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Comment Re:Showrunner? (Score 1) 78

The title should be fairly self-explanatory. But it is a fairly new thing. In traditional parlance, it's about halfway between executive producer (secures and handles the money but doesn't take creative role) and line producer (tends to the tedious day-to-day details but doesn't have the bandwidth to look at the big picture.).

Comment Re:proper mail voting explained: (Score 1) 152

1) Embassy voting is not a real thing. Nor would it make any sense, as different states handle elections differently, but embassies are a unified federal system. Nor does the US have embassies in every country. Nor are embassies guaranteed to be anywhere remotely near where a person lives within a country.

2) "Advance voting" makes no sense for expats. Believe it or not, some citizens live overseas. Including the military, by the way, who you apparently want to disenfranchise.

3) Your #1 case does nothing to guarantee vote privacy. The person can very well watch the individual fill out their ballot and then seal it up. All it does is make it harder/more expensive for the disabled to vote.

Comment Re:I wanted to take a photo of my ballot (Score 1) 152

Because I still have citizenship and because I still have to fill out stupid freaking IRS returns every year (unlike every other country on earth concerning their expats)?

US citizenship is a big disadvantage to carry around and getting to vote is the one decent thing that one gets out of it as an expat.

Comment Re:You know what that means. (Score 1) 109

What I mean is roughly the third quartet of UV which ionizes some but not all atoms. Nonetheless, it qualifies as what a hypochondriac typically refers to as "dangerous" radiation, even though it's anything but. (Then again, your typical hypochondriac probably thinks all radiation is bad, neverminding that without radiation they'd be unable to see...hell, they'd be unable to exist. That can also be filed under the same category as health food nuts that shun chemicals.)

Comment Re:Oracle employees, show yourself (Score 2) 61

Can you tap the shoulder of somebody in the UX department and tell them to do a better job please? For all of our sakes. Virtually every oracle program I've ever used is extremely annoying to work with, and it has more to do with a crappy UI than anything else (well that and overall slowness with some applications.)

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