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Comment Re:If you're sending something "worth $5000"... (Score 1) 170

I work in the logistics industry and truly, whatever you ship you should ASSUME it's going to be tipped on every side. To go from point A to point B, *generally* you should assume that's going to be handled (loaded/unloaded) at least 6-7 times - from you loading onto local truck, unloaded at local terminal, loaded onto route truck, unloaded at next terminal, loaded onto local truck, delivered at local place.
All handled by people who, even if reasonable, are in a tremendous hurry all the time. Some - for example, if someone has to move your THING out of the way to unload his company's THING from the truck - doesn't give the faintest shit what happens to yours.

"Do not stack" and "No Stack", while some conscientious handlers will respect them, usually only cause one to hesitate before loading that 1000lb pallet atop your crate. If yours has a flat smooth top, it WILL get loaded on.

No, I wouldn't use fedex for such a shipment, either. I'd find a good local LTL firm where you could make special arrangements - the larger/more anonymous the freight company, the less anyone cares about your stuff: after all, if it's broken insurance will pay for it.

Comment Won't work everywhere, or really anywhere else (Score 4, Interesting) 181

The article omits a critical point: that Swedish (Nordic) culture has an almost unique approach to authority that is particularly collaborative and consensual.

This model is not exportable to other contexts without a wholesale change of the destination culture as well...a bit more of an undertaking.

Cf the work by Geert Hofstede

Comment well... (Score 1) 225

"...which would make it low enough to clear gas and sewer lines and to be undetectable at the surface.."

First, you probably mean DEEP enough?

And "undetectable at the surface" Sure - unless you nick things like the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage facility (which stores gas as far as 9000 feet down....)

Deep-tunnel digging is pretty much 90% about dealing with the unexpected, because that's the part that fucks you quickly, catastrophically, and often lethally.

That said, I wish him the best. The only thing I see as a barrier is, as usual, the lawyers. I don't believe that the current legal regime as far as who owns/uses/profits from subterranean 'property' is anywhere near where it needs to be to cope with what he's talking about. It's very much a wild-west show, because most of the law seems to deal with MINERAL rights, not access/use rights. Can Musk tunnel 100' under my house without my permission? How about the state capital? What if he's 1000' down?

Good luck, Elon.

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