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Submission + - Where are the joysticks for retro gaming?

Doctor O writes: With all those nice emulators for classic gaming around (such as MAME, VICE or Stella) I want to establish monthly retro gaming evenings with some friends. The problem is I can't find any good joysticks for that — there's a new version of the legendary Competition Pro that, judging from the many one-star reviews on Amazon sucks monkey balls, and I found the USB version of the classic Atari Joystick which doesn't seem to be available and would have prohibitive shipping costs to Germany anyway.

So, Slashdot to the rescue — where are the suitable USB joysticks for retro gaming?

Submission + - Thunderbird 3 proves desktop MUA's alive & kic (

Doctor O writes: Ars Technica has taken a first look at the freshly released Thunderbird 3, concluding that it "delivers some truly innovative features and offers compelling evidence that desktop clients still have a lot of untapped potential and can provide capabilities that complement and exceed the power of even the best Web-based mail offerings." As it's not in the article, I'd like to point out that the Mac version comes with some very nice features of its own, such as Spotlight indexing for mail and system Address Book integration.

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