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Submission + - What Makes Angry Birds So Incredibly Successful?

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "There has been much speculation regarding the cause of the recent worldwide economic recession, but we all know the truth. It was 'Angry Birds' and its effect on the productivity of the global work force. The 50 million individuals who have downloaded 'Angry Birds' play roughly 200 million minutes of the game a day, which translates into 1.2 billion hours a year, more than ten times the 100 million hours spent creating and updating Wikipedia over the entire life span of the online encyclopedia. Why is this seemly simple game so massively compelling? Charles L. Mauro performs a cognitive teardown of the user experience of Angry Birds by reverse engineering the game to determine what interaction attributes the successful interface embodies that result in a psychologically engaging user experience. To summarize Mauro's detailed analysis, success is bound up in slowing down that which could be fast, erasing that which is easily renewable, and making visual that which is mysterious and memorable. "Over the past 10 years, our firm has conducted user engagement studies on hundreds of user interfaces. The vast number did not get one principle right, much less six," writes Mauro. "You go Birds! Your success certainly makes others Angry and envious.""

Comment Re:This is not what you think (Score 1) 124

End re-election concerns by going to single terms, and I bet most political posturing and useless activities like this would end (or at least become significantly less).

What about the few good career politicians? Al Franken, Ron Paul , ect. I would hate to lose them after just one term. But that's just two examples in what 500+ congressmen.

Comment Re:Universal Health, I mean, Internet Care? (Score 1) 434

Most problems are cyclical in nature and there is no ultimate end game solution. Take hunger for example. Every day no matter how much I ate yesterday I am still hungry. I can't solve my personal hunger problem forever. So I take incremental steps against it every few hours. Its not ideal, some days (most days) I eat more than I need but it works for now.

Comment Re:Zero! (Score 3, Informative) 228

That is done to get around USPS "Move Update" requirements.

The easiest and least expensive way is to simply add "OR CURRENT RESIDENT" or "OR CURRENT OCCUPANT" to your addresses. You can do this on the same line as the name, or as a separate line directly under the name. When you do this, USPS will deliver the piece of mail to the address shown, regardless of whether the person or business you've addressed it to is still at that address. Since USPS will not pay attention to the name, you are exempt from the move update requirement.

vs the more expensive options

If you don't want to use method 1, then the next least expensive method for small mailers is to track your own move information by requesting USPS address corrections every time you mail (or at least in one mailing every 95 days), and then updating your mailing list every time you receive an address correction.

So they still want it to be personalized but they don't give a rat's ass if you move. http://bulkmail.info/moveupdate.html

Comment Re:If you've nothing to hide... (Score 1) 878

Why do they need to arrest anyone?


If a crime is committed, they need to arrest someone.

A wee bit contradictory don't you think?

If they can't actually deliver safety, then get rid of them.

Anarchy and revolt then?

Bullshit. Police make a great deal of money

Check again.
50k is not a great deal of money.

Corrupt and unethical police are the norm.

If that were true there would be mass riots and armed rebellion.

What they lack is real oversight. Corrupt and unethical police are the norm. Because reporting corrupt and illegal behavior is not acceptable behavior within the police force. Which means that there are essentially no good cops. Because the system doesn't allow it.


You bitch and moan but not once do you offer a suggestion on how to resolve the problem.

Comment Re:If you've nothing to hide... (Score 1) 878

They come into most situations and arrest whoever is causing the most ruckus or is most uncooperative.

Who should they arrest then?

They act like frustrated, tired parents who just want some quiet when they come home from work. Right and wrong mean a lot less then just getting everyone out of their hair.

Take a domestic violence case. Who should the officer side with? If both parties are bloody and bruised who started it and who is at fault? Cases are never cut and dry, so they break it up, get one or the other out of the scene and hope that with distance they are willing to work it out themselves.

Then comes the counselor act, where the cops show up after a crime. They assure everyone the that criminal will be caught (rare unless they are caught in the act of another crime) and clean up the mess a bit after pretending to care for a bit.

When somebody you know and love has been hurt you don't want to hear the truth that you and I both know, you want to be comforted and thats a large part of the police officers job. To make people feel safe in a very unsafe world.

I'm sure my contempt for the police shows in this post

It sure does but remember the police are an imperfect system for an imperfect world. If we could have a perfect law and order system there would be no need for one.

, but I really do believe that as a whole we need more control of the people we allow to walk among us with guns.

I agree but as the need for police rises the pay must also rise or the quality must decrease. I would be in favor of a smaller better paid police force given more authority, better training, more education and more accountability.

Comment Re:so ACTA will kill the internet? IP rights? (Score 1) 290

You download an mp3 for free and each time you play it you hear a brief 10 second ad before it starts?

I would be ok with this kind of pricing model, like hulu and youtube, but the downside is that I have to listen or watch the same exact ad ten times in a row. I would be more ok with commercials or even more commercials if I only ever had to see the same ad once a day. I don't care if I see multiple ads for the same company as long as they are different each time.

Comment Re:Obvious abuse of power (Score 1) 1123

I'll let them cuff me and be a quiet nice citizen.

Try that first the next time I bet the whole ordeal would have gone a lot better. If you resist arrest , flex your arms to be in a position to escape restraints or make it look like you might be going for a weapon you deserve what you got for it, not a beating but put into a submission hold.

Hell, once I knew they were just going to injure me if I didn't do what they wanted

Did you think they were going to play patty cake with you?

I should have gone to the hospital and gotten something in writing to prove that I was injured by the pigs, but I didn't; it would have been pointless

Yes it would have been pointless, you already admitted to RESISTING ARREST.

Comment Re:Not surprising police don't know the law . . . (Score 3, Informative) 1123

umm no... In the arrest of Ernesto Miranda, the police followed the letter of the current laws. His lawyer objected and stated that current policy of not requiring the explanation of 5th amendment rights was directly in violation of the 5th amendment. The supreme court agreed and Ernesto Miranda was re tried excluding his confession and was found guilty of rape and kidnapping.

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