all anyone wants, an investigation. If there's nothing there, then nobody will find anything. Judge for yourself, that's all everyone has to do. Absolutely DO NOT trust the media when they are telling you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

I mean, come on, look who's getting blamed for the incident - the crazy guy, or the people pushing the investigation! Use your brain! If there was nothing there they wouldn't be making such large efforts to suppress it!

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