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Comment Re:Not Unexpected (Score 1) 56

I'm not sure you are correct. The court itself said the term was ambiguous and undefined by the legislation. Claiming that a change from an earlier interpretation is "only strictly interpreting the text of the law as written" does not, therefore, seem a valid statement.

OTOH, it may well be easily within a reasonable interpretation of the law as written. But the summary didn't present an argument that the earlier interpretation isn't also within a reasonable interpretation of the law as just said the judges felt it was too lenient. Not the same thing at all.

This is, however, another good reason why the DMCA should be repealed. So should the previous copyright act (the Sony Bono copyright act). Actually, I think that should be repealed all the way back until the term of the copyright was 17 years, and even that had severe problems. Most copyrights should be valid for no longer than 5 years, though if there are excessive upfront costs a case could be made for extending the term to 10 years.

Comment Re:Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 1) 350

I know you are a complete ignoramus when it concerns anything that happens that isn't consistent with global warming destroying everyone's life

But Islands have sunk into the sea before AGW was a dream in Al Gore's eye

What's more Islands in the Chesapeake have been disappearing since the 1850s


Only a complete moron would scream Global Warming about any of this.

Comment Re:Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 1) 350

Tangiers Island is in the Chesapeake Bay, on the Virginia side, nowhere near the Mississippi Delta.

On Isle de Jean Charles on the Louisiana Gulf coast,

You might have read up on this if anything that contradicted your position didn't send you into convulsions trigglypuff.

Comment Re:Start at the top (Score 1) 46

"Bad guys in a movie are identifiable at first glance, but how can the ones in real life be found?"

Overwhelming amounts of evidence against them, and they'll lie in the face of it, despite incontrovertible proof.

Well done Mr. AC. It also highlights both the need for civic privacy and government transparency when it comes to catching criminals. Government transparency is something I doubt we will see any time from China or the U.S.

Comment Re:Misplaced effort (Score 1) 67

We need to keep working toward a system where our Senators and Representatives actually know what We The People want and need.

What makes you think that they don't? I'm rather certain that most of them know that most people don't want children used as experimental subjects without their parents permission. But the legislators have other priorities.

Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 235

There *IS* no conservative candidate for Presidency. A conservative is one who wishes to conserve some currently existing state or feature. I often think of myself as a conservative, though only on some issues. The Green party is traditionally the most conservative of the existing parties, but it's never been all that conservative. People who want to "go back to the good old days" are not conservative, they are reactionary. Being conservative often works, but being reactionary never does. See "Dollo's Law" with particular attention to why it is valid.

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