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Comment Re:Amber Rudd is dim (Score 1) 45

I'm sure she is fully aware there are other apps not covered by UK laws. All that will happen is that it will become illegal to use those apps without back doors and anyone suspected of extremist views will eventually be checked to see if they are using them. If so, they will be arrested and charged before they plow through a crowd of people or whatever. It isn't a hard problem to solve.

Comment Re:All the more reason to avoid protests... (Score 1) 155

And it's a perfectly sound conclusion to reach if you're actually familiar with the protest scene. I call it a "scene" because that's exactly what it is. Just like you have ravers, goths, punks, emo kids, hippies, and whatnot, you have protesters. And it doesn't matter if he protest is to free Mumia, no blood for oil, food not bombs, or whatever Noam Chomsky's latest book is about; it's always the same people. That's because it's their social circle. The weekend's protest is where they go to hang out with their friends, to have fun, to see free concerts, to get dates, and so on. (Yes, when I first moved to San Francisco; I used to hang out with some of these people myself.)

So yes, when a bunch of strangers show up, nobody knows who they are, and they start causing trouble; it's pretty damn obvious... if you've paid a whit of attention at the protests every weekend previously... that what you're dealing with there is not protestors, but that the cause of the week has touched the nerve of someone powerful and they sent in the agents provocateur.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 451

You mean like federalism? You know, with a limited federal government and the states and local governments taking much of the role of governing the people where it is also easier to find like minded people and influence change? And if we limit those to state constitutionally mandated roles, we can preserve much of the liberty for ourselves as long as we do not trample on other people's rights in our pursuit of happiness.

But moving (voting with your feet) is not always an option for some people. Resources, family, and other obligations could prevent someone from seeking greener pastures. So it is important to have a strong federal government in respect to its limited powers to ensure some rights and privileges simply are not trampled on. I would suggest those within the bill of rights and later amendments are a good start.

I'm not trying to toss gasoline into a fire by smaller republics is somewhat how the country was founded. The original federal government superseded a confederation of countries (the original 13 colonies) and took over only the roles in which were seen as required to provide uniformity among the states in trade with each other and to deal with foreign powers.

Comment Re:The Fallen (Score 1) 155

Are you kidding? The police in the US regularly get their jollies gunning down unarmed citizens... not just adults mind you, but children as well; and the only "punishment" they receive is paid vacation (administrative leave) and *maybe* some negative media attention. Anything they can plausibly spin as an accident of any kind won't even be noticed.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 451

I won't say his lies are true, I will say they are unimportant to me or anything substantial. Obama wiretapping trump tower? Who cares? It is not like he will be prosecuted or anything. Lock Hillary up? Who cares, I would rather nothing be done at all than what she would have done if elected. It's insignificant if she is locked up or roaming the streets freely- she just cannot do the damage I expected her to do. Besides, most politicians do get away with murder. Just ask Ted Kennedy- there once was a senator from Mass. He went out in search of some ass. Lucked up and found it, but fucked up and drowned it, and that wasn't even the end of his ass. They say he was doing around 190 mph when his car left the road- because that is how more force from the impact it would take to knock her panties off and put them in the glove box.

But I don't care if he lies. He isn't pressing the reset button with Russia after criticizing the previous administration for frustrating their moves and then spending the next 7 years complaining about Russia running wild. So far, Trump's lies have only impacted the number of democrats in office and little more. I'm not sure that is a bad thing or a good thing but I'm sure it is insignificant in the bigger picture.

Comment Re: Uh, why? (Score 1) 128

I can't say I ever saw a random reboot during the years I ran OS/2. There were a few BSODs, but heck, those can still happen even now on Windows. Don't recall any memory issues either. The worst part was WPS lockups because it had a single message queue, and an errant application could bring it to a screaming halt. It didn't happen that often, but was the worst thing I experienced in OS/2

Comment Re:Alternative media. (Score 1) 213

So when he was fabricating Twitter posts from Leslie Jones and encouraging his legions of adolescent cranks to attack her, that wasn't overtly racist? And for what, because he didn't like the Ghostbusters reboot (I didn't like it much either, but that certainly wasn't the actors' faults, that was the horrible screenplay).

Comment Re:But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 1) 213

I'm never sure whether the advocates of Neo-Nazis getting money from Youtube are just very anal individuals who have bought into the notion that First Amendment protections ought to apply to communications on private platforms, or are Neo-Nazis themselves. I think for the most part we're dealing with Aspies and similar types who have incredibly rigid world views and are cognitively incapable of seeing that a company like Google ultimately has to serve its customers (the advertisers) in the way that they want, or at least accommodate their concerns, although I'm sure the Neo-Nazis aren't happy either.

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