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Comment Re:Meanwhile (Score 1) 392

I thought you had to agree to reasonable terms to use the product?

This is not a software license. You are free to do anything you want with a product like a car after you buy it Whose liability it is if you abuse the product is a separate issue, but the burden is usually on the manufacturer to prove that it wasn't their fault.

Comment Re:pen and paper (Score 4, Insightful) 286

I don't just want a place to write new notes, but I want instant access to all of my previous notes as well.

Notes are not meant to be repositories of great knowledge for future generations, they're meant to be small reminders.

I'd have to cart around hundreds of small spiral bound notebooks to hold all of my notes.

At some point, you need to quit calling them notes.

Comment Re:All hot air? (Score 2) 95

It's my understanding that most of the cfc compounds that were banned were actually heavier than air. Just how the heck did they get up in the upper atmosphere?

You ever hear of diffusion? Or wind? Gravity is not the only force involved.
Anyway, those chemicals have been unequivocally detected in the upper atmosphere, so they definitely got there.
See here
And here

Comment Re:8 year old fucking news. (Score 2) 95

There were a lot of links in TFS, and at least two of them mentioned how the October 2015 ozone hole was unusually large, but that that could be correlated to volcanic activity increasing stratospheric clouds over Antarctica, and that it has been recently worked out how volcanoes could have had that effect.
So, no, it isn't such old news.

Comment Re:$13 and hour and my car is a tax write off? (Score 1) 323

. . . with no car or smartphone payment because that's a tax write off.

Are you kidding? They still have to make the payments, they just avoid the tax on the amount of the payment. My wife uses her car and phone for her self-employed job, and, believe me, there are still plenty of payments. The tax deductions at most reduce the costs by 30%, and it's only that high because our joint income puts us in a higher marginal bracket from which to deduct than she would be in by herself.

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