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Comment Re:Microwave charging (Score 0) 140

Cretin. X oxide (or anything else ~ide) isn't X.

If you'd bothered to read the link, you'd have noticed that the patent office accepted calling it "Transparent Aluminum" in multiple patents. Given that the topic involves what the Patent Office will accept, please save your pejoratives for yourself and them.

Quoting from linked summary:

Transparent aluminum oxynitride and method of manufacture RL Gentilman, EA Maguire U.S. Patent 4,520,116, 1985
Transparent aluminum oxynitride and method of manufacture RL Gentilman, EA Maguire U.S. Patent 4,720,362, 1988
Transparent aluminum oxynitride-based ceramic article JP Mathers U.S. Patent 5,231,062, 1993

Comment Re:This is really generous and a great gesture, bu (Score 1) 177

My guess would be because it keeps them in the city. The organizers might point out that if you export them to a random suburb or rural area (with enough available space for those homes and spread them out decently), they no longer have available the city's transportation and logistics infrastructure. Furthermore, though they might not point this one out, homeless folks are probably not trusted to take proper care of a $250K home- the long term maintenance for 100 such homes to keep them in decent shape may be much higher than the single building maintenance cost. Finally, and they certainly won't point this one out, it keeps all the homeless people you don't trust in one place, rather than annoying the suburbanites and going to the suburban school districts.

Comment Re:Posit (Score 4, Insightful) 488

This would be a bad thing because this sets the precedent of the Feds dictating what rights states have to make their own laws. What next? Would Trump then start revoking all the recent laws laws governing recreational and medical marijuana?

I am come down on the state rights side of issues. Tesla selling cars anywhere but their home state pretty clearly falls under Interstate Commerce though- it's not a corner case of interstate commerce it's right in the center of the sort of thing the Federal Govt was given the power to make rules regarding. The Feds are definately allowed to stomp on attempts by states to restrict interstate commerce.

Comment Re:Relevant xkcd (Score 3, Funny) 192

How about being stuck on a road in a snowstorm without communication? There are reasons why we shouldn't disable people's phones. I would argue for nagware - every hour, have a message pop up telling you there is a safety issue and asking you to return your phone to a Verizon store for a free replacement or something. Seems like a good balance between keeping devices safe and people losing critical communication.

Besides, when you are trapped in the wilderness in the snow, you may need to use your phone to start a fire.

Comment Re:Common (Score 3, Insightful) 114

As far as software goes, isn't processing speed the only thing that matters? Adding more RAM, doing parallel computing, etc are just other ways of increasing the processing speed too.

On the contrary, software could go a long way to utilize the parallelism better. Heck, most consumer software if re-written carefully would achieve speedups well beyond a couple Moore's Law generations.
Doing that re-writing properly would probably also cost more, which is why people have been happy to follow the hardware route for so long.

Comment Re:My, how times have changed (Score 1) 40

That's right because IBM never sold anything to NAZI Germany before WWII.

Much as if I were in their shoes, I hope I would not have sold things to NAZI Germany, I think you have it backwards.

Selling to anyone who will pay == Not getting involved with politics

Refusing to sell to someone because of their government is a subset of { Getting involved with politics }

There is good and bad to taking politics into account in your decision making.

Comment Re: The Donald (Score 1) 236

How does your statement if actually applied differ from mine in actual result? I said stupid stuff should not be passed. I understand your statement to mean you want things looked at for their merits. When upon examination of said merits, it is noticed it is stupid stuff, it should not be passed. This correlation holds for the vast majority of legistation I have ever read.

Unless your definition of "partisan asshole" equals someone who disagrees with you on the merits of the ideas. That does seem to be the defintiion shared by many people who can't understand why people who disagree with them won't just shut up and do what they want, instead of what the people who keep electing them apparently want.

Personally I'd tend to consider "partisan asshole" to apply to those who pass legislation knowing it is crap, but that by passing it they score a point for their party.

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