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Comment Competitors don't get it (Score 5, Insightful) 115

Oh so I can pay 2x and get something 2x faster. Wow. And I could pay 2x of $60 and get a whole chromebook or used laptop that was 8x faster. Or a I could buy a cheap android phone and have my rockchip with a touch screen and battery for that $60.

they just don't understand the price point logic of $35.

Likewise going the other way you can buy a cheaper and more powerful board like a Pine or an Orange PI, save yourself $10 in parts and then pay about $300 in time and effort (assuming your time is worth $50/hour) to get a linux distro and and all the needed packages that actually works on it. the orange PI's are junk because a usabale software set only gets ported a year or more after the board has been on the market. I bought one once, and had to download several different distro's for it till I got one with drivers that would support the Key board, Blue tooth, and screen I was using. And even then it was only using just 1 of it's 4 processors and no graphics acceleration from the Mali chip. that took hours to wade through. then when I tried to install other code the libraries didn't compile. Fast forward 3 years, and it works fine now but the rasperry PI 3 eclipsed it.

The whole point of the RPI is a bomb proof little circuit that has loads of well testd software so it's not the project, it's the thing you put into the project.

Comment dip shit retard mr anon (Score 1) 397

ps4 valkyrie , awesome in VR.

Even Driveclub is very good, I dont know why people dont like it, its awesome.

You wankers especially americans have too high expectations, no wonder you take so much drugs and need therapy.

Go back to your substandard Starbucks.

Comment Re:3D for scientific data display is also over-rat (Score 1) 397

sorry, but some scientists are very monpolic in view and dont see the big picture, else they would be rich.

There are many applications of 3d views for science, hell it gives a better view than boring 2d, or do scientists brains cant compute dual 3d displays, and only monochrome math scribbles.

Did they also wear brown patch pants, and use old school slide rules?

3D isnt easy, but its damn useful, and hell, even russia used it for rovers in the moon but they still screwed up, in one second I could have designed better, but they limited FOV and vertical angles. tsk tsk, so smart, but also so bloody stupid.

Comment Re:240hz (Score 1) 397

DLP® Linkâ - The 3D glasses use flashes of white light between frames to send the 3D signal to the glasses, this is invisible to the naked eye.

Comment yeah well i love 3d, dick shit (Score 1) 397

Have I you to blame for not making menus in 3d too ?

3d is good and should always be an option, just like MFR or DNR is, or 200hz options.

No options = cheap shit.

Just wait, China will add it and make cheaper sets. Just like how they are pushing android with 6gb ram, where stupid everyone else for years was 1-2gb max, which makes them unable to run the next gen OS. If you have more ram than you need, you can upgrade to the next gen OS, who cares if its $4 extra cost.

Comment 3d costs zero $ (Score 2) 397

implementing 3d is virtually free.

off/even frames synced to glasses, thats $1 tech.

I am sure you could retro fit a PC HDMI output with software on non-3d tvs at 100hz, and if synced to glasses by the PC would work fine as 3d, on NON 3D tvs.

The other format is polarized glasses, which just requires a thin $5 filter on top + software to filter frames to odd/even lines.

Comment you are stupid (Score 2) 397

we sit watching movies many times a week in the dark, 2d and 3d, and netflix.

heaps of stuff on youtube and torrents.

TV is in the middle not corner like a 80s 17"

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