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Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 141

The idea that people should be free to conduct business seems to be foreign to NYC

The idea that you should be free to do whatever you like regardless of the impact on others as long as it's for money is foreign to most of the world.

And has anyone bothered to actually confront how many issues this opens up?

Yes, and clearly you haven't because you don't seem to have any idea about it.

A girl stays with me for three weeks. Who gets to question me about why she is with me? Is she a relative, a friend, a sex partner or a health aid as I am an older man?

Were you (a) charging her rent and (b) absent yourself for the entire time. No? Then it doesn't matter.

Who exactly assumes the privilege of questioning me?

Who usually has the privilege of investigating violations of the law? If you annoy your neighbours enough they might call the police or which ever branch of the government deals with this sort of thing and they'll question you. This is precisely like every other thing ever.

Further, if cash changes hands with no receipt, how is proof established?

Same as with everything else ever. Should we make selling stolen phones with cash legal simply because if cash changes hands with no receipt, how is proof established? No, because that's silly.

Can i pound on the door of a neighbor i do not like and grill him about exactly why someone stayed with him overnight and can i legally prove that someone actually did stay overnight?

You can try, I guess, but given that's entirely legal I don't see why you would. If you make enough of a nuisance of yourself, the police may get involved on your neighbours behalf even if proof might be hard to establish.

Who defines overnight?

You apparently because you're very obsessed with it even though it has little to do with this whole thing.

I rode a motorcycle that was banned from overnight parking. They were smart enough never to call a tow truck. If they had i would have sued them into the dirt.

So, you kind of acted like a bit of a dick and likely would have lost a lawsuit against a tow truck company. What has that got to do with unlicensed hotels?

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 156

If you want change, vote for Trump.

Who the hell merely wants change?

Surely you want change for the better, right? I'm sure Trump will attempt to deliver change, but do you honestly think it's likely to be for the better rather than making things worse?

This is the intellectual discussion we should be having in this election - not locker room talk or rape allegations

I'm sure that the personal behaviour of the candidates has no bearing on whether they might try to change things for the good of the US or be completely self serving.

Comment Re:I bet half the people who said "C" actually (Score 1) 252

Are least microchip are friendly.

Beats TI. I've also had great customer service from Linear about datasheet errors, ones that actually matter. They got an engineer in the loop really fast. And in relation to another question, sent me an internal presentation with some circuits on in addition to the application notes.

They tend not to fix things, just note them in the errata, because any change could break someone's product. They are very conservative like that, and often it's not with doing a rev B model.

I can understand that point of view. It's actually a massive pain in the arse for certified things like medical devices. If the revision number of the chip changes, you have to re-certify your device. Also, I can see why they don't want people's devices to suddenly break.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 2) 325

As a tree-hugger you certainly know that Fukushima permanently ruined the name of nuclear power. Nuclear power is a non-starter. How do you not know this?

Maybe he's not so suseptible to populsim? Also maybe he's not pro-death and would rather that electricity is generated with the lowest human cost rather than assuaging his fears with the deaths of others.

No matter what name nuclear power has, it ahs the record as the safest form of generation measured in deaths/TWh. Now imagine if it hadn't been completely stagnated and we were running designs with 40 years more development rather than designs from the 1970s.

Comment Re:I bet half the people who said "C" actually (Score 1) 252

We could see which bank it was writing to, but I forget now. It was one bit out, a high order bit.

How fun, for certain values of fun.

Years ago we contacted Microchip about these things, but all that ever happened was an errata and an apology so these days we rarely bother. I usually post Atmel bugs on AVR Freaks though.

I guess there's not a vast amount they can do, at least until they respin the next version of the hardware. At least an errate might make it easier for the next guy :)

I did contact TI with an error in one of their datasheet application notes. They never acknowledged it and simply deleted that bit from the next revision of the datasheet even though the fix was trivial (they'd mistakenly drawn one wire connected to -VE instead of ground). I was a bit miffed they didn't even bother with an apology or thankyou.

Comment Re:Am I the only one (Score 1) 323

From your link:

Here I pause to remind new readers of this blog that I'm a trained hypnotist and a student of persuasion in all its forms.

He's also a certified genius level IQ. We mustn't forget that!

And I'm here to tell you that if you are afraid that Donald Trump is a racist/sexist clown with a dangerous temperament, you have been brainwashed by the best group of brainwashers in the business right now: Team Clinton.

Well, if you're merely afraid of that then you might have been brainwashed by someone. Anyone good at observing things (as Mr. Adams seems to think is important) actually *knows* that so there's no fear that he only might be.

And Clinton's team of persuaders has caused half of the country to see Trump as a racist/sexist Hitler with a dangerous temperament.

Turns out it's not just Team Clinton. I saw a bunch of pictures a while back 'shopping Trump with Hitler or something. Turns out that was done by his fans over at the Daily Stormer. No the hell way I'm going to dig through that again, but it's one of their "meme days" if you feel like taking a gander.

Not that I think Trump is actually a literal Nazi or anything, but it's just a funny counterpoint to Adams' claims.

But Trump is the bigger agent for change, if that's what you think the country needs.

Well that's stupid. The country needs change for the better, not simply "change". There are plenty of changes one can imagine which would make things much worse.

I'm not trying to say I'm smarter than anyone else.

I'm not but I am really. I mean I won't say smarter, but really I am smarter when it counts. Not that I'm saying it. But we all know I have a certified genius level IQ and I'm a trained persuader. And I'm so smart I know I'm not smart which ironically makes me much smarter than you even though I won't say it, but I am though.

I don't believe in a traditional god.

Oh that's new. He doesn't seem so keen on evolution either. He's written several posts with a "I'm not denying it but I really am" kind of flavour.

Comment Re:Not a minicomputer (Score 1) 40

But, actually, in pre-history the BBC Acorn computer (which was the beginning of ARM) was expensive too.

True: it was about 5x the price of a ZX81 for example, though of course they weren't given away to pupils, they were destined for classroom use and the BBC Micro was much, much more physically robust than a ZX81.

I suppose what matters most is what the intended (and actual) use of the devices are and unfortunately it sounds a little half-cocked in the case of the Micro:bit.

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