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Comment Re:Scotland just announced a post-Brexit independe (Score 1) 344

Of COURSE the Scots want another swing at independence, they weren't happy at the first result and only grudgingly accepted it in the first place.

The fact is that Scotland is a proto-Socialist state with exceedingly generous programs and benefits NOT supported by their own industry or tax base. Their fanciful extrapolations of a post-Scotcession world are sheer fiction, pre-supposing every possible advantage (Scotland gets to keep every drop the North Seas oil at no cost to themselves; Scotland gets to keep using the GBP; more or less free access to the EU) and hand-waving the rest. In fact, the economic picture now is even MORE bleak than it was then with oil at half the price it was. Their golden goose is laying eggs distinctly non-golden today.

OF COURSE they want to stay in the EU. They need to make sure whatever udder they're latched onto is on the healthiest possible cow.

But be clear:NOBODY will accept them into the EU. There are so many nascent disaffected minorities from the Basques to the Bretons to the Flemish that NO major state will want to validate the quixotic secessionist movement by granting it the recognition of admission to the EU.
cf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment we don't have blacksmiths, either (Score 1) 366

Well, we do, but only people who really WANT to be blacksmiths - the whole 'artisinal' thing.

Societies evolve, technology evolves. Yes, the Horse Buggy Whip industry jobs have largely entirely gone - so have (essentially) the jobs of Elevator Pilot, Farrier, Town Cryer, and Jester.

Don't like it? Maybe make an effort to be more of a human and less of a drone. There are LOTS of jobs out there for people who want to actually learn how to do something - electrician, for example. Never going to be replaced by a factory in Vietnam.

Comment Re:Costco is the one suing (Score 1) 253

And this, kids, is why big companies rarely ever go after other big companies.

Big swingin' dick lawyers can be stalemated by OTHER big swingin' dick lawyers and then the aggressor looks like an idiot and wasted money.

Would any of us have any doubts about the outcome if it was 'Bill's Golf Balls', a $100,000 business in Madison WI instead of Costco?

Comment Not the best advocate (Score 1) 346

"One of the scientists who demonstrated conclusively that global warming was an unnatural event with the famous "hockey stick" graph..."

If by "demonstrated conclusively" you mean:
- used sketchy, statistically dubious 'smoothing', omitted the Medieval warm period, and cherry picked data to 'prove' an already-supposed conclusion, and
- then when called to produce his data, "lost it" ....then yeah, he's the guy.

Comment Re:Good, I hope they close them all (Score 1) 119

I think he's talking about PS1, N64, etc. To the best of my knowledge, Gamestop never carried used PC games.

Of course, carrying those vintage cartridge/disc games would be difficult in its own way. All the Gamestop stories I've been in were fairly small and just didn't have the room to stock all those vintage games.

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