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Comment Even older (Score 2) 155

the japanese worked on a microwave beam weapon in WW2, from gizmondo:

"According to documents confiscated by the U.S. military after the war, work on a Japanese death ray began as early as 1939 at laboratories in Noborito. To that end, the researchers developed a high-powered magnetron that could generate a beam of radiation. Physicist Sinitiro Tomonaga's team developed a magnetron measuring 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter with an output rated at 100kW. It's doubtful, however, that this technology could have worked like the death rays of science fiction. Calculations suggested that the beam, if properly focused, could have killed a rabbit over a distance of 1,000 yards, but only if the rabbit stayed perfectly still for at least 5 minutes."

Comment Its real simple.... (Score 5, Insightful) 37

Nothing is free.

What gets me, is people that get there underpants all in a twist over "creepers" getting their phone number online.... ....then they plunk family photo's, past schools, past relations, eating habits, geo-location data, moments of zen on the toilet, and just about every bit of trivial/non-trivial info they can muster.... some nebulous company online....

Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 2) 250

Makes me feel lucky I have sirius xm (due to living in the boon docks and having a long commute). I get the premium service so that includes all sports. Even though my car had a sirius capable radio I opted for the free portable car player.

Now I can just bring it in when I want to listen to games, it includes streaming but why hit my data when I can just plug it into my stereo at home. I actually like listening on the radio, I find I actually "do" stuff while enjoying the game.

Its not cheap though...280 bucks a year...but not "that" bad if you use it all the time. Between that, netflix and digital antena im set.

Comment As someone that had to use one... (Score 1) 327

I hated them, the spring sometimes wouldn't trigger unless you hit the button just right....sometimes really scaring the bejesus out of you because it would catch you off guard. Sometimes they wouldn't fire at all.

It got to the point to where I would ask for the old school plastic "insulin" syringes, which were getting pretty hard to come by. I get that they are supposed to be idiot proof, but they really do suck.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 69

I know, I don't understand some of these "now the qc is going to go down the crapper" posts...the qc was already in the crapper and anyone who ever owned the x-52 and 56's know this.

If anything this might actually make things better, logitech may be the defacto generic brand but at least some of their products are good (I actually like their wired gaming mice and keyboards).

Anyway CH sticks ftw, they are ugly and old looking but you wont find a better, or smoother action for the price...their just so damn ugly though..

Comment Re:"the system will temporarily shut off" (Score 1) 160

Not any better than a drivers license either though, anyone can steal a pair of keys and just drive a car today without any knowledge of how to drive. The point was the driver would be liable and not the auto-pilot, or at least the norm would be assume driver error should they actually be using the feature during a wreck.

I guess to me this isn't any different from someone trying to use cruise control, you should still be ready to use the pedal at all times no matter what.

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