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Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 2) 279

Well, unless of course, the actual citizen happens to be a child of Mexican immigrants, and happens to be the judge in a lawsuit where some of his victims, er, students, are suing him for bilking them out of money.

And as he will soon discover, if he manages to become President, for all this talk of how bad illegal Mexican immigrants are, the agriculture industry of the border states would collapse without them.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 4, Insightful) 279

You understand that in the normal course of action about the only thing a VP does is break tie votes in the Senate and, on the very rare occasion, when the President has to be put under for a root canal, temporarily becomes Command in Chief. Other than that, the only purpose of a VP is during an election, to try to ingratiate a President with demographics that might otherwise be fence-sitting. Picking someone with some social conservative views undercuts Trump, a man who though he may ape them from time to time, isn't really a social conservative at all.

Comment Seriously Slashdot? (Score 1) 49

I get that you need ads to pay the bills, but to go to the main page and see one of Outbrain's evil sub-sites with that tiresome "Melissa McCarthy's Gone" advertisement? What the fuck makes you think that anyone here gives a flying fuck about celebrities, or that such an obviously non-topical ad on the main page wouldn't be fucking annoying?

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

I like my Apple Watch (the Sport - read "inexpensive" - model). I like having notifications on my wrist, because it's a lot less disruptive to make a quick glance at my arm than to pull out my phone. Don't underestimate the convenience of seeing your next scheduled appointment at a glance! I also really enjoy the activity tracking. I used to have a Jawbone UP but I had to send it back several times for repairs; it wasn't up to the rigors of my Desktop Warrior lifestyle. My watch (plus a couple of third-party apps) is far more useful for fitness stuff than the UP ever was.

watchOS 2 went a long way toward converting the watch from a fun gadget into something genuinely useful, and by all accounts watchOS 3 sounds like a huge step forward. If I lost my phone, I'd hightail it to the store to pick up another one ASAP. It's where I keep my schedule, to-do list, contacts, and other stuff that makes day-to-day life as easy as possible. If I lost my watch, I'd meander back to the store when I had some free time. I'd be bummed and would keep glancing at my naked wrist out of habit, but I'd survive. I would eventually replace it, though. While I could certainly live without it, I like having one and wouldn't voluntarily go without.

Comment Re:Pierce the corporate veil (Score 1) 123

In both cases you would still need to prove intent, not to mention means. Just because someone owns shares in a business doesn't mean they are in any position to be held criminally responsible. It would be like prosecuting the members of a church because the deacon is a child molester, for the apparent crime of attending that church.

Comment Re:It makes sense (Score 1) 197

To be fair to Chen, Blackberry was already a dead man walking. While it still had significant cash in the bank, its revenue had already collapsed, and he was supposed to be this big white knight who could save the company. It was an impossible task, but what did BB have to lose? But Chen has spouted a lot of crap of late, which leads me to believe he's just grasping at straws at this point.

Comment Re:Keep sucking and I might give you a govt contra (Score 3, Interesting) 197

But even governments are abandoning Blackberry devices, and since he's just turning Blackberry into an Android maker, he's lost most of what differentiated BB from everyone else. At this point, it looks like a guy with a horse drawn carriage who he's strapped a gas engine to shaking his fists at the sports cars.

Comment Re:Define "Greater Good" (Score 2) 197

I think the more salient point is that no one even gives a damn what Mr. Chen thinks anymore. He's running a company that's probably within a year of killing its hardware business, and whose big plan for turning things around is to become YAAM (Yet Another Android Manufacturer). At some point they're going to run out of money, and just as importantly, out of assets to sell, and then Mr. Chen will doubtless be on to "save" some other company (though really, he was given the impossible task of reversing half a decade's worth of visionless management).

Comment Re:Pierce the corporate veil (Score 1) 123

You do understand that for a criminal prosecution to proceed, intent has to be demonstrated. Since most shareholders are not in a position to make any significant decisions, there's no intent, and thus no prosecution possible. You can't go after people just because they own some stock.

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