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Comment Re:Not burned it, want me back. I fired myself onc (Score 1) 73

It sounds like you gave a two week notice (or whatever length of time), the previous comment you made sounded like you just walked out one day, which is where the burning bridges comment above appears to come from.

There is never anything wrong with leaving a company for whatever reason, but it is wise to give proper notice before leaving the company to not leave them in a lurch.

Comment Re:Ray Kurzweil (Score 1) 89

Last summer my doctor diagnosed me as being vitamin B (and D) deficient. I wasn't aware of the source of B-12 previously, but it makes me wonder how I could be B-12 deficient as I am an omnivore, and not on a restricted diet. But as you say below, I am American, and so don't eat very healthily to begin with.

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