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Comment Re:National instant-runoff (single transferable vo (Score 1) 637

You actually want Condorcet voting to meet your goals. It looks the same in the voting booth, with people picking their first, second, and third choices. But it picks the winner who is preferred by more people than any other, which tends to be more moderate candidates.

Comment Non-electronic games (Score 1) 111

I'm a big fan of board and card games, and will spend four days this week playing all day with friends. But we're unusual. The real money is in video games. Are you transitioning to electronic games, and if so, what have been the stumbling blocks, or what have been the ideas you've taken from board games with you?

Comment Re:Where the losers feel like they also won (Score 1) 155

Yes, which is why I'm not actually a fan of Pandemic. But both Space Alert and Escape are speed games, so there's not enough time to micromanage everyone. You have to count on your teammates to do the right thing, to talk to each other, to carry out a plan, and to be flexible when the shit hits the fan.

Comment Where the losers feel like they also won (Score 1) 155

Some cooperative games (Space Alert, Escape, Pandemic) allow everyone to win as a group, which makes everyone feel good. But as Reiner Knizia put it "the best games are where the losers feel like they also won." Where even the losers have met goals in the game, have felt like they played well, or have enjoyed themselves. Who cares who wins at Cards Against Humanity? We don't even keep score in Concept. If a game has rewards along the way, where I can look back at a game and be happy with some of my good plays, it makes losing the game not so bad, maybe even irrelevant. I like to win poker tournaments, but if I've made a particularly good bluff or clever trap call, I feel good about my play even if I end up losing.

Comment Elegance and replayability (Score 2) 155

I play board games two or three times a week. I love games with elegant rules which still lead to a game that can be played over and over. I've been playing bridge for 30 years, and I still find something new every time I play. Dominion and Werewolf are really neat elegant systems, but nearly every game is a new experience.

I also need to be able to improve. I think Royal Turf is an elegant game, but I know the ideal strategy and don't enjoy playing anymore. Whereas I have a lot to learn to be a better Zendo player and a better poker player, and will never master either game.

Comment Re:Politics as usual (Score 1) 348

Baloney. We've been changing the length of lights, and drivers know it, which is why they run them all the time. We should make them standard based on length of the intersection, lanes, and speed limits throughout the US. Add in the RLC when the light length is well known, and it will help keep intersections safer.

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