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Comment More to it than that... (Score 1) 163

The cost of living and residence cost is a big one, but also its the attitudes and egos, then you have the sheer smugness some of the people exhibit from san fran all the way down to san diego.

I kills me because as an austinite i've seen much of all those negatives slowly start to creep in from all the california transplants...the self entitlement & smuggery is very strong in that town now...along with $$ costs. I don't even bother with SWSW anymore...I remember when the tickets were $10...back in 87, now? You looking at $1,500 for a full weekend pass.

Comment Re:First they came for my desktop ... (Score 1) 170

Actually if you think about it, what part of the phone really gets dirty if you use it on the can?

You de-trouse, sit down, pull your phone out, do your civic duty for the day, then (and this is key) you put your phone in your pocket and commence clean up work, wash your hands and done.

I guess barring you're not doing things in that order, what part of the phone gets any more dirty than your keyboard (which is even dirtier than the toilet seat you just sat on)?

Comment Multi-pass (Score 1) 46

Say what you want about that movie (and I've met a few people that genuinely didn't like it at all, from a plot standpoint I can't say I blame them...)...there are so many things that movie got right that seemed way outlandish even to me at the time.

Leeloo is 3d printed for crying out loud, I think most people can see at the very least replacement body parts and organs 3d printed in the next 10-15 years. Pretty exciting time to be alive really...i'm willing to bet people will be living an extra 100++ years easily very soon...assuming we can get other things like alzheimer's and other degenerative brain diseases under control too.

Haha, I can see it now, there will be people against synthetic or hybrid cybernetic parts but consider the organic ones ok, or something akin to people preferring a more "natural" or homeopathic solution like they do today.

Comment Re:VW's deceit: why we're doomed (Score 2) 124

Do you eat red meat, steak or otherwise use livestock derived products?

The EPA even says that livestock are responsible for 18 per cent of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together.

Focussing on cars in the face of livestock pollution seems like a silly waste of resources. /btw, I heart meat

Comment Perspective may be required when... (Score 1) 292

exercising precautions like this. Case in point, the director of the FBI, Zuckerberg, ect. are high profile targets, whereas jim bob every person is not.

I get that its possible, but for a normal person is it really probable? Unfortunately opinions like this reinforce what I like to call the "Im more important than I actually am, so I need to worry about x" effect. Like when people go over-board on safes, alarms, weapons...and those items literally become the most expensive things they own.

Everyone likes to believe they are someone important...someone worth robbing/hacking/extorting from...but the truth is you're probably not worth a crooks time...at least not the extortion from images kind.

I guess what im trying to say is sometimes stuff like this really comes off like fear mongering as opposed to genuine good practical advice. You want good practical advice on linux/windows/mac? Always create and use a secure, locked down account to surf with and never use your admin account for anything but software installs, that should take care of 99% of normal people's concerns.

Comment Re:Weren't lasers banned? (Score 1) 208

Kind of meandering thought but I once remember a cop telling me: "you would really be surprised what the human body can take", referring to bullet wounds and the like. It's kind of amazing how resilient the body is when you think about it.

And that's all true, most weapons are actually really crappy at "humanely" killing something. That's why if you ever take a gun class they urge you to always aim for the head (not just from a legal standpoint, but from a moral/ethical one).

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