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Comment From Glassholes to snapholes (Score 1) 80

Um... didn't we learn something from the abhorrence of google glass. I'd tolerate being in the room with someone wearing these as long as I knew ti was painful for the wearer to use them and put them in visible agony when they were activated. I'm thinking something like glass shard ear pieces and a 50Kv electro shock to the brain when turned on for ten seconds.

Comment Relevant versus price sorting (Score 1) 109

When I buy an item, I will pay more to get it directly from Amazon or from a seller that ships through Prime. That way I don't get screwed if there is something wrong.

Totally agree. Amazon's satisfaction policy is reasonable and uniform, so no surprises or hassles trying to save a dollar.

Here's something that puzzles me about their search algorithm. The first search will pull up "most, relevant" items. And you quickly scan the first pag or two for the cheapest version and find something you like. Then you switch to "lowest price first" sort order. And when you do this something really odd happens. That item you found using the relevancy search is often not there at all???? That is to say as you scroll down pass the irrelevant cheap stuff listed first eventually you reach the price point of the item you saw before and it's simply not there.

This also works in the reverse direction too. Sometimes a cheap item doesn't show up in the relevancy search as well. This I sort of understand: it must not have been indexed with the right key words so it gets knocked out of the relevancy search.

But the other direction I can't fathom. Why would a relevant item not show up in the price sort?

A cynical person might think they were trying to hide the cheap items from you but I sincerely doubt that.

Comment the HCF 7 (Score 1) 48

Halt and Catch Fire Seven.

The FAA had previously said they can't ban it till the CPS recalls it. That made little sense to me but I could see why that might be the case. The FAA can't just pass judgement on things they are qualified to pass judgement on. And when does it graduate from anecdotal?

But as you point out, e-bay Replacement Batteries are notorious for not meeting their own specs and deteriorating rapidly. It does make you wonder.

But in this case we had 43 reported fires in a relatively small market in a very short time. The do seem to be bombs.

What I wonder about is why half charing them makes any difference. Half a bomb? they said the mechanism was terminals pressed too close together. SO what difference does the charge level make

Comment Why do all the suckers put up with this. (Score 2) 395

I find this absolutely reprehensible. I truly wonder why people put up with this. It's one thing to not care that google tracks you. I don't mind. But I'd be absolutely incensed if I had no way to prevent it and I'm locked into a 2 year contract with no way to have a usable phone and usable maps without granting google this prying eye. One of my kids has a phone which doesn't even allow google play to be turned off (the phone relies on it). Each week we notice data charges when he has used no data. When we trace their origin, it's google play. Now I know why.

Boycott google.

Comment Windows virtual machine? (Score 1) 54

I recently got a chance to see someone using unbuntu inside linux and I'm curious how this works. Is it running a virtual machine or re-implementing the low level system calls or what? If it needs to talk to the network or use a USB device is it a virtual connection to the Windows Drivers or does the linux have to have it's own drivers.

Finally, since it's ubuntu does this mean I could give it a linux Mint character or is that pointless since it is using Windows as the desktop

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