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Comment Re:Brick 'em (Score 1) 53

after all the black hats kept them functional...

The black hats kept what functional, the devices? What about the rest of the internet? They aren't all that worried about keeping things like DNS servers functional. So maybe your camera gets knocked offline until you figure out how to change the default password so that your camera can stop attacking the internet.

Comment Re:Transfer the Responsibility (Score 4, Insightful) 53

Make them liable if they do not start patching their own devices.

That's the long-term solution, which wouldn't do much for the current problem devices that are out there.

Personally, I like the idea of changing the default password. Some people may never see any change, but if someone realizes that they no longer have access to their device then they do a factory reset (1 or more times, depending on how quickly they catch on) before changing the default password themselves.

Comment I'm pissed with them right now (Score 1) 1

Ordered a long-throw stapler and staples 2 weeks ago. The stapler came last week, staples today. The box was open at both ends, staples spilled out into the bag, box crushed and staples broken.

They won't let me return them. I'd be REALLY pissed if it wasn't just a couple of bucks.

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Comment Re:Why dump the trash? (Score 1) 68

I think AC was suggesting that the capsule is useful, not necessarily the trash they deorbited with it, but I understand what you are saying too; without the capsule, it is rather difficult to deorbit the trash.

Most of the trash is likely the food containers and biological waste, I don't know what else they have up there that they need to get rid of, but it isn't like we have massive farms attached to the ISS to utilize the fertilizer people output.

Maybe that would be a good addition to the station, a farming module.

Comment Re:Incredible opportunity (Score 1) 112

Perhaps you forgot about the other identical rover that failed (partly from mechanical issues, partly due to rough terrain) around six years ago after several of its wheels failed.

No, I didn't. Only one wheel had failed by the time it got stuck, the other wheel failed while trying to free it (possibly because the very fine soil entered the wheel area). The fact that Opportunity has not become stuck should be an indication that it is possible to reach the landing site. It's a worthy goal to shoot for, anyway - the first on-site images of a spacecraft landing site taken from a different spacecraft.

expecting said rover to traverse a distance several times its entire already vastly extended mission profile is like expecting a tire rated for 20,000 miles under optimal circumstances to traverse 400,000 miles.

Many people expected Opportunity to last for 90 days.

Both rovers have already gone so above and beyond what they were designed to do that it's ridiculous. Might as well give the little guy one more shot at another first on Mars. It would be truly amazing if it made it there, and if it didn't then no one would really be surprised. It would still be able to take more pictures along the way.

Comment Re:There is still a way to get science out of this (Score 1) 112

Only if they wanted to look at everything along the way (i.e., how the rover has been used so far). If they set that point as a target to reach they *could* get there in a couple months, but they would probably want to go a little slower to take a few pictures along the way and make sure they get enough time to recharge the batteries.

Opportunity is pretty slow, but it's not 4km per year slow. They've just been stopping anywhere and everywhere to look at that rock over there.

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