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Comment Re:Not impulsive at all (Score 1) 371

Yeah, I must admit I'm on the impulsive side though. The entire conspiracy theory that, for example, he tweets to draw attention away from the crap he's doing has two fatal flaws: he's always tweeted like that, and he doesn't actually apparently give a rat's ass if anyone knows he's corrupt and racist.

He's essentially had some luck in his life, but doesn't strike me as particularly smart or calculating. He apparently based his election campaign by studying Mussolini, apparently oblivious to the long term damage such a strategy will cause to, well, pretty much everyone.

I'm not seeing it. I see someone impulsive and thin skinned, who takes the easy route when offered, and has little imagination or understanding of people.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 371

Time travelers already learned their lesson with Hitler. With no Trump presidency, there's no WWIII, and the technology that leads to time travel never gets invented, so using time travel to prevent America from getting trumped is pointless because paradox. Just like with Hitler and WWII, so since we already learned our lesson about how futile such things are there, none of us bother trying to run face first into paradox over Trump. Sad.

Comment Uber caught lying? (Score 4, Interesting) 30

Why should we not be surprised? This is the same company which claims it's a "ride sharing" company, not a taxi company, yet as far as I know, not a single one of their drivers is picking up people who want to go the same direction as the driver.

Instead, the people contact some random Uber driver to pick them up at a specific location then be driven to the location of their choice, all for a fee.

That certainly is an interesting definition of "ride sharing" especially in one of the more recent incidents where an Uber driver drove someone from Virginia to New York and back. I highly doubt the driver was already going that route.

That Uber should now be found guilty of duping people into believing they could make X dollars a year by driving for them (isn't that the way a cab driver works, they drive for a company?), or that Uber was deliberately fudging numbers on the costs involved to lease a vehicle from them shouldn't surprise anyone, especially when this company, despite all the money they're bilking from people, still can't turn a profit.

Comment Re:That's what we call a buying opportunity. (Score 2) 150

If you're invested in index funds, as you should be, the performance of your investment tracks the performance of the overall market, so if things bounce back in a week, it doesn't matter to you if a bunch of inefficiently human-managed mutual funds lost a bunch of money in that dip, the market is back up so so are your indexed investments and you're still doing just fine.

Comment Re: Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 145

But my point is that even with multiple services, it makes sense to give up on cable.

I pay about $5/month over what I would for basic cable + HBO (I have Hulu, Netflix, HBO). I still find it better than cable.

I save myself a box and a remote, it's worth the $5 for that reason alone.

Comment Re:Another patent blocking technology (Score 1) 28

1995 called, they want their description of back.

(You should visit their website one day, they sell pretty much everything these days, and have quite a few interesting products and projects that have little to do with retail, such as AWS. But as a reader of, I'm sure you've never heard of this whole "cloud computing" thing they're famous for in some circles...)

Comment Re:Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Score 1) 295

$100k household income is about 200% the median household income, so that not the best choice for "middle class". (It is around the mean household income, but some 75% of Americans are below the mean. Then again, real middle class status based on rent and interest expenses vs unearned incomes is large unattainable to even that 75% percentile, so maybe that's not such a bad choice, somewhere between the "like most people" and "actually capital-neutral" senses of "middle class").

Not that that undermines the rest of your point.

Comment Re:I'm missing something crucial (Score 1) 92

For a lot of us, choosing between Google Now (or Hey Google or whatever the kids call it these days) and Cortana is a choice like that between having your left big toe removed, or your right.

To be fair, at least Google (and thus by implication Android) lets you turn it off. I wish Windows 10 AE had a way to replace Cortana with regular old search.

Comment Re:Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 145

Because ads?

Also, I think Netflix is driving down the price.

$10 vs $15 for HBO (they are similar in quality of new output IMO).

I don't get why ad supported has failed with streaming services, but it seems to have (I would think advertisers would live to be able to buy their ads more targeted for demographic, but they seem to have lumped streaming with Youtube and not with TV as far as ad purchasing goes, and therefore don't pay a premium (or enough of one to make it sustainable).

Comment Re:Sitting != inactivity (Score 1) 137

Sitting still is like, 1.5~MET activity and standing still is about 20-30% more across fit to unhealthy people.

Really? Because according to an old article in the ASHRAE journal that I ran across, office work is only about 1.2 Met and sitting in a lecture hall or library is only around 1.0 Met.

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