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Comment Re:Vote-flipping Evidence (Score 2) 149

There are already a lot of videos circulating that show vote-flipping, where you vote for A, but the machine records B. Making selfies illegal would make the evidence that this has happeened inadmissable in court.

Are you a cop by any chance? Because you do not understand the rules of evidence. Evidence gathered by a citizen during the commission of a crime is still admissible in court. It's evidence gathered by a police officer that isn't.

Comment Re:My plan for a Samsung turnaround (Score 1) 36

I hope it is not that idiot who decided they could save $5 per phone by eliminating user removable batteries and boost sales by killing future resale of used Samsung phones, that dude cost them billions and will likely to try to keep their job by trying to keep fixed batteries (I wonder how many decades it will take for the tiny savings in going from a user replaceable battery to a fixed battery compared to the losses created by doing that, if ever).

Comment Re:Sorry, Tim... (Score 1) 280

It has nothing to do with tracking it has to do with freedom in a capitalist society. With cash in pocket you are free in a capitalist society without cash you are asking permission to exist. You buy nothing without cash, you only ask permission and a distant faceless corporation decides whether to grant you permission to access the essentials of life or starve you to death.

Capitalism and cash or capitalism must go. I am not going to be a fucking slave to corporations asking 24/7/365 for permission to survive. Cook is an idiot.

Comment Re:They are publicly buying votes in Pike County, (Score 1) 149

You can not do it, if the vote is anonymous. That is the real danger, that stupid selfie thing is a direct threat against democracy. Allow selfies and you allow selfies to be forced. Vote the way you are told to or else and I want to see the selfie. How many freaks would force that on their family members or on others. Get caught taking a selfie vote and you should spend a week behind bars. The threat against democracy is extreme and should be punished.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 1004

You need some sort of hybrid approach, where you convince easiest 99% of people to be peaceful, but retain enough military capability to dissuade the remaining stubborn 1% from doing anything nuts. Which is more or less what we're doing today.

Rather less, I should think. What we're doing today is radicalizing 1% with bombings, drone strikes, interference with democratic elections, etc etc so that we can have excuses for endless war.

Submission + - Feds charge 61 people over Indian call center IRS scams

BUL2294 writes: Following the arrests earlier this month in India of call center employees posing as IRS or immigration agents, USA Today and Consumerist are reporting that the US Department of Justice has charged 61 people in the US and India of facilitating the scam, bilking millions from Americans thinking they were facing immediate arrest and prosecution.

"According to the indictment — which covers 20 individuals in the U.S. and 32 people and five call centers in India — since about 2012 the defendants used information obtained from data brokers and other sources to call potential victims impersonating officers from the IRS or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services."

Comment Re: great (Score 1) 334

Most starving Africans at the time were just starving Africans. AIDS almost certainly had its origins in more tropical areas of Africa, as evidenced by the fact that it was contact with bush meat that was the most likely cause of HIV jumping from chimps and other primates over to humans.

Comment Re:Why didn't it blow up in the heteros? (Score 1) 334

It is harder for women to spread the disease, but not impossible, which is why you see such high infection rates in the developing world.

The fact is that if you have multiple sexual partners, gay or straight, vaginal or anal, male or female, you are at increased risk of HIV and STD infections. There are all kinds of other linked factors, as there always is (such as circumcised men being at slightly less risk), or, as you point out, women being less likely to spread the disease because of the structure of the vagina versus the rectum. But as evidenced by HPV, herpes and hepatitis infections, vaginal intercourse doesn't confer some magic immunity against viral STDs. All it takes is an exchange of bodily fluids, so if the man has even a small, possible even invisible lesion on the skin of his penis, he's at elevated risk of infection, and when the person he is having sex with is at later stages of the infection, and viral counts in bodily fluids like blood or vaginal fluids, those risks get higher.

Comment Professional users are thrilled, obviously (Score 1) 320

Being that Apple has more cash in the bank that many Western countries currently do, it's obviously understandable that supporting a 17" model just isn't something they could afford to do; a no-holds-barred, high-performance machine with mondo ports that would serve the needs of the very same faithful but demanding professional users who have been supporting them all these years through thick and thin and historically were spending mucho dineros buying quantities of these beasts. (a.k.a. the small vocal minority)

And since we all know that Apple's hardware line is mostly composed of "magical devices", their users never squint, and don't need to have a big screen to display massive amounts of information that includes stuff like palettes, sub-menus and options pop-up windows.

It's probably going to be a fantastic choice for those hipster middle-managers on-the-go, or people with busy lives who don't need a lot of screen real-estate or have to ever manipulate and store large media files.

Guess it's time to see what running Hackintosh on a PC laptop really feels like, or just using any other third-party OS.

Comment Re:Gay people worldwide was going crazy. (Score 1) 334

What do you mean you're not allowed to say what groups are getting infected? The CDC site itself has breakdowns on the groups where new infections are the highest.

What will get you looked dimly upon in many circles is basically shouting "It's a gay disease!" and somehow asserting that sexuality itself is some inherent determinant of disease progression.

After all, outside the developed world, the bulk of new HIV infections are heterosexuals, which ought to tell you that it isn't a "gay" disease, but rather a disease where people who have unprotected sex with multiple partners put themselves at much greater risk.

Comment Re:Positive development (Score 1) 164

The abundance of one species does not a healthy ecosystem make. I have a friend whose family owns a 1700 acre island off the coast of New England. It used to support an enormous white tail deer population -- and not coincidentally it had a plague of ticks, because everything in nature is food for something else. You would not have wanted to visit there back in the 1970s because the tick problem was insane. Everyone in his family has had Lyme disease, which also feasted on the swollen deer population.

Then in the 1980s the Western Coyote made it to New England, and a pack swam out to the island. In a single season they took down most of the deer herd, and now the island is a pleasant and sanitary place to live. And this is not some kind of odd aberration; this is how ecology works. If you disturb an ecosystem (say by killing off all the native timber wolves), weed species take over and they end up riddled with disease.

Weed species the ones who by sheer luck can live in conjunction with or off of large human populations. In a healthy ecosystem they may be cute, but an ecosystem dominated by weed animals can be nightmarish. I know lots of natural science geeks, and for the most part animals don't scare them. I once went for a walk with a girl who picked up a rotting coyote head and put it in her jacket pocket. She was TA'ing an anatomy course and wanted to show it to her students. But even she wouldn't go near a racoon, because unchecked by predation suburban raccoons are chock full of leptospirosis, salmonella and roundworm -- not to mention rabies. Those diseases can and do cripple, even kill people.

A world dominated by weed species would be quite horrible to live in.

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