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Comment James, shut up (Score 1) 125

"You're still watching [movies] on a small platform, and it's not that social experience,"

1) I have a 70" 4k TV at home. I sit about 8' from the screen. Proportionally, at your typical theater distance of 36' feet, that's a what, 27' wide screen? Small Platform? WTF?
Further, while a nice theater might have a very good sound system, I do too, with ample subwoofer and 7.1 THX select sound - my sound is just fine.
Further, I have FAR more comfortable seating, I can lay down if I want to, and I never stick to the floor nor have to share a goddamned armrest with anyone. I have to take a crap? Pause - I missed nothing.
So no, technically, I don't believe any theater can improve my 'home theater' technically.

2) I watch movies to ... watch the movie. I DON'T WANT A SOCIAL EXPERIENCE. Stop talking. Put down your phone. No, I'm not explaining that to you. Watch the bloody movie.
(Although, honestly, I'd probably have enjoyed Ferngully2000 - I mean Avatar - much, much more if someone had talked through the whole fucking thing.)
Nobody walks in front of me, spills their food on me, or complains that my 6'4" frame blocks their view.

No, I don't go to theaters any more.

Comment Re:If you can't attack the message... (Score 1) 651

I very much like the new theme of Red Scare 2016(tm) that HRC has chosen as the 'deflection of choice' for this issue.

It's just such a nice, old-fashioned way to approach criticism. It used to be the GOP screamed "you're a communist!!!" at anyone they didn't like. Refreshing to see that the DNC has found their ability to repurpose this 'classic' to the 21st century.

Comment Well... (Score 2) 485

If the US government fails to care about blatant disregard of law's a Clinton and she's a Democrat...then perhaps it's legitimate to appeal to other state-level actors to help throw aside the veil of secrecy?

At what point are the people of the US entitled to recognize that their government directly serves the interests of a small coterie of oligarchs, and try to work around it?

Again, let's recall:
"I don't have a private email server"
"It was only private and family correspondence"
"Well nothing secret went on that server"
"Nothing I knew was secret was on that server"
"Nothing ACTUALLY MARKED SECRET was on that server"
and then, after at least a week of denials, a carefully vetted pile of emails was 'given' to the FBI/DOJ and there were STILL secret things found in the correspondence.

And yet, the response from half the electorate and most of the major news organizations is "What me worry?" and "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy*"
*now including Red Scare 2016(tm)

Comment If you can't attack the message... (Score 4, Insightful) 651

....attack the messenger.

Isn't that pretty much Lawyer Response 101?

Dovetails nicely with the purported "vast Right Wing conspiracy", doesn't it?

If a hacker reveals illegal conduct, is it "less illegal" if the hacker is Russian?
I haven't noticed anyone asserting the emails are not genuine.

Comment 220lbs/~100kilo of cannabis (Score 1) 128

"and also cited the case of an Oakland TSA officer who for two years helped smugglers slip more than 220 pounds of marijuana through airport security checkpoints, "

I see no problem with this, other than that they had to smuggle it. The DEA and FDA have already admitted that not only is cannabis harmless and nonaddictive, but has many health benefits and that the government has lied for decades. The guy who assisted the smugglers should be commended for doing what is right, not cited for wrongdoing.

Comment Re:unpasteurised milk is way better (Score 1) 255

> That's right. Raw, or unpasteurized milk, is much better. It builds a strong healthy body.

It tastes better, that's for sure, but whether it is actually better has not been substantiated. There are however major health risks associated with raw milk from cows in factory-style dairy farms.

I like raw milk but unless it's from a small farm verified to maintain proper health of each individual cow, I'd prefer to stick with pasteurized because without knowing the farmer's methodologies personally how can you verify the safety?

Comment Well... (Score 1, Interesting) 455

...I think Hilary and Bill are as dirty-rotten & blatantly corrupt as the day is long...but if we've had what now, 2 dumps of "info" from the leaks and AFAIK nothing has jumped up obviously to bite her in the ass?

I have to either
a) commend them on the rigor of their operational security, or
b) expect that all the very best bits are still yet to come in Sept or Oct, when the splash will be large enough.

I honestly don't know which I hope. I really, truly don't want her as president, but then I don't want Trump EITHER.
I'm hoping for the enormous asteroid 2016.

Comment Re:Too much luxury (Score 1) 129

I want the opposite - I have a Samsung Gear S2 Classic and am thinking about either buying the 3G version of it, or the nextgen version of it (I wish they would include a speaker as well as mic on the non-3G version). I want the built-in speaker and cell connection and added functionality. Its primary use for me is fitness tracking (I've owned a Vivofit and it sucked, and the Fitbit I tried was almost as inaccurate and limited) and I find it is very accurate in its tracking my workouts and steps throughout the day. For the first few weeks I wore both during the day and counted my steps and compared - the Gear was very close to my count but the vivo was way off - over 1,000 more than my count and the Gear S2's count.

Another thing that is great is the GPS tracking - I keep that turned on and when I go out skating, walking, jogging, the distance tracking is usually dead-on and I can view a map of where I went after the workout, with my highest speeds indicated on the map, as well as nice graphs with heart rate and pace. Also, I easily get 24 hours on my watch, although since it has lithium cells I top it off as often as I can to avoid deep cycling the battery when it is not necessary.

However I do agree it would be nice to have low-end devices for folks who don't care about those capabilities. But, at the low end you're unlikely to get a large screen + good interface + sound + mic + bt + water resistance + good battery life; you're more likely to get just a couple of those features with the rest sucking or omitted entirely.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 129

> what are the killer features of a smart watch?

For me, fitness training. It tracks distance, heart rate, and calculates calories burned based on the workout, heartrate, age, and weight. I previously tried a vivofit but it sucked. It tracked only steps throughout the day, and was highly inaccurate.

I also use my smartwatch for sleep tracking, because I tend to be a night owl and am trying to correct that. The vivofit did track sleep very well but my primary goal is tracking fitness and for that the vivofit sucks.

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