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Comment As someone that had to use one... (Score 1) 325

I hated them, the spring sometimes wouldn't trigger unless you hit the button just right....sometimes really scaring the bejesus out of you because it would catch you off guard. Sometimes they wouldn't fire at all.

It got to the point to where I would ask for the old school plastic "insulin" syringes, which were getting pretty hard to come by. I get that they are supposed to be idiot proof, but they really do suck.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 69

I know, I don't understand some of these "now the qc is going to go down the crapper" posts...the qc was already in the crapper and anyone who ever owned the x-52 and 56's know this.

If anything this might actually make things better, logitech may be the defacto generic brand but at least some of their products are good (I actually like their wired gaming mice and keyboards).

Anyway CH sticks ftw, they are ugly and old looking but you wont find a better, or smoother action for the price...their just so damn ugly though..

Comment Re:"the system will temporarily shut off" (Score 1) 160

Not any better than a drivers license either though, anyone can steal a pair of keys and just drive a car today without any knowledge of how to drive. The point was the driver would be liable and not the auto-pilot, or at least the norm would be assume driver error should they actually be using the feature during a wreck.

I guess to me this isn't any different from someone trying to use cruise control, you should still be ready to use the pedal at all times no matter what.

Comment Re:"the system will temporarily shut off" (Score 1) 160

Then you get people sueing because the alarm was to disruptive and scared them into a wreck....

The only way to win this battle is to literally sign a waiver for some new class of driver's license. Basically stating you understand and are aware of all the risks and best handling practices when owning/operating a car with an autopilot system.

Comment Re:North Korea is itching for a fight (Score 2) 243

...well...yes, its called an election in the free world. Any nutjob can doesn't mean they get elected. I distinctly remember some guy locked up in jail trying to run for decades. For better or worse you get what the majority vote in and the "people" are responsible for that.

That's part of the beauty of the election process, and it sure beats being stuck with the same ass nugget for life, Amiright Comrade?

By the way, what happens if he losses, are we back to Bush being the strawman?

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 2, Insightful) 569

Two wrongs don't make a right. If I install an application to protect the data I "ILLEGALLY" stored, that doesn't automatically make things all right.

I think you're missing the angle here....when was this software installed/used? Because I have a hunch it was when the FBI first began probing.....

This has been an entertaining election, i'll give it that.

Comment Re:Sigh, this again (Score 3, Informative) 312

The problem with the gum and patches is that they don't really cover the physical/tactile aspect of smoking.

The real acid test is having a few beers and see if you crave a smoke. With gum and way, and I think most people that smoke can tell you that. Vaping on the other hand lets you follow through the motions if you feel the urge. Honestly after 2 years, I can walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke and not even be phased (to either smoke or vape), its really pretty awesome if you had a hard time quitting.

Comment Re:Sigh, this again (Score 2) 312

Yea, the taste is sort of like lighting the wrong end of a cig (anyone who has ever smoked for a while has done that at least once or twice). Its horrible and nasty, and you're definitely not going to just keep puffing on it like the lab machine is.

Nice on quitting, I myself am down to 0 for the last few months and about to quit. I never thought I would quit smoking (15 years), vaping really did help me kick the habit (quit smoking 2 years ago for vaping). I think vaping helps re-wire your brain from wanting a "break" every hour. You can still have a break but after a few weeks you just don't feel the urges anymore. I can go days and not even think of vaping at this point.

Comment More to it than that... (Score 1) 163

The cost of living and residence cost is a big one, but also its the attitudes and egos, then you have the sheer smugness some of the people exhibit from san fran all the way down to san diego.

I kills me because as an austinite i've seen much of all those negatives slowly start to creep in from all the california transplants...the self entitlement & smuggery is very strong in that town now...along with $$ costs. I don't even bother with SWSW anymore...I remember when the tickets were $10...back in 87, now? You looking at $1,500 for a full weekend pass.

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