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Journal Cy Guy's Journal: Election Nite DC Area MeetUp 13


We plan on finding a mutually agreeable establishment with cable feeds and beer (and hopefully wifi) to follow the results as they come in and either celebrate or drown our sorrows (supporters of all candidates are welcome) together. (Vote before you get there)

Ideal location would be:
  - on the Metro,
  - sell a good variety of beer (plus maybe harder stuff and/or Champagne depending on the results come in)
  - Have multiple cable news channels on TV's in "sports bar" type format
  - Have free/cheap WiFi connection to monitor online returns/stories and/or discuss results on
  - Am I forgetting anything?

This will be the official DC Area meetup for Plastic in November - and possibly a joint meetup with Ethelred Unread who will be in town around then and other SlashDot Journal / folks.

I'm also thinking of a trial run of the location during one of the latter debates to see how well it will work. So, what do folks think?

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Election Nite DC Area MeetUp

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  • on if I'm smart enough to remember to vote in the morning. But, yeah, could be cool.
    • Uh- wouldn't voting the morning AFTER the election returns have been announced be somewhat too late?
      • Wait... this is the Wedneday after the election? You see, to get to DC would require this boy beating the southbound 95 traffic to the District. Something that would require me leaving early from work and going directly to the Metro.

        This kinda nixes my ability to vote and attend the meetup if I don't vote in the morning.
  • ...from my cold dead hands indeed, it will be just like my Y2K party and Eletion 2000 party.
  • So long as I'm not in jail pending arraignment for murder, I think that date works.

  • Already said it in my JE, but my main request is that the location be a real seafood restaurant -- Red Lobster does not qualify as a real seafood restaurant, either.

    Metro stop would be nice, too -- I will have wheels, but I hate driving in DC (L'Enfant didn't exactly plan for cars, did he) and I actually am rather fond of the Metro.



    • is always a good choice. Ate at my first one for the Samuel meetup. Has satisfied ever since. They usually have a good cut of tuna.

      Of course they are missing a lot of criteria: no wifi, etc.

      I am always up for food and drink.
      • My fave seafood restaurant is the Fish Market [] in Old Town Alexandria, but AFAIK they have no Net access, are rather far from a Metro station (let's just say a European would walk to it with no trouble, but American would drive the distance ;-) ), and IIRC they have no TV. But other than that, it's perfect. ;-)

        As for watching results come in, something tells me this will be another Florida...

        One non-seafood place that does have TVs is Joe Theismann's [], which as a Redskins fan also appeals to me. ;-) Howev

  • I'll be there, just need to know when & where. I liked your suggestion of doing a trial run for one of the debates instead of a regular October Meetup. I'll try to get by Champions to check out the TV situation, but I'm doubtful there's seafood. Tara Asia isn't far from there and some of their Thai is seafood.... 31 flavors of martinis, but I'm petty sure no TVs.
  • Somehow I missed this post (thanks to Ethereal for pointing it out to me). Just give me a time, and I'll meet you guys there after work (I work in Rockville, so obviously - anything on the Maryland side would be my preference, but I have easy access to the Metro as well).

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