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Comment Re: What I want to know is who keeps telling Tom H (Score 1) 63

On Internet forums, especially if you're AC, "fascism" just means "zealousness". Like, "I hate the liberal fascists just as much as the conservative ones, and the Green Party fascists are the worst.".

No, what it means is that we have a troll here whose agenda is to tilt the entire exchange so that every political disposition is judged against the most strident example of the first-to-mind reductive cliche.

It's a war against subtlety. It's a war against moderates and it's a war against moderation—where "moderation" means the kind of people who think before speaking. It's a distributed, grassroots campaign to normalize the extremes through the implication that all stupidity is created equal. It's painting an f-washed world in which no person is angry or intense because they have a valid point to make about some aspect of society being not right. It's an exit ramp lowered to a swamp world where anger is a Halloween costume (Yoda, Darth Vader), rather than a tool (Martin Luther King, Jr).

That's what it means when 'fascism' becomes a trivialized wingnut stand-in for 'zealotry', a word which already has two boots firmly planted in labelling over listening. Add heels, click, and the world becomes corn-belt Kansas 24/7.

Comment Re:Terrible decision, regardless of patent feeling (Score 2) 98

Actually they can. That is the power of checks and balances. Congress writes the laws, The President signs and enforces the laws, and the Court determines whether the laws are valid. You are claiming better knowledge of how things work than all 8 Justices. It was a Unanimous decision by a very divided Court. Guess who we are going to trust, some random internet poster, or the SCOTUS ruling in unison.

Comment Re:Vector animation is smaller than video (Score 1) 170

I don't want to see animated ads. When I do, I tend to go post something nasty about the company using it on G+. But thanks to AdBlock and NoScript, I usually don't actually see such travesties.

People who make singing, dancing ads should be slapped across the face with my cock.

Comment Re:Yeah but... (Score 1) 170

Nothing we say is going to change a thing. It's best to just block them and move on. Let it be their problem.

Actually, what would be best would be to make websites criminally liable if they deliver a malicious ad to your PC. That'll get people working on securing their networks, and make most ad networks dry up in a hurry after serving as a source of revenue.

Comment Re: We knew this going in (Score 0) 375

If you're asking why someone supported Trump, then "because he was better than the alternative" (in the opinion of the person you're asking) is a perfectly legitimate response.

It perfectly shows that a person is a flaming idiot, but that's about it. Sure, Hillary is bad. All the evidence shows that Trump is worse. Ignoring evidence is how we got where we are now. You know, things like what we knew about CO2 over a hundred years ago.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 375

I'm completely happy taking steps to curb global warming, but a) I want to be safe doing it,

Safety is an illusion.

and b) I want to eat first.

If you want to continue to eat, you're going to do something about it.

Get some perspective. Not everything Trump is going to do will be bad,

Literally the only good thing I think might happen is that he might can the TPP. But I'm not even sure that's going to happen. He's hiring the people from the bottom of the swamp so fast that I can believe he will backpedal on literally anything.

Comment Re:#1TermDonald (Score 3, Interesting) 375

Electors not following the voters' will would set a very ugly precedent. Or, did this happen before? Was a winning president ever rejected by electors?

Not following the voters' will is the entire purpose of the electoral college. They have disagreed with the popular vote five times in history. The last time was this last time. Before that, the last time gave us a Dubya presidency. Tell us again what the EC should do, please.

Comment Re:Nuance is the key (Score 1) 377

Global warming is basically a misnomer. The concept of global temperatures rising in the past hundred years or so has been debunked many times now.

[citation needed]

However, climate change - other than that caused naturally - is a fact, especially with global weather patterns becoming more and more erratic and local weather patterns becoming more and more extreme as a result of that.

What do you think brings more chaos to a chaotic system? Yes, that's correct, more energy. What kind of energy is involved in global weather? Yes, right again, kinetic and heat. Where does the kinetic energy come from? Oh yeah, thermal differentials. Again, heat. If you've got an alternate explanation for where the energy driving the climate is coming from, we're all interested in hearing about it.

Comment Re:I like how this is just now a problem (Score 1) 377

Death panels are real. They are called insurance companies. They decide whether or not you will receive treatment on a cost basis. And the insurance companies are written right into the ACA. So yes Virginia, there are death panels. But they were not created by the ACA, only protected by it.

Comment Re:Once truth gasps its last breath... (Score 1) 377

any government that relies on propaganda to gain and hold power is the opposite of a democracy, and that is the road we are traveling toward.

The USA has never been a democracy, by design. Like Athens, they originally gave the vote to landed white males like themselves, and the vote does not elect the president. This was rich white men's means of protecting their oligarchy. It's written right into the constitution.

Comment Re:Fake news? (Score 1) 389

Those terms are meant to

I'm not feeling generous today, so I won't write a correspondingly pedantic essay about the meaning of words is never so cut and dried, not even when socially ratified by unnamed parties.

I've always thought the guy in the bright-orange vest with the LED-powered traffic control baton who originally assigned these things to the left and right was a bit of an idiot with a small mind.

But it appears he did have an algorithm after all, however naive. Thanks for boiling that down so succinctly.

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