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Comment Re:Interesting tactic (Score 1) 93

In Trump's case it's less bad publicity than incessant media smear campaigns. That aren't working. You can almost see the fear in the eyes of the pundit class as Trump continues to win despite their best efforts, proving that their ability to define reality is wearing thin, that their role of king makers is coming to an end.

Comment Re:Right (Score 1) 34

If they did it's because they know the US is the one doing the spying. Nothing short of the complete dissolution of the entire US government will stop the Espionage Industrial Complex now, they've got their hooks in deep and with the Big Data fetish in Sillicon Valley there's no shortage of new opportunities to gather more and more data.

Comment Re:..but for the US government (Score 1) 34

Why do you think they're pushing it? You think FaceBook gives a shit about government surveillance? They're one of the biggest parts of the espionage industrial complex, after Google of course. This FaceBook basic shit is all about outsourcing foreign data collection to the individuals so the US spy industry doesn't have to work as hard.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 34

Yeah, that's why FaceBook is working with the US security apparatus to push this shit in all these countries. It will give them prime and easy access to all that juicy foreign data. Obviously they wouldn't want the local governments to get at the data, it's not for them, it's for the US espionage industrial complex.

Comment Re:Obvious troll is obvious (Score 1) 532

Why should we be afraid? Hitler started this way and he didn't do wrong by most germans. Well, apart from interfering in other countries, overthrowing unsimpathetic governments, invading other countries and so on.
Now which North American country is doing the same? Canada?

There it is folks, "DAE Trump == Hitler"? Lets not pretend Anonymous Coward doesn't know what they're doing, they know exactly what they're doing. A memorized smear comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler based on the most specious of similarities. Astonishing!

Comment Re:"Merely descriptive" not allowed. React will di (Score 1) 204

The biggest problem is actually not that they're trying to trademark the word, it's that they're already cozy with YouTube and are using whatever influence they have there to issue DMCA take downs with impunity. And the beauty of YouTube is that it's a private entity and can take down content for whatever reason it wants, for instance when one of their cronies who brings in a shit load of viewers doesn't like something.

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