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Comment Re:My bullshit detector is going off (Score 4, Insightful) 103

I would love it if Slashdot had a rule to not bother with articles about companies who are still in the funding phase of their crowdfunding campaign unless the project provides detailed implementation specifics. Granted, /. isn't nearly as bad about this as many other tech reporting sites. But it's still a waste of everyone's time when it happens. And possibly worse, it grows that stupid-ass "AS FEATURED ON" list of logos that these sort of projects looove to use as false-credibility. They might as well call that section "The following websites have recently had slow-news-days and/or employ editors who don't bother to verify the validity of scientific or technical claims"

Comment Re:Pay no attention to insider skeptics. (Score 1) 98

Yeah, Galileo is another one that people always get wrong. The pope was genuinely interested in Galileo's theories and entreated him to do a proper writeup that explains what his theory has over the earth-centric model, and what his proof was. Galileo then took this permission and used it to be an ass. That was what really got him in trouble. He had the character simplicio, the straw-man idiot speaking with the pope's words; effectively saying "lol pope didn't believe me the first time I presented my theory, not because my theories were incomplete, but because he's a friggin' dumbass."

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