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Comment Re:Kangaroo Court (Score 2, Insightful) 187

So you don't think using fraudulent ID, secretly recording conversations in a two-party state, and then editing those recordings to make the people involved sound like their breaking the law when there's no evidence forthcoming that any law is broken is somehow an example of favoritism towards the aggrieved party?

Comment Re:They are not government employees (Score 0) 187

And that, to my mind, is the real crime. By the time these people were done, the claims from the pro-life crowd almost reached the hyperbole that they were making sandwiches out of the aborted fetuses. I suppose that aspect of it could be covered under libel laws, and I certainly do hope that once the prosecutions are done, a nice batch of civil lawsuits follow, where the editing these assholes did to try to make Planned Parenthood seem like a pack of baby-eating monsters is also revealed.

Comment Re:It's obviously not that. (Score 5, Insightful) 187

That would certainly appear to be the underlying reason for the entire Pro-life movement, and often enough they don't even bother disguising it. When you have elected representatives declaring that that pregnancy produced by rape is somehow "God moving in mysterious ways", you're dealing with people who have a pretty clear idea that women's only real purpose in this world is to collect semen and pop out babies.

Of course, once the baby is born, those fine God-fearing men could care less.

Comment So (Score 1) 135

"Nearly all the people at high levels at the paper deciding what we cover and how are white men,"

Nearly all. So not, in fact, all. So how many non whites is "enough"? Does it matter who we replace, so long as we're just replacing a white guy? And isn't that a little, oh, I dunno - racist? You can't scream racism when you propose a racist solution.

Comment Re:Scotland just announced a post-Brexit independe (Score 1) 501

Spain is not going to get Gibraltar back. There is no way that a sitting Tory Prime Minister would ever alter or abrogate the Treaty of Utrecht. Not going to happen, and it is of sufficiently small importance to the EU (technically Gibraltar isn't even part of the EU, or at least the customs union) that I can't imagine Germany even concerning itself with it.

Comment Re:A completely unaccountable governing body (Score 1) 501

I agree that the GE is a major push for getting Brexit completed by 2019. It's optimal, as it means the full effects, whatever they may be, won't be felt until after the 2020 election. But remember, the Tories' have their "bastards" (as John Major so infamously and yet aptly called them), the strong contingent of Eurosceptics in the Conservative Party, and while at the moment May has the chief bastards close to her (except Michael Gove, who is now sitting in a richly-earned political version of the Gulag), she has to stick to the timeline they want as well, lest the current sense of unity among the various Tory factions unravel.

Comment Re:Sure (Score 1) 501

You can't have any kind of customs union without some base level of standards in everything from consumer protections to national subsidies to labour rights. It just doesn't work. Like it or not, you have to create some sort of centralized regime to set and enforce such standards. Why do you think the Founding Fathers through the Commerce Clause in the US Constitution? Their experience with the brief period of the US under the Articles of Confederation showed that if you don't have a strong central government that can overawe the constituent members, you'll end up with an unbalanced and ungovernable union with races to the bottom in all sorts of economic categories.

Comment Re:A completely unaccountable governing body (Score 1) 501

In general, people only "forget" that principle of a Westminster parliament when it happens when the opposing party is in power. I can't recall too many Labour members decrying the undemocratic nature of Gordon Brown becoming PM after Tony Blair stepped down. It's really just an impotent taunt.

As it is, I can't imagine too many sane Labour members wanting to have had a General Election any time in the last year, Brexit or no, since every poll indicates Labour would suffer pretty catastrophic losses, and the last two byelections at Stoke and Copeland demonstrated that. Labour clung on in Stoke, but lost Copeland, a seat it has held since before the Second World War. Only the delusional Momentum types seem to be under any kind of illusion that a GE held right now wouldn't leave Labour even weaker. Like it or not, the majority of British voters may not like the Conservatives (and shouldn't, since Brexit really is the culmination of a forty year civil war among the Tories), they simply do not see anyone else as a reasonable alternative.

Comment Re:Scotland just announced a post-Brexit independe (Score 1) 501

So far as I'm aware, Spain has made no such statement. It's position is considerably more nuanced:

Essentially, it means Scotland won't be able to "remain" in the EU if it should secede during or around the time of Brexit, and that Spain might agree to "eventually" let Scotland in. In other words, it is in the Spanish government's best interests that Scotland spend some amount of time out in the cold, simply because Spain cannot afford to be seen to be rewarding any independence movement, lest it light a fire underneath Catalan independence.

Comment Re:Scotland just announced a post-Brexit independe (Score 1) 501

Not an independent country as such, now, but then again the history of the Low Countries is an exercise in confusion, but at the end of the day the Wallonians are as distinct a community as the Scots are, and the "marriage" as it were that created the Kingdom of Belgian was one of those Great Power exercises in drawing borders, with the idea as much as anything to weaken certain nations and create semi-artificial barriers with the hope of sustained peace.

Catalonia might be a better example, as even after the union of the crowns with the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabellia, Catalonia, much like Scotland until the Act of Union, maintained its own independent political institutions, and even after Spain was more fulsomely united, the notion of Castilan/Catalan autonomy is very longstanding and of a similar historical age as Scotland's. Spain, like the UK after it, devolved powers to Catalonia and other "autonomous regions", but there remains a very strong Catalan independence movement, and this is precisely why Spain is unfriendly towards Scottish independence or any easy path to an independent Scotland's joining the EU. For Spain this represents the potential of significantly inflaming Catalan independence. If the EU were to admit Scotland quickly into the EU, that would send the message that Catalonia would expect the same quick admission.

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