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Comment Re:My, how times have changed (Score 1) 38

That's right because IBM never sold anything to NAZI Germany before WWII.

Much as if I were in their shoes, I hope I would not have sold things to NAZI Germany, I think you have it backwards.

Selling to anyone who will pay == Not getting involved with politics

Refusing to sell to someone because of their government is a subset of { Getting involved with politics }

There is good and bad to taking politics into account in your decision making.

Comment Re: The Donald (Score 1) 236

How does your statement if actually applied differ from mine in actual result? I said stupid stuff should not be passed. I understand your statement to mean you want things looked at for their merits. When upon examination of said merits, it is noticed it is stupid stuff, it should not be passed. This correlation holds for the vast majority of legistation I have ever read.

Unless your definition of "partisan asshole" equals someone who disagrees with you on the merits of the ideas. That does seem to be the defintiion shared by many people who can't understand why people who disagree with them won't just shut up and do what they want, instead of what the people who keep electing them apparently want.

Personally I'd tend to consider "partisan asshole" to apply to those who pass legislation knowing it is crap, but that by passing it they score a point for their party.

Comment Re: The Donald (Score 3, Interesting) 236

The highest service Congress can perform with a bad president is to not pass stupid stuff the president wants just to look like they are achieving something. Our constitutiion has checks and balances to try to limit damage from one branch going off the rails.

Whichever candidate gets elected this time around, an obstructionist congress would be an excellent thing to have.

Comment Re: Many believe that we live in a computer simula (Score 3, Insightful) 1042

Holding a job and sucking at it is not a credible qualification for a promotion. Even the Peter Principle in it's usual formulation implies that once you find the level someone is incompetent at you have promoted them sufficiently.

Submission + - NYC Threatens To Sue Verizon Over FiOS Shortfalls (

An anonymous reader writes: New York City officials yesterday notified Verizon that the company is in default of an agreement to bring fiber connections to all households in the city and could file a lawsuit against the company. The road to a potential lawsuit has been a long one. In June 2015, New York released an audit that found Verizon failed to meet a commitment to extend FiOS to every household in the five boroughs by June 2014. City officials and Verizon have been trying to resolve the matter since then with no success, as Verizon says that it hasn't actually broken the agreement. The default letter (full text) sent yesterday by the city Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT) says Verizon has failed to pass all residential buildings in the city with fiber. As of October 2015, there were at least 38,551 addresses where Verizon hadn't fulfilled installation service requests that were more than a year old, the letter said. "Moreover, Verizon improperly reduced, from $50 million to $15 million, the performance bond required [by] the Agreement on the basis of Verizon's incorrect representations that Verizon had met the prescribed deployment schedule, when in fact it had not," the letter said. City officials demanded that Verizon restore the bond and wants a response within 30 days. The default letter also accuses Verizon of failing to make records related to its provision of cable service available to the city during its audit. "Officials say they could sue Verizon unless the carrier shows clear plans for stepping up installations," and that the notice is the first step in that process, The Wall Street Journal reported. The citywide fiber agreement lets NYC seek monetary damages from Verizon if it fails to deliver on the fiber promises.

Submission + - GM Recalls 3.6 Million Cars Due To Potentially Fatal Software Defect (

An anonymous reader writes: General Motors has announced that the owners of some 3.64 million of its vehicles will have to come in for a re-flash of their sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) software. Apparently, a software bug tied to the diagnostic “oscillation test” routine in the SDM software makes it so that frontal airbags and seat belt pretensioners will not deploy “in certain rare circumstances when a crash is preceded by a specific event impacting vehicle dynamics.” They did not explain what these “rare circumstances” are, but noted that the failure to deploy of this security feature could result in increased risk of injury to the driver and front passenger.

Comment Re:Haha America (Score 1) 194

Something being the best on technical grounds is not what wins in the OS market. Microsoft has proven that barely good enough is just fine. It is the other parts of the bussiness that engineers usually don't pay as much attention to that lead to wins, and that is why we never understand why sucky stuff wins.

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