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Comment I Google Minused (Score 1) 213

I Google Minused because they said they were pretty sure my boss wasn't smart enough to elude circle security, so I should probably associate everything I post and say with my legal and professional name and after all what could go wrong why not?

Also, because I was afeared that some of the stories about people outed for being nicknamed and ended up with lock-outs to their entire suite of Googlies were slightly true. If using my nick on Google+ meant jeopardising access to my control dealies for my Blog*spot public skirt-twisting or AdSense pimping, even temporarily while I argued with a Googlebot, I would be left helplessly rending my garments and shaking my fist at the cloud.

So I took my toys and went home.

Comment Handicapping, Ridiculous, Anti-Progress (Score 5, Funny) 244

First of all, there's no way to know if two things are separated by a volume of space unless you have a headache. That's how evolution works: the cerebral nerves were caused to evolve specifically by Darwin in order to function as a kind of animal cruelty version of Pavlov's dog in which mapping three-dimensional space actuates the occipital squinting reflex, causing us to narrow our eyes meaningfully at expansive vistas while also wishing for acetylsalicylic acid and a glass of water.

Scientists consider this sort of thing basically self-evident, like the existence of atoms or Jenny McCarthy.

Furthermore, the so-called Disney Cortex is capable of parsing dimensionality exclusively through parallax; in effect, the neck pain caused by this subtle lateral shifting of the head is conveyed via the uvula directly into the cranial brain-case, tapping into the same area of sensitivity exploited by the spatial depth pain discussed above.

Elementary biochemisphology tells us that the only way stereoscopy can function effectively in the real world of fake entertainment is by pulling out all the stop and going holographic, so that the images can be processed and hurt us in as natural a way as possible. This is God's way of telling us that the Holodeck was cool.

Fad researchers have understood this for centuries, since the time the Illuminati first started actively repressing news of the stereoscopic newspaper in 1743.

Your friend in science,
Cheeseburger Brown

Comment I Wouldn't Worry (Score 5, Insightful) 336

I'm sure that if anyone were falsely accused of being a leaker, they would no doubt have swift access to just recourse. This is the West, after all.

If someone ends up in a such a situation and reports the contrary, their testimony is likely tainted because they are a dirty rotten leaker.

Ultimately, we are all safer somehow.

Comment Novelists as Experts (Score 1) 494

Novelists can't be trusted. It's always a story with those guys. Like Al Gore and his triffids, or Michael Crichton's genetic engineering alarmism -- nothing to see here. Pure fabrication. I'm pretty sure if we want to know the truth about piracy we have to dig really deep into the back part of the Bible...somewhere between Muhammed and the passages about Neo.

Submission + - TV Station posts public employee salaries online

ncstockguy writes: The CBS affiliate in Raleigh, NC has generated some controversy by posting names and salaries of local public employees online. After complaints from a large number of public school teachers, and a news story on a competing station, WRAL removed the names of the employees and now just has positions and pay posted online. No question public employee pay is public record, but the question remains, just how easy should it be for casual snoops to look up an individual's pay? 1 &id=5267279

Submission + - Site Is 'Aligned With the Users'

Strayline writes: ",131520/article.h tml Digg users fought back as the company began removing posts that contained a software key needed to crack the encryption used to limit copying of HD-DVD and Blu-ray. The company was pressured by a lawsuit to remove these posts from it site. However user revolt made that impossible and Digg was forced to allow the posts to stay and the story of the removal become the top story with over 35,000 Diggs."

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