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Comment Re: Weirdly specific statement (Score 1) 55

What is the limiting factor? Buildup of CO2?

People need a certain amount of oxygen for their metabolism, you need to carry that much. CO2 effects the blood pH: too little and the body is too alkaline, too much and it's too acidic. So, you need to maintain a precise amount of CO2 and remove the rest. The scrubbers in the space shuttle were able to regenerate the CO2-absorbent material after use, so there was use of power but material wasn't consumed.

Beyond this, you need to control temperature and humidity. The other requirements than atmosphere for crew survival are that you water, feed and shelter the crew, maintain orientation, and maintain a G-force envelope that doesn't injure the crew.

Submission + - September 19th SpaceX Launch will be visible across California, Nevada. (reddit.com)

Bruce Perens writes: The nighttime launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 containing Iridium satellites at 9:49 PM PST Monday September 19th from Vandenberg AFB SLC-4 is likely to be visible across California and in some Nevada locations. Although Vandenberg has a landing pad for the Falcon under construction, this will probably be a drone-ship landing and some California observers might see two of the landing burns.

Comment Sure you followed the law (Score 1) 365

And the EU just said that the Irish law was not right. And don't hide behind the people who did the dirty worrk.
Just because your lawer says you are not guilty does not mean you are innocent.

So apperently he hired the wrong people, because they gave him bad advice, or (more likely) they gave him good advice and he decided not to listen to the part that it might not work.

Comment Re: Seems about right (Score 2) 155

Yes, she does. The fact that she does not act upon it is het choice and now it will be too late, but at the beginning, she (or another person who made the image, but most likely herself) had the copyright.
Each time you create something, you automatically get the copyright, unless you have made alternative arrangements (e.g. working at a company or under contract). If you write something or take a photo, the copyright is yours. You have the right to decide who is allowed to copy it. Even: people should ASK you if they have the right to copy it.

In most cases people on the Internet are extremely lenient about copyright. Especially on the InterWebs. And in the case of Laina, even encourage it, as it raiser their value or self esteem or whatever. That does not mean they do not have the copyright in the first place.

Comment Re:Publishers unwilling to grant a license (Score 1) 81

Because it would be much more expensive to use hardware that is capable of emulating a NES through software than it would be to use a NES on a chip or FPGA.

Nintendo can probably buy a common ARM SoC including the HDMI driver for cheaper than it'd take to engineer and manufacture an accurate NOAC with all the relevant mappers included. Existing NOACs tend to have problems, such as inverted duty cycles, audio distortion, and no digital output.

They have a choice. Make $1/$2 per copy or make $0 per copy. It's not hard to see which of those makes more sense.

Consider the NES games Bart vs. the World and Lethal Weapon. If the upstream licensor of the movie or TV series on which a game was based wants $3 per copy, then for every $1/$2 copy the game publisher sells, it has to pay $3 to the movie or TV studio, resulting in a loss of $2/$1 per copy. In this case, earning $0 by not licensing at all would at least stop loss.

Notice how the controller bundled with the NES classic isn't the controller bundled with the Wii?

The controller bundled with the Wii was the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. All NES Virtual Console games work with the Wii Remote held sideways.

Comment Re:Unions are helpful (except when they aren't) (Score 1) 291

Unions are good to make it fair. A company against an individual is not a fair fight. Because of Unions I get a fair pay, regulated hours and paid holidays.

What I think is the case is that in the US you do not have a union as such. It is more a guild.

I live in Belgium and am a Union member. I have no idea about 95% of mu co workers if they are or are not in a union. My boss does not know, nor care if I am in a union or not. So they even have no idea WHAT union I am a member of. There are three major and several smaller unions. I can join each and every one of them. And often they do not even agree with each other and that is a GOOD thing, because now I can have a choice as to which one comes cmosest to how I think.

As I understand, you do not have that choice. You are a baker, you join the bakers, you are a screenwriter, you join the screenwriters guild.

A guild looks only after its own profession and screw the rest. A union should be looking for all members and what it does at one company will have an influence at another. The result is paid hilidays.

Is it 100%? No, nothing will be.

Comment Re:Silly complaints (Score 1) 84

If you sold exclusive rights, you already paid a lot of opportunity cost. When Spotify ignores you, you asked them to.

The problem is that if you sell exclusive rights to some of your works but make the rest available to Spotify, Spotify will demote even the ones you told it to make available.

Comment This app is incompatible with all of your devices (Score 1) 84

An app on Google Play Store will be excluded from search results unless it's available both A. in your country and B. on your device. When I view the document at that URL while logged into a Google account to which a Galaxy Tab A 8.0" (2016) and a Nexus 7 (2012) are registered, I see the following:

This app is incompatible with all of your devices.

[Incompatible] No carrier Samsung SM-T350
[Incompatible] No carrier Asus Nexus 7

I expected the document to include a list of suggested devices to purchase on which to run this app, but it did not.

Comment Re:Ignorance shouldn't be an excuse. (Score 1) 38

And how many IT directors say "We can't fix it!"? Not that many, because they all say "We have found a new way and we implement that." and all the while they forget the weakest part: humans.
And no, you can't just upgrade them as if they were a machine with not enough memory. You have to work with what is give to you and make it work.

Comment Technical solutions for social probs don't work (Score 1) 38

Security was; is and never will be a technical solution for just IT. From the beginning it was clear that most of it was social enginering. Security is more a mindset.
As many went through IT related ways (computers), the IT departments told us over and over again that they would take care of it with more and more technical solutions.

We are all aware that technical solutions for social problems don't work. People will write down their passwords, because they have too many. People will tell them to somebody who says he is from IT. People will do things, because they are afraid their boss will yell at them if they don't. They palm people into buildings. And all because they have no idea why it is so dangerous.

People are not even interested in protecting their own identity and secrets and make themselves volnerable to attacks. If they do this to them selves, why would they not do it for the company they work for?

The reason is simple: ignorance. You need to explain that if you give one piece of the puzzle (e.g. just the first number of your CVV code) if they get the otherpieces elsewhere, they have all of the information.

So it is indeed now up to IT to realize that they have been lying and finally start to understand that security is a state of mind and not something you can deal with as if it were a bug (or a feature). NEVER solve a social problem with a technical solution.

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