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Comment Re:Biased Summary? (Score 1) 252

Most scholarships I have come across have involved certain race/sex/religious requirements and an essay. Academic records where usually secondary documentation, and frequently not required.

Life lesson to the young ones: Looking and acting the part is far more important than results. You get hired, accepted, etc... based on how much people feel they like you. Results are something they may or may not prioritize later on. And, hard work is cheap and plentiful in case slavery and the like was not enough of a clue for you.

You are better off working smart over hard when your own performance is necessary. And in general, if who does it is not important, you are better off learning how to get others to do the grunt work for you. Schooling is a bit of an oddity in that your own performance is being tested.

Comment Re:But people forget what MENSA concluded (Score 1) 561

Congratulations on missing the point: Don't become the retard others keep claiming you are just to fit into their pigeon hole for you.

Although, in this case I suppose it's more a matter of one monkey gets his ass kicked, so he tries to kick the ass of someone even "lesser" than him. I'm not saying you are monkeys. It's just that the simpler variant of the similar protocol is easier to follow.

But, hey, if you want to keep rationalizing your own choices and garner kudos by disparaging others, go ahead. You are perfectly entitled to be subservient if you wish. That is a major component of normal social interaction.

Oh, and thank you for putting words in my mouth that have no business being there. I assume Tourette's is a mild and somewhat personal obsession of yours?

That said: Tourette's isn't unhealthy because you don't like nor understand what they say. Tourette's is unhealthy because the person with it is unable to suppress a maladaptive response to stimuli, basically the outburst, which may or may not be an objectionable word. The "bad words" are just what people harp on when they think of Tourette's because it is a mild taboo.

I doubt you are claiming intelligence is taboo, correct?

Comment Re:But people forget what MENSA concluded (Score 1) 561

While I get the idea of social interaction breaking down between people with disparate social protocols, I am fairly certain that in the opinion of monkeys, we are socially retarded. It would certainly explain why they feel justified in throwing poo at us. It does not mean that they are, nor that we are; that's just a face saving ego trip.

That said, try not to internalize the negative opinions of others in an attempt to get them to accept you. I find that people of all intelligences will abuse that quirk of social conformity to try to out compete others, usually out of jealousy, occasionally out of malice.

Comment Re:The unseen enemy (Score 1) 510

Yeah, the people in authority that favor left tend to become condescending and patronizing when confronted for their misbehavior. The people that favor the right tend to become overtly accusatory and belligerent. Passive aggressive and plain old aggressive are both still aggressive. And, generally, I find people that become hostile when confronted with their misbehavior meant to screw you over to begin with and are just upset that you did not quietly let them.

Honest mistakes are usually met with understanding and explanations, if not outright apologies, even if the mistake is yours. Even in the case of a false, inflammatory accusation, the initial response is usually more of confusion than aggression. The difference seems to stem from the level of entitlement over others.

Comment Not Just Chrome Extensions (Score 1) 194

I have noticed that quite a few of the free and freemium utilities out there that have been mysteriously "corrupted." For instance reputable utilities for removing or repairing PUA infestations that suddenly start including trojan payloads of their own. Others have been gutted to the point of near or complete uselessness and only act as nagware to purchase a former and quite often shady competitor's payware version instead.

Comment Re:Um.... (Score 1) 562

It means they have much the same bias as the folks that give in without question. The status quo is paramount: Follow orders, maintain hierarchy, and do not be disruptive to society in any meaningful way. There is little to no distinction between malice and benevolence in this regard.

They may agree that it sucks. They may not like it. They may even protest profusely. But, in the end, it's preferable to know with certainty just how exactly people are being dominated and exploited. Uncertainty means not being prepared for what may happen and loss of advantage to those individuals who are capable of foreseeing, reacting, and adapting more effectively.

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