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Comment Re:Why ex clusive? (Score 1) 192

Actually, now that you mention it, being AT&T exclusive pretty much is why Android is the world's most popular mobile OS and iOS is a minority operating system.

Meanwhile, is Amazon as good at this as Apple? Is it 2007, or 2014?

Comment Who cares (Score 1) 53

You remind me of the people who always whine about dupes.

It was always amusing that people cared about that. Half the time I missed the original post. The other half I missed the dupe. Maybe you're just checking slashdot too much. :)

You know what? Other people come and have the same discussion. Redundancy of discussion is assumed and unavoidable, since this is a news site, with comments on each of the endless stream stories.

Comment Re:Only one argument in essence (Score 1) 53

He misses an important point, too. If people are successfully able to opt-out of tracking, this does nothing other than concentrate the power to track into the hands of the few giants that people affirmatively log into, and who are also plugged into half the internet. Namely, Google, Facebook.

Comment Re:Slippery slope. (Score 1) 604

It's reading comprehension then. You apparently really think what went on in Boston rivals what Israelis deal with. OK then.

"The father of three was killed when terrorists infiltrated Israel from Sinai and led a coordinated attack against those constructing the fence on the Israel-Egypt border. The attacking terrorists used automatic rifles in addition to anti-tank missiles." When you have a team of guys with anti-tank missiles running around Boston, and it's not the first time this year, and your body count from terror is routinely actually higher than your body count from accidental shooting by police, we'll talk. That entire country is one big ongoing rampage. You would be able to see it as easily as the rest of the world, if you weren't doing the mental equivalent of cowering in your basement even still.

I see you still have no answer for my point. It really doesn't matter if you get it or not - only if the next people who'd like to shut down Boston get it.

Comment Re: Slippery slope. (Score 1) 604

The T was closed. Which means among many, many other things some people couldn't even easily get to medical care.

As officers fanned out across the Boston area, Bryce Acosta, 24, came out of his Cambridge home with his hands up.

"I had like 30 FBI guys come storm my house with assault rifles," he said. They yelled, "Is anybody in there?" and began searching his house and an adjacent shed, leaving after about 10 minutes.


Watertown, Mass. — Samantha Piccaluga, a 23-year-old university student, said that at about 3:30 p.m. Friday, jittery police whipped out their guns and rushed toward a man who appeared to come out of a house on Dexter Street in Watertown, near where the shootings had occurred in the early morning.

The neighborhood has been cordoned off by police, who have ordered residents to stay inside.

“They’re yelling, ‘Why did you get out of your house,’” Piaccaluga said, as she watched the drama unfold from her upstairs window on nearby Nichols Avenue. Angry, cursing police were “in his face,” she said. They then slapped handcuffs on the man, who was about 40 years old and was wearing a T-shirt, she said, and then began interviewing him.

Early in the morning, she said, she saw officers bring a nude, handcuffed man down the street and put him into a patrol car. “He was completely naked, no underwear,” she said, adding that police brought the man a blanket. At around 4 a.m., the man was taken out of the car and apparently transferred away in an ambulance, she said. She said she did not know who the man was.


Apparently the police in Boston and the IRS have a slightly different definition of "voluntary" than you or I.

(found here)

Second, they may have interned US citizens, but let's not switch topics from the fact that they didn't panic and shut down their cities. :) And by the way, what did it take them to even start interning people? Wake me up if Al Qaeda manages to field a million person army and expresses intent to invade and occupy. Yes 9/11 is scary and the Boston bombing is scary, but let's not forget, these people are just criminals with a bit of creativity, hoping for some free PR for their cause. This is theater, and this level of panic is like giving the terrorists a standing ovation. With this kind of encouragement, expect repeat performances.

Comment Re:Slippery slope? (Score 1) 604

Dude, I'm not the one saying "So yes i can see rescuing the morons costing more than just shutting down the state because every moron that slips in the snow will be suing the state for 20 million bucks."

There just is no tort reform angle on the Boston Bombing. None. There isn't even a tort reform angle period; the only reason to be worrying about it is because you lost about 1,000 other more important issues off your list. Which in fairness happens to me all the time on the days when I start drinking early. But still.

Comment Re:Slippery slope. (Score 1) 604

I mean, if you don't read the news and can't Google, I don't know why you want to come here and hold forth on these topics.

Any fool knows that things happen in Israel all the time that make those two kids, with their civilian guns and their couple of pressure cooker bombs look like an episode of sesame street:


I see you didn't answer my main point at all - which is that any two kids can cause the city of Boston to shut down, and cost the economy potentially hundreds of millions of dollars. So how long until it happens again? The US has a glass jaw to the world's thugs with this attitude of "run to your houses and hide under your beds" at the first sign of terrorism. We cower and ask how quickly we can roll back the bill of rights, when our grandparents would have stood vigilant to guard them. And all for what - something less dangerous to us than slipping and falling. Terrorists are forced to use the media and fear because they are so ineffective at actually causing harm. Why on earth hand them the win?

Comment Re:Slippery slope. (Score 1) 604

One guy? Really? An entire city cowers in fear from one guy?

Go to Israel, man. Look into their eyes as they confront fear and show you what bravery is.

They have a lot more than one guy after them on any given day, and they refuse to hide unless a missile is actually going to land near them.

Americans once had some backbone, too. Now that we've announced it's open season on our economy, we're going to see how many other terrorists and hostile foreign powers want to arrange the shutdown of a major city via one or two armed kids.

Comment Re:Slippery slope. (Score 1) 604

You think it's a one-time deal?

Oh no sir. You raised the coward flag. You just rolled out the red-carpet to every terrorist and hostile foreign power. They now know for a certainty that all it takes to shut down a city the size of Boston is two kids with a couple of shitty guns and some home-made bombs that, while actually functional, would flunk you out of IED class back in Afghanistan or Iraq.

It's going to get so much worse. Because of this degree of weakness, of overreaction and immaturity, I can guarantee we will have just enticed more who wish to be as famous and momentarily powerful as we chose to make these two assholes.

Whatever happened to the America of our grandparents? Hitler said every day, "I want all your cities closed," and we said, every day, "Not for an hour, not for a minute."

Comment Re: Slippery slope. (Score 1) 604

All kidding aside, do you not watch the news? Which is full of surveillance video of people robbing, raping, and murdering on a scale any terrorist organization can never dream of? Pick just one case: grainy footage of a group of several guys who killed someone just like you, raped someone just like your wife, and then disappeared into the night, most certainly to be seen again soon?

I await your command to shut down every city where this occurred this week.

Comment Re: Slippery slope. (Score 2) 604

200 whole rounds of ammo? I cringe in wide-eyed fear. The NYPD once spent 41 rounds of ammo shooting at a single unarmed civilian (reference).

Cops are way more likely to kill you by accident than terrorists are on purpose (reference).

If the cops really thought it was dangerous outside, instead of just putting on security theater, they'd have let the donut shops close too (reference).

The war on terror is like real war, except that we have millions of people in our "army" and they have dozens in theirs. Peanut allergies kill more Americans than terrorists.

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