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Comment Re:Star of David used by Neo Nazis... (Score 1) 287

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Pepe the Frog did not originally have anti-Semitic connotations. But as the meme proliferated in online venues such as 4chan, 8chan and Reddit, a subset of memes came into existence promoting anti-Jewish, bigoted and offensive ideas.

âoeOnce again, racists and haters have taken a popular Internet meme and twisted it for their own purposes of spreading bigotry and harassing users,â

Comment Re:OT: another Clinton troll - "IS IS" (Score 1) 287

No, the "bowl of skittles" thing originates from a Nazi children's book about Jews.

A few years back there was a Ben Grelle posted the skittles version as part of a blog post in the wake of the Elliot Rodger misogynist murder spree. He claims it was taken out of context, it's up to you if you believe him but given that it was a response to what Rodger did his explanation seems reasonable.

How did you get from "10% of them are poison" to "all men are rapists"? At most you could say he was suggesting that 10% of men are rapists.

And by the way, the origin of the "all men are rapists" thing is a play. In the story the mother of a woman who was raped says the line, but her daughter then strongly disagrees despite what happened to her. So in fact, even the originator of the quote (the author of the play) was saying the exact opposite of what people now imply.

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 1) 287

This and similar stories get up voted in the firehose. Not by "SJWs" or whatever, by people who want to have an angry rant about it. The summary was obviously carefully crafted to avoid linking to the original press release.

There has been a definite effort to get more conservative leaning stories on Slashdot lately. Unfortunately they usually end up like this, untrue clickbait rage-inducing crap, designed simply to discredit and defame people they don't like.

Just look near the top of the page, some ACs and random users ranting on about SJWs and Hitler, all based on a lie. It's as if they were just waiting for the story to go live so they could flood the comments with shitposting. The ACs could all be one person, the same one that submitted the story, no doubt with a few sock puppet accounts to get a few +1 insightful mods.

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 1) 287

Which powerful SJWs are you talking about? Hitler seems to be the ultimate anti-SJW, being rather prone to racism, sexism and equality. He thought that some people were literally sub-human, and the usual complaint about SJWs is that they think everyone is exactly equal and the same despite undeniable biological differences.

It looks like the AC was right, the definition of SJW is "someone hurt my feelings by pointing out what an asshat I am, waaaah!"

Comment Re:Let me foresee what will happen... (Score 3, Informative) 113

It may surprise you to know that the Russians can and do write their own original software, some of it quite good. It's actually quite common, because even today support for non-Latin languages in western software can be quite poor. Japan and China also produce their own high quality office software and input translation utilities (for entering their languages using slightly modified QWERTY keyboards).

Comment Re:We're one step closer (Score 1) 39

Nissans ProPILOT system is actually very disappointing. It only works between 30 and 100 km/h, so it's basically useless. The two times when you want auto-steering/adaptive cruise control are when in stop-start traffic below 30 kph and when cruising on highways at over 100 kph. The speed limit in the UK and most of Europe is around 120-130 kph, for example.

Nissan really seem to have been caught out by their competitors lately. Their Leaf electric vehicle has a 30kWh battery, but for about 10% more money the GM Bolt has a 65kWh battery. The Leaf is also looking rather old, having an interior and tech from five years ago. ProPILOT is looking fairly rubbish compared to other manufacturer's efforts, particularly Tesla but most of the other big players have at least the low speed stuff working.

It's such a shame when they were the real pioneers of electric vehicles. Tesla get a lot of attention but Nissan has sold a lot of Leafs and proven that limited range was actually quite acceptable to many people.

Comment Re:I don't know the secret handshake. (Score 1) 287

This is a common tactic in the on-going culture wars: adopt a popular meme and corrupt it to your own agenda, relying on its popularity to make it seem like your cause has more support than it really does.

I agree with you about ridiculous claims of anti-Semitism though. There was a call on programme on the BBC a few months back where several people called to say that things like criticising Israel's annexing of Palestinian land or methods of self-defence was anti-Semitic. Criticism is not hate speech.

Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 1) 142

File transfers too. 100Mb only gets you about 12MB/sec, rather slow for running network applications or shifting even moderate size files around.

Gigabit has been standard on laptops and desktop motherboards for years now, and the switches are only slightly more expensive than 100Mb. It's crazy to even consider 100Mb when buying equipment these days.

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