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Comment Re:Where I see Windows phones... (Score 1) 445

I replaced my iphone 5 with a Nokia Lumina Icon back in may thinking I would get into app development for Windows Phones/Tablets. The hardware is really what makes me enjoy the phone. While the software is fairly intuitive, things like lack of a chrome browser, Google Play Music or Google Hangouts Apps are really what kills it for me. Next time my contract comes up for an upgrade, I'll be switching back to the iPhone platform with a 6 or 6 Plus or the equivalent of the time.

Comment The last unexplored region on earth; the ocean. (Score 2, Interesting) 40

Dr. Ballard, Growing up I watched you on the epilouge segments of SeaQuest DSV. My question for you is this; How long do you think it will before we actually start colonizing the ocean the way SeaQuest DSV depicts? Is there anything we can do to get the process moving? Thanks, A Long Time Fan

Comment Perspective (Score 1) 37

What they are doing is fairly difficult, and I just want to put what they are doing into perspective. What they are doing is akin to building an mercury program from scratch in a garage. These guys are both brilliant and passionate about this endeavor, so I expect to seem them succeed in the near future. CJ

Comment Trans-What?? (Score 0) 784

I am totally for gay rights. If two dudes wanna bang, and they are both consenting, more power to them. But transgender people are just fucking nuts. You want to be a girl and you turned out to be a guy? Too fucking bad. I wish I was born rich instead of good looking. But them the breaks.

Comment Telemate Scripting Language (Score 1) 623

When I was a teenager the "In" thing was MajorMudd, a BBS Door Game. Using the Telemate Terminal Software's Scripting language my friend wrote a script to walk me around while I was in middle school and level my character. Reading through the code is what inspired awe and the curiosity to get into program. Now I mainly write C# on Windows Systems and occasionally Python scripts in Linux. Ah how times have changed.

Comment Re:bollocks (Score 1) 678

Well if I understand it correctly, this will actually lead to less revenue for the U.S. Government. They are not instituting a federal Internet sales tax--they are forcing merchants to collect sales tax that is due to the individual state in which the purchaser resides. Aside from the problems this will cause for smaller businesses on the Internet, this will increase the Federal deduction that individuals can claim due to payment of state taxes. Higher federal deductions == less money for the feds (though almost certainly more for the individual states.)

Hey you! Don't you use that logic stuff here! On Slashdot, we don't take kindly to people who use logic.

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