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Comment Re:Amazon fire is more locked down (Score 1) 108

Which is IMHO actually a great selling point of the Fire line, they are the best devices for young children going, especially as they now sport a microSD slot so you can load them up with video content.

I'd just go for Kodi to my NAS... which is what I actually do. Runs great on the Fire TV Stick so far. AFAICT the Fire TV stick is the cheapest reliable platform for Kodi which comes with a halfway decent remote, and I do mean it's only about halfway decent. Still, it has enough buttons to drive the interface.

Comment Re:Why encourage them? (Score 1) 181

why is anyone entitled to anything others produce?

Why are you entitled to go on breathing if you have something I want and you're standing in my way? What makes you think you have the right to life, liberty, or personal property?

because I do. you can personally try and take any of those from me, but you will pay with your life.

You are such a trite and tedious brand of moron. First, let's just say you're right, and I can't possibly take any of those from you even those I have a scoped rifle in a high power caliber. (This is explicitly not a threat; we are discussing capabilities. I have no intention of killing anyone for any reason. ObDisclaimerWhee!) I and a few of my buddies clearly could do so.

which is why you cowards group together and have government do all your dirty work for you and think it's ok, "because democracy".

That's not how it works at all. In practice, you really can not keep any of your stuff without the system of law, or some other system of law. You would be forced to group up (like a coward, apparently) with other people who have stuff in order to protect all your stuff, both because you have to sleep sometime and because you are not invulnerable even when awake, whatever your personal Rambo fantasies might look like. And that's why others are entitled to a share of what "you" earn; they're helping you keep it.

If you don't like the entitlement argument, you can consider this alternative one, which I also consider to be valid: If you don't share your wealth with them, they will share their poverty with you. People with nothing to lose have no motivation not to take your stuff. You can help them better themselves, you can give them stuff, or you can watch them take everything you have because they have no other recourse and they have every bit as much right to life as you do. What's right doesn't even enter into it. This is basic biology. It's how the world works. You can put your hands over your ears and shout right up until the world shows up at your doorstep and eats your fingers.

we are a nation of laws,


and Apple is doing nothing illegal or immoral.

Apple may or may not be doing anything illegal, but what they are doing is certainly immoral. Even if you don't care about the moral aspect, it's also unsustainable.

no one is obligated to pay the maximum taxes possible. avoidance is not the same as evasion.

And legality has never equaled morality.

Comment Re:it's amazing what you can accomplish (Score 2) 47

That is because Burning Man treats the land like it is theirs and theirs alone.

It's a fucking desert. One does need to clean up, but they have cleanup crews for that. That's where most of the non-permit money apparently goes.

Now it's just a way for 20-30 somethings to burn through mad amounts of cash, all while feeling like they're somehow counter cultural.

When was it anything else? The ratio of cool shit on fire to people just getting wasted may have changed. But I know many longtime burners. They went for entertainment, not to make a statement. Some of them have deluded themselves since about it, but it's bullshit.

When the event is over the land looks and smells like human waste and takes an insane amount of resources to reclaim, clean, and restore it to some remote resemblance of what state it use to be in.

Which helps explain why payroll is the single largest expenditure at burning man.

Comment Re:Time IS on Apple's Side (Score 1) 108

Actors are on the way out because of course as computers increase in capability so virtual acting bots become possible and they live forever

I was with you until you took a left turn into sheer fantasy. The most compelling stories are about humans (or analogies), after all, so I have a hard time believing we'll be discarding the human element entirely from story-driven entertainment.

Actually, I think he's right. I don't think they'll go away completely; it's really cheap to make a movie which mostly consists of some people doing mundane things. You can shoot on location (getting easier and easier as gear gets smaller) so you don't have to build sets. Your only big cost is talent. On the other hand, I think we'll see action movies without real humans in them eventually.

I also think we'll see more and more video games, and they will have digital actors. More and more of the public plays games now, and every time I watch an action movie any more I think "this would be better as a video game." Er, granted it was any good to begin with, but most of them would make great FPSes.

Comment Re:it's amazing what you can accomplish (Score 1) 47

It seems to me like this is what deserts are for. We should be trying to reclaim as much of them as possible, but we ought to use them while we have them.

Which reminds me... Not that I've ever gone or will go, but it's tragic what burning man has to pay for permits now, especially when it takes place on land that supposedly belongs to all of us.

Comment Re:pivoting (Score 1) 160

No, I don't know. What difference does that make?

It's not your mom and pop computer store up the road, where if it folds a couple of people lose their jobs. It's Microsoft, and when they lay a bunch of people off they're changing course and it affects the whole industry. It can have negative downstream effects as businesses who have [foolishly] depended on them have to change their course, as well.

Comment Re:Class-Action? (Score 1) 104

Or they consider Win 10 to be the patch. The free-upgrade period ending kind of undermines that claim. They should leave the option open indefinitely. Then they can simply say, "Yes we are supporting Windows 7, the support is to apply the patch that upgrades to Win 10 and beyond at no cost to you."

Comment Re:+1 Snowden, Manning. -1 Ulbricht (Score 1) 251

Manning didn't blow any whistles. It was falsely claimed that he revealed war crimes, but once the legitimate combat actions were revealed and analyzed by people who actually know what constitutes a war crime no crimes were found. Manning simply applied a hoover to the classified network and then dumped it to WikiLeaks out of spite because he was mad at the Army. He committed espionage and is rightly serving a nice long term as a result. We the tax payers should not be paying one cent towards gender association treatments. He's doing hard time.

Snowden was a whistleblower on the NSA Surveillance. He committed espionage on the rest of the Classified information regarding international intelligence operations that he stole and revealed. If we get our hands on him, he will be convicted and also spend many years behind bars. He would have gotten a pass had he just stopped at the surveillance program.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 251

Who is paying for the GP to post the facts. The NSA surveillance revelation was good he would have had whistleblower protection for it. The rest of the stuff he's revealed about our international intelligence collection efforts is why he will not receive an amnesty and should not receive on. Nothing about what the GP posted was a shill. In short You fail. But then you are too cowardly to take credit for your misguided opinion.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 2, Informative) 251

Snowden is not a traitor for revealing the NSA Phone surveillance program. He's a traitor for the thousands of classified documents pertaining to other legitimate intelligence collection efforts that he stole and turned over to whomever. Example: he revealed that we had an active tap on the office phone of the German Chancellor. Revealing that was Treason, Germany is not a military or political enemy but all countries are economic opponents. Further it's evident that he's paid Russia for his asylum with classified information.

That is why he is considered a Traitor. Had he just stuck to revealing the unconstitutional NSA Surveillance of US citizens he would be a hero and would have been protected by Whistleblower status. But he revealed far more, damaging or destroying operations that took years to put in place and putting lives at risk.

Comment Re:Incorrect (Score 1) 181

I'm NOT suggestion that the tax rate here should be 0, but if it were, that money would be in our economy and working, thus a net benefit to us.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Without taxes, the wealthy and corporations mostly transfer wealth among themselves, and very little of it ever actually manages to trickle down. Perhaps you missed the memo, but "trickle down" economics doesn't work, and never has done.

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