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Comment Re:where are the apologists? (Score 1) 513

i have a crazy idea: why can't we condemn them both? why can't you condemn the usa, AND condemn russia? given that, with all of the vitriol some of you found to fling at washington dc in recent years, why can't you fling some of that now at moscow?

Psychologically? There are a number of reasons.

1. Americans - and, to an extent, the rest of the world - grew up being told that America is the home of freedom, the shining beacon of modern democracy. They also grew up being told that Russia was the antithesis of that; the evil genius sitting in his nuclear bunker, just waiting, waiting for the slightest oppertunity to set fire to some children. Russia gets less vitriol when it misbehaves because it's not as shocking - we've come to expect it from them. American misdeeds get all the flak, particularly from inside the USA, because it is so surprising. America, home of freedom, taking freedoms away is like a nun going on a shooting spree.

2. People tend to rage more at things they think they can change, and then find out they can't. It's an extremely frustrating experience. They know they can't change Russia, they don't have a vote in Russia. Maybe in Russia there are a lot of people like this guy, who hate the Russian government and fling no vitriol at the USA. Those people in the US who aim their vitriol at the US government and no others are likely extremely frustrated that they keep voting for the 'good' candidates, and everyone else keeps re-electing, in their mind, idiots. They're far more detached from the political process in Russia, so they don't care as much.

3. Put simply, perceived personal disenfranchisement is a much stronger trigger to anger than vague political disgust at something you saw on CNN.

Don't be too hard on the people who rally against the USA and give Russia a bye, they're just thinking selfishly. Yes, there are people out there that hate the USA just because it's the USA, and lots of Green Day listening teens that think George Bush is the new Hitler and nobody else could possibly be as bad, but the majority of them aren't being malicious, or even being particularly stupid - they're just not thinking things through.

So now you know.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Westboro Baptist Church Loses $11m Protest Suit

One Childish N00b writes: The Westboro Baptist Church of Fred Phelps 'God Hates Fags' fame has lost a suit brought against them for invading the privacy of the family of a marine killed in Iraq. The group, known for loudly protesting at funerals of US soldiers and claiming that deaths of soldiers in Iraq are God's punishment for the United States' tolerance of homosexuality, were ordered by a Baltimore court to pay the marine's father, Albert Snyder, a total of $11m damages for invasion of privacy and emotional distress.

The group, who aren known for setting up websites such as GodHatesSweden.com and believe, amongst other things, that the Governor of Missouri is possessed by demons, had earlier staged a demonstration outside the courthouse near Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Submission + - Russian ploar submarine video faked

billlion writes: According to The Guardian (Sat 11 August, p3), and The Guradian Online the videos shown by the state-controlled Russian TV channel Rossiya of the Russian submarines (MIR 1 and 2) planting a flag on the sea bed at the North pole were faked, and included shots from the James Cameron film "Titanic". The scam was spotted by a 13 year old Finnish boy Waltteri Seretin.

Submission + - Google Reneges on Video DRM (theregister.co.uk)

mr_jrt writes: "It seems Google is going to play out that which any sane person knew was inevitable — paid-for DRM-shackled media can be taken away on a whim, as Google announces that it is closing it's video purchasing and rental service. It seems that the individual in the article will get a $2 Google credit checkout, but doesn't specify how much they paid initially. Whilst it may seem like there is a valid argument that they are doing this because they had so few sales, if external factors were to intervene with other, more successful services, there could be trouble ahead... ( and whilst there may well be moonlight, the music will be DRMed, so your love and romance will have to find something else to dance to. )"

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