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Comment Re:You have to be a very insane programmer for tha (Score 1) 623

Good grief man, you can't be serious! Hahaha... A twenty-six year old rockstar in computer programming, 2 years experience... Oh wait, you are serious, let me laugh even harder! HAHAHA! Whew, that's better :)

You need to learn a bit of humility. I've been programming for as long as you've been alive, and I'm only 38. Yes, I even got paid work in computer programming before most kids are able to get a job at McDonalds, which fueled my desire to learn and work even more. By the time I was 26, I was already running my own consulting business, and still am to this day. I may know a thing or two, and occasionally pat myself on the back for being clever, but I certainly know that there's more out there that I don't know.

Maybe I'm a bit above average as a programmer, but whether I am or not comes secondary to the way I handle myself and my treat clients, and people in general. You can't go around acting like you're smarter and better than everyone else. Eventually it's going to come back to haunt you.

Good luck with your job working for the man as a "rockstar"... If you're genuinely talented maybe I'll hire you someday ;)

Comment Re:Modern version (Score 1) 240

Thanks! Glad that you like it... The game was my first journey into Objective-C and Xcode. Being a Windows guy (yes, yes, I know but my consulting job requires Windows for proprietary automation software) I probably should have started smaller as it took months to learn and redo things as I found better methods of doing what I wanted. It definitely was interesting to try to adapt this to a device with no keyboard at all, some things end up being slightly more cumbersome (extra taps on screen) but I'm pretty happy with the overall flow.

I have a few more updates that I want to do with Rogue Touch, then I'll probably start a new more advanced rogue-like game this fall. Anyone who wants to discuss or help design that feel free to stop by my forums and post or send me an e-mail :)

Comment Re:Modern version (Score 1) 240

Yeah, that is a sore spot with me. I had a great score of like 4.5 stars before I decided to hold a little sale (first one ever since I put it on the store). You see, whenever something is 99 cents, it invites anyone to take a chance on it even if they've never heard of the game or even the whole genre of roguelikes. And then those same people decide that it's not their cup of tea and delete the game, leaving behind a nice 1-star rating to drag down your average.

I certainly don't plan on doing that again any time soon :)

If you do like it, please by all means leave another positive review. If you're in the USA, you can see there are *many* 5 star written reviews, but it needs more to offset the hoard of 1 star haters. Heck, I actually just got published for real- in the UK, Retro Gamer magazine (issue 63) did a mini review in their mobile round-up. Rogue Touch got 89% and the compliment of being "the best rogue game they have played recently on any system"!

Comment Re:My Only Real iPhone Complaint (Score 1) 178

Well, I do hate the fact you cannot reply to reviews (sometimes that would be *very* helpful), but did you ever think of starting a forum or finding a well established on-topic forum to post in?

I did both with Rogue Touch (yep, iPhone programmer in my spare time too). I post regularly at TouchArcade and also created my own forum for people to socialize and get help (at It's been a great way to get suggestions and interact with users of my game, and I recommend it highly over the "blog" style websites a lot of iPhone devs seem to be using.

Now my seasoned Rogue Touch players can help new players out when I'm too busy to post myself. That sort of thing wouldn't be possible with an e-mail support system...

Comment Re:Modern version (Score 4, Informative) 240

Well, If you'd like a more modern rogue implementation with tilesets, and have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you could give Rogue Touch a try. I wrote this version from scratch in my spare time over last fall and winter as a way to fill in downtime from consulting. Borrowed some graphics from public domain tilesets, and drew others myself. It's a tribute to the Atari ST and Amiga versions of Rogue, and it's gained quite a following lately... as a matter of fact one of my players alerted me to this story (I used to post here regularly, but have been away for a while... had to quit reading so I could get some real work done!!).

Anyway a lot of neat little tweaks were made to the formula without messing up the core game: new equipment and magic, some animations, secret characters (that have unique abilities and starting equipment), and an online leaderboard to compete with dungeon crawlers all over the world.

Come by my website to see a video and check out the forums and leaderboards.

Submission + - Efficient HPC using low-power components ?

Anonymous Coward writes: "Most High Performance Computing systems use lots of 1U or 2U racked nodes with dual processor/dual core opterons or xeons. Such systems consume large amounts of electrical power and usually require additional electricity supplies and cooling plant. Do any Slashdotters utilise more power efficient computing nodes which still have reasonable floating point/subsystem performance to build their computing clusters ?"

Submission + - Final Fantasy III Review For The Nintendo DS

njkid1 writes: "This may be the last of the Final Fantasy games to hit North America, but will it live up to our expectations? You decide... i/ds/game-reviews/5269?articleID=38059&ncid=AOLGAM 000500000000012"

Submission + - From the Zero Point to Infinity

Sterling D. Allan writes: "After holding it to their chest for over a year, the Nova Institute of Technology has allowed their fruitful scientific monograph to be published. Y-Bias and Angularity: Self-Organizing Criticality — From the Zero Point to Infinity describes a newly developed model of scalar physics that incorporates all the rules of self-organizing criticality [P. Bak et al] into a simple, elegant framework. As a technology incubator company, they say that based on the precepts included in this new model, they "have successfully developed, tested and independently verified four entirely new materials, including (1) a positively charged ZnO2 thin film, (2) a transparent electrically conductive thin film with virtually no capacitance and ambient resistance of less than 2 ohms per square, regardless of surface area, (3) a semi-conductor-based thermal electric generator that converts heat to electrical power at efficiencies ranging between 38% — 45%, between temperatures ranging from 1C — 240C, and (4) a new material that has been shown to fluoresce, emit and lase across the visible spectrum [tunable] in nano-particle sizes, using direct electrical stimulation rather up or down pumping.""
United States

Does Income Inequality Matter? 1186

theodp is concerned about the following: "Alarmed by Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein's record-setting $53M bonus, Charles Wheelan (aka The Naked Economist) argues that income inequality matters. Wheelan notes that the Gini Coefficient (a measure of income inequality) for the U.S. has been moving away from countries like Japan and Sweden and closer to that of Brazil, where the murder rate is 5X that of NYC and crime is materially impacting GDP."

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