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Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 1) 159

I completely agree, the whole industry is horrible and has in many ways (whether intentionally or not) altered even society standards and customs to the detriment of everyone.

I would go so far to say that state surveillance/black ops stuff and the advertising industry share more or less the same code, methods, apps, tools and what does that tell you?

Comment Re:May be good or bad news... (Score 1) 159

I originally thought the red account was supposed to be add free...but it's not. It's not too bad, but if you supplement youtube for tv like I do, it can get a little's like hulu making you pay an extra 4 bucks on top of the 8 for ad free viewing.

I get it and understand everyone wants their due, and I personally would rather just cough up a few extra coin than watching any ads period. That still irks me that they are now starting tiered pricing rather than just free and paid. Like now you have to pay for the extra special premium account to not have to deal with stupid ads.

Comment Re:unhappy about friends' vacations? (Score 1) 54

100% positive there is a correlation of those unhappy people being single vs non-single (even more so being childless and single vs families)...which is what facebook whoring seems mostly about.

I quite in 2010 and never looked back. To depressing if you're forever alone for a long period of time...even if you're happy for the people around you.

Comment Re:Express to the Luvliner? (Score 1) 49

Xenia Seeberg's first full episode.

For a mini-series that was never really intended to be spun into a tv show I thought the social commentary was actually pretty good. Fire and water was the high point for that series but when they got stuck on earth I really started to tune out, it just wasn't as interesting I guess.

Comment Used purchase....but last of the mohicans (Score 1) 116

299 isn't bad, but the games aren't there on launch day. I'll find it used before the end of the year and take my time about it.

In nintendo's defense, I have a feeling that this will be the last console I buy. Both scorpio and the next playstation are over glorified 4k pc's at this point...and I already have a kick ass 4k pc with vr, windows games, steam games and linux games.

Nintendo is the last maker of what I would consider a "true console" rather than a complete entertainment solution (ala a media center/media pc). ...and I don't count steam box, its a pc.

Comment People, read the article... (Score 1) 140

they are talking about using it like a taxi service.

I could see designated skylanes for a limited sectors and city departments like fire and ambulance services, along with taxies. I can actually see this being insurable if its limited in that capacity. And maybe just like planes if you complete a certification you can you have your own private version but im guessing the inital cost would be so prohibitive that not everyone is going to be able to do it, just like a commercial pilot's license.

With designated skylanes that avoid densely populated areas I don't see how flying cars are that much of a fantasy. If you don't follow the rules I could see an emergency override to automatically safely land and shut down by the computer. Which doesn't sound to ridiculous if you're several miles from the nearest house and you have 20 seconds to comply or something.

These wont be traveling through a city but rather around it.

Comment Re:Beating a dead horse, I think at this point... (Score 1) 19

This is such a ridiculous argument, what stops the government from buying your stats from ad companies (a 3rd party dev shop most likely)? What are you going to do? Tell the government they can't buy information anyone else can buy?

I just don't understand the logic of FB can't have it both ways.

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