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Journal DaytonCIM's Journal: Do me a favor... 9

when you're backing out of a parking space, please make sure my Mom isn't there. Thanks.

My Mom was knocked across the parking aisle and into a parked car by an Asshat in a Mercedes. Guy tried to drive off, but off-duty Brea PD stopped him and took his keys.

Paramedics cleared my Mom, but Anaheim PD arrested the fucktard Mercedes driver because the Brea PD guy said he was clearly leaving the scene. Only after the Brea PD guy ran acrocc the parking lot and stood in front of the Mercedes and badged him did he stop and surrender.


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Do me a favor...

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  • that's a bad day that's going to turn into a lot of bad days. sorry your mom got hit -- but in a lot of cases that guy would have got away - so glad someone was there to do something.
  • But keep an eye on the statute of limitations for filing injury claims. Sometimes it takes days or weeks for injuries to make themselves felt. Unless she had x-rays or cat scans done today, or some such, she needs to pay close attention to any aches or pains and not just dismiss them lightly. The statute of limitations is probably a year or two, but it varies by jurisdiction.

    And the best part in a case like this is if there is any problems later on, you won't have to feel bad or guilty about going after
  • that just because they have an expensive car, they aren't subject to the same laws as everyone else. I've seen so many people in expensive vehicles do things that risk people's lives because they are in a hurry or just think that are too important to wait. I saw a guy in some overpriced SUV go around some cars waiting to move to the lane to their left by using an onramp to I-85. The only thing was, while he was watching the cars he was passing to make sure they hadn't gotten over and let those of us wait
  • I blame the weather. Beach Blvd was a mess this morning.
  • Could have been a lot worse. That she didn't get seriously injured is the most important part. Snagging the butthead behind the wheel is a close second.

  • Hope your Mom is OK and the ass munch gets what is coming to him. (and then the bonus plan) The guy trying to run is just unbelievable.

    My thoughts were of this video [] when you first mentioned it, however. Hope your Mom enjoys *her* new Mercedes when she is done with him! (hope that is not in too poor taste, all things considered.)
  • I'm normally not the litigious type, but this is a situation where I would sue the ass off the guy.

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