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Submission + - 4chan troll triggers political movement? (telegraph.co.uk)

Submission + - tcp connected disconnecting users

renegade600 writes: just found out tcp connected bulbs will no longer be supported on June 30th. It will no longer have access to their cloud, nor will their app be updated. I have 16 of those bulbs and after the 30th they will no longer work with the amazon echo nor have remote access — only local What makes me mad is there was nothing in the tech news sites about this, tcp did not contact anyone. I just happened to run across a review at amazon where there was a comment about this. I went to tcp's website and found the info hidden in their website. I guess they don't want anyone to know since they are still selling the bulbs.

http://go.tcpi.com/GetConnecte... (click on the tcp product update — it is a pdf)

the following is a quote from their pdf

Thank you for your patronage to the Connected by TCP system. We appreciate your support.
We regret to inform you that we are making changes to our support model and will be discontinuing
the following services associated with the Connected by TCP system effective June 30, 2016:
* Access via the internet and connectivity through cloud services
* Updates of the TCP Lighting App

Comment Re: weird (Score 2) 100

No, because I can go exchange my cable box or modem to time warner any time it breaks or a new one comes out

If I buy and it breaks I have to buy another one. And 30 years of open windows and Android has shown me that open standards mean slow performance

My experience with TWC cable boxes makes me appreciate my TiVos all the more.

When TWC started charging rent on cable modems, I bought one which is about the same quality/level of performance as what I'd be paying rent on, and for what I would have paid in rent I can buy a new one every year and break even. But I don't need a new one every year, so basically what I saved the first year repaid what I spent, so it's like I got it for free.

Comment Re:Can't have everything for free forever. (Score 1) 98

When I installed WoW it downloaded the client at 100MB/s, 19GB went so fast I thought I already had it installed previously.

Obligatory: "I live in Australia - our ISP's cache (not pronounced "cash") too.

So you're saying that in Australia the ISPs don't know the proper pronunciation of "cache" ?

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