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Comment Re:Good or bad for customers? (Score 2) 68

At least in the sort of context we're talking about here, the "real market price" you mentioned is what someone is prepared to pay for something, no more and no less.

When the price of goods divorces entirely from the cost to produce them, the pricing model turns to "extraction". Just you wait until Amazon wins the pricing war...

Comment Re:I can think of bigger central problems (Score 3, Insightful) 157

I would say that the risk is not about Islam, Christianity or any other form of religion, but the radicalisation of any religion as a call to arms of the disenchanted for someone else's political agenda. Torture, execution, biological warfare and ethnic cleansing have been performed in the name of most religions in the world.

Politically in the current climate, it's easier to dissect the population based on skin colour or religion rather than behaviour.

Comment Translation Telephone (Score 4, Funny) 37

Remember the game of telephone? Let's try it with google translate!

Original English
Slashdot brings all sorts of rubbish shill marchitecture from companies like Microsoft to the masses. Let's celebrate how consistently Gartner's hype curve is demonstrated when something emerging appears and promote it to the masses prematurely.
English to German
Slashdot bringt alle Arten von Müll-Shill-marchitecture von Unternehmen wie Microsoft an die Massen. Lassen Sie uns feiern, wie konsequent Gartner Hype-Kurve wird gezeigt, wenn etwas Auftauchen erscheint und fördern sie an die Massen vorzeitig.
German to Japanese
Japanese to Chinese
Chinese to Italian
Slashdot è una raccolta di tutti i tipi di rifiuti microarchitettura ciliegia da aziende come Microsoft masse. Alcuni, come per visualizzare, sul modo in cui il pubblico quando sono guidati, così abbiamo sempre celebriamo display della curva campagna pubblicitaria Gartner.
Italian to English
Slashdot is a collection of all kinds of waste microarchitecture cherry from companies such as Microsoft masses. Some like to see, on the way the public when they are driven, so we always celebrate display of Gartner hype curve.

I will sincerely wait to see how card read good Skype translate to faux eat lemons!

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