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Submission + - Twitter censors #DNCLeaks trending topic and hashtag (

bongey writes: Twitter censored the 2nd trending topic DNCLeaks hashtag. The trending hashtag #DNCLeaks was climbing over 90k tweets when it disappeared from the trending topics. It was replaced with PraisinTheAsian(17k) and TheWalkingDead(38k).

Submission + - It's November, 2016 - for whom do you vote?

DavidHumus writes: There appears to be a distinct political slant on /. but what is it, exactly? We should have a poll, preferably near the day of the US presidential election, where slashdotters vote for their candidate of choice. Since we're not all Americans or non-felons, the poll should allow us to indicate whether we actually can vote in this election and if we will (or did, depending on when the poll runs) vote.

Submission + - Ransomware Wreaks Havoc in the Cloud (

rye writes: Today, researchers at LMG Security released a video of the "Jigsaw" ransomware spreading across the "HackMe, Inc." corporate network in their "Play Lab," starting with the very first click on a phishing email, all the way to the encryption of HackMe, Inc's cloud repository. Watch as the ransomware spreads to the company's networked file share and OneDrive cloud repository. A perfectly creepy "Billy the Puppet" head pops up as the ransom note is printed in green letters across the desktop.

Want your colleagues or management to understand the true potential damage of ransomware? Just show them this video. Then, unplug your network cable, crawl under your desk and hide.

"What does it actually LOOK like when ransomware encrypts all the files on an employee workstation and then moves on to encrypt your company’s file share, and even cloud-based documents?"

Submission + - Big coal producer warns of cutting 80 percent of workforce (

FlyHelicopters writes: Biggest private coal producer warns of cutting 80 percent of workforce, head blames Obama policies

Murray Energy Corp., the largest privately held coal miner in the U.S., has warned that it may soon undertake one of the biggest layoffs in the sector during this time of low energy prices.

In a notice sent to workers this week, Murray said it could lay off as many as 4,400 employees, or about 80% of its workforce, because of weak coal markets. The company said it anticipates “massive workforce reductions in September.”

The law requires a 60-day waiting period before large layoffs occur.

Submission + - UDS Releases Images. 250,000+ Galaxies Found in Deep Space. (

William Robinson writes: The UDS Project (Ultra Deep Survey), part of UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey, have recently released the final data providing spectacular infrared images of the distant Universe have provided astronomers with the deepest view ever obtained. The UDS mapped a total area four times the size of full moon and detected over 250,000 galaxies, including several hundred observed within the first billion year after Big Bang. This was done since 2005 by observing the same patch of sky repeatedly, obtaining more than 1,000 hours of exposure time and utilizing the power of infrared to provide the deepest view ever obtained over a large area in the sky,

Submission + - Delivery robots come to the UK (

Okian Warrior writes: Starship Technologies is building fleets of small delivery robots to manage the "last mile" for small deliveries.

“Our vision revolves around three zeroes – zero cost, zero waiting time and zero environmental impact. We want to do to local deliveries what Skype did to telecommunications.” said Ahti Heinla, a Skype co-founder and CEO at Starship Technologies.

Capable of carrying the equivalent of two grocery bags, the robots can complete local deliveries within 5-30 minutes from a local hub or retail outlet, for 10-15 times less than the cost of current last-mile delivery alternatives. Customers can choose from a selection of short, precise delivery slots – meaning goods arrive at a time that suits them. During delivery, shoppers can track the robot’s location in real time through a mobile app and on arrival only the app holder is able to unlock the cargo. Integrated navigation and obstacle avoidance software enables the robots to drive autonomously, but they are also overseen by human operators who can step in to ensure safety as needed.

Submission + - Swedish astronomers proposed a new way of searching for extraterrestrial life

An anonymous reader writes: Astronomers from Uppsala University, Sweden have proposed a way of searching for "impossible phenomena", such as disappearing stars or even galaxies. Team led by Beatriz Villarroel scanned through 300000 objects and found one possible candidate. While this can have a natural explanation, it can be also a new unknown physics or — yes, exactly — aliens. As A. C. Clarke said: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Original article can be found here, it was covered by media for example here or here.

Submission + - Hillary Clinton questioned by FBI about personal email server (

Mark Wilson writes: It's the issue that just won't go away for Hillary Clinton — her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state. Today the Democratic presidential hopeful has been questioned by the FBI about her emails.

The Justice Department's investigation aims to determine if Clinton used the email account to send communication relating to national security, and whether this is illegal. She says the account was created for convenience and has denied using it to send classified information.

Submission + - DNC Hacker Releases Clinton Foundation Documents (

An anonymous reader writes: Following a report that Russian hackers penetrated the DNC's database, a hacker, who identifies himself as "Guccifer 2.0" after a popular Romanian hacker who hacked various American political figures, most notably Hillary Clinton and her private server, has published documents on Tuesday that he says came from the party's digital files. The documents detail Clinton's weaknesses as a candidate, including a collection of negative press clips about the Clinton Foundation and a list of defenses against attacks on her private email use. Washington Examiner reports: "Another document, titled '2016 Democrats Positions Cheat Sheet,' listed major policy issues and indicated where Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb, Lincoln Chaffee, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden — all former or possible rivals for the Democratic nomination — stood on each issue." The documents contain information ranging from how the Clinton Foundation and its allies should respond to criticisms of the Clinton Foundation's revenue sources to how Chelsea Clinton wasn't able to answer questions about Clinton Foundation donations and other instances in which Bill Clinton was called a "sexual predator" for his past indiscretions. Even though the cybersecurity breach was blamed on the Russian government, the Kremlin has denied any involvement. The DNC also has yet to confirm or deny the authenticity of the leaked documents.

Submission + - 3 Million Strong Botnet Grows Right Under Twitter's Nose (

An anonymous reader writes: Somebody created a botnet of three million Twitter accounts in one single day, and Twitter staff didn't even flinch, even if the huge 35.4 registrations/second should have caught the eye of any IT staffer. Another weird particularity is that the botnet was also synchronized to use Twitter usernames similar to Twitter IDs. Couple this with a gap of 168 million IDs before and after the botnet's creation, it appears that someone specifically reserved those IDs. The IDs were reserved in October 2013, but the botnet was registered in April 2014 (except 2 accounts registered in March 2014). It's like Twitter's registration process skipped 168 million IDs, and someone came back a few months later and used them.

The botnet can be found at @sfa_200xxxxxxx, where xxxxxxx is a number that increments from 0 000 000 to 2 999 999. All accounts have a similar structure. They have "name" instead of the Twitter profile handle, display the same registration date, and feature the text "some kinda description" in the profile bio field.

Additionally, there are also two smaller botnets available as well. Additionally, there are also two smaller botnets available as well. One can be found between @cas_2050000000 and @cas_2050099999, and was registered between March 3 and March 5, 2015. The second is between @wt_2050100000 and @wt_2050199999, and was registered between October 23 and November 22, 2014. Both have 100,000 accounts each.

Theoretically, these types of botnets can be used for malware C&C servers, Twitter spam, or to sell fake Twitter followers. At 3 million bots, the botnet accounts for 1% of Twitter's monthly active users.

Submission + - Humanity may be alone in the Universe

StartsWithABang writes: Given the huge number of stars, planets, and chances at life that the galaxy and the Universe has given us, it seems paradoxical that we haven’t yet encountered any form of alien intelligence or even life. The discoveries make in the field of exoplanet studies, particularly by the Kepler mission, make this an even bigger problem than we anticipated: more than 10^22 planets with Earth-like condition are expected to exist in our Universe. So does this mean that intelligent life beyond Earth is pretty much a certainty, as Adam Frank asserted in the New York Times last week? Hardly; what it means is that we have a long way to go in the sciences of astrobiology, abiogenesis and exo-evolution. There’s so much to learn that drawing conclusions about what’s out there is more than premature: it’s not even science.

Submission + - 74% of Netflix Subscribers Would Rather Cancel Their Subscription Than See Ads (

An anonymous reader writes: AllFlicks conducted a survey of more than 1,200 people on Reddit, asking them a series of questions regarding ads on Netflix. "Would you rather pay more for Netflix or see advertisements while you stream?" they asked. Of more than 1,200 respondents, an incredible 90% said they'd prefer a price hike to ads. "The sweet spot appears to be $1-2 [more], which 57% of respondents chose as their upper bound. A further 22% said they could go as high as $2-3 more, and less than a quarter were willing to go higher." The next question they asked: "If Netflix started showing ads, would you cancel your subscription?" Nearly 74% said they'd be done with Netflix if ads debuted on the service. AllFlicks writes, "Netflix's users are sending the service a pretty clear message: if the service starts selling ads, customers would consider leaving."

Submission + - New Clues Suggest Pluto Really Does Have an Ocean (

astroengine writes: Numerical simulations of Pluto's geology have provided new evidence that the dwarf planet is sporting its very own subsurface ocean. "Thanks to the incredible data returned by New Horizons, we were able to observe tectonic features on Pluto's surface, update our thermal evolution model with new data and infer that Pluto most likely has a subsurface ocean today," said lead author and graduate student Noah Hammond, of Brown University. "What New Horizons showed was that there are extensional tectonic features, which indicate that Pluto underwent a period of global expansion. A subsurface ocean that was slowly freezing over would cause this kind of expansion."

Submission + - Open-Source AMD GPU Driver Finally Performing At Speed Of Proprietary Driver (

An anonymous reader writes: The open-source AMD graphics driver found within the Linux kernel and Mesa has reached a milestone of running at the same speed as the Windows AMD proprietary driver and the new hybrid proprietary driver for Linux, which partially leverages the open-source driver components. However, for some workloads the open-source AMD driver performance lags behind, which appears attributed to the quality of the Linux game ports: tests done by Phoronix at the same time show many Linux games running slower than their WIndows counterpart with the latest NVIDIA hardware and drivers too.

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