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Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 2) 265

So what's the objection to everyone using BT headsets? People hate wires today.

In no particular order:

  • Hitting pause on NetFlix, then hitting play again, and having no sound for the first two seconds, thus missing half a line of dialog
  • Relatively poor sound quality
  • Having a radio transmitter basically in my ear
  • Having another device to charge every day, and possibly more than once per day

That first one by itself is a showstopper for me. The rest just add more reasons to question the sanity of Apple's upper management. Not that I needed more reasons to question their sanity given that they're still trying to make the d**n things thinner even after they were forced to reengineer parts of the iPhone 6 Plus to fix bending problems....

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 4, Insightful) 265

This has been my experience as well. Not every jack fails - but it still happens more often than for any other jack type that I commonly use.

If that is true, then it is true because it is the jack that you use far more often than any other type of jack. I treat headphones like crap, and headphone jacks even more horribly. The last time I had one actually break was on a PowerBook 145 (where I broke at least two or three headphone jacks). Even with massive abuse, I haven't broken one in any hardware built in the past twenty years.

On my first iPhone, I did have one instance where the jack thought headphones were plugged in when they weren't. That took a little bit of jiggling with a pair of headphones to resolve. But at no point have I ever seen a modern jack break. Not in my gear, not in gear belonging to anyone I know.

I have, however, seen Lightning plugs break off in the jacks. Not only will you lose your headphones when that happens, but also the ability to charge your phone. On the plus side, Apple is going to sell a LOT more AppleCare plans after people break their third or fourth Lightning jack. So my stock loves the idea....

Comment It can be fine... (Score 3, Informative) 265

...but they need to create a standard for the replacement jack first. And no, Bluetooth is not it.

I don't think the 3.5mm jack is actually a panacea. It's limited to a single stereo output, and numerous incompatible hacks have been grafted on to allow it be used for microphone input and for phone or music controls.

But you can't just get rid of it without an adequate replacement at the ready, with cheap adapters available that you can easily just slot onto the end of a 3.5mm jack.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 436

I love your kind. On one hand expect everyone to "save and have an insurance", on the other hand you're fine with paying people barely enough to get by.

The only reason you allowed slavery to be abolished is that it is more expensive to feed and shelter slaves than what you have to pay now.

Comment No fallacy. H1B designed for geniuses, Kaku is one (Score 1, Informative) 235

There's no fallacy of appeal to authority here, for two reasons. The fallacy of appeal to authority would be citing Michael Jordan's opinions on DNA editing, or Kaku's style preferences. It has the form:
Proposition A must be true because person B says it is, and person B is authoritative in some field (but not the field in question).

GP says "for more details", listen to Kaku's explanation in the video. There's no claim that Kaku must be right because Kaku is Kaku. Rather, Kaku explains and supports his position. The reader is encouraged to listen to Kaku's arguments, not assume that Kaku is always right.

Secondly, the H1B program was *designed* to allow world-class people, top scientists and the like, to work in the US. Michio Kaku is a top scientist working in the US. Therefore he can be expected to have legitimate insight into the potential effects of losing his Nobel-winning colleagues to other countries. On the topic of eliminating the H1B program rather than fixing it, and therefore losing top scientists, Kaku does in fact have knowledge and experience that most of us don't have.

Comment Re:AND GOD CREATED THE EATHER AND (Score 3, Funny) 330

Considering the state this place is in, he should've taking a bit more time. I mean, look at this lemon of a planet!

Not to mention the time management of this guy. I mean, think about it, he fucked about with this insignificant pebble orbiting a not really noteworthy sun in a rather plain region of a nondescript arm of a rather standard spiral galaxy in a not really remarkable galaxy cluster for six days and the whole rest, those other planets in our system, the stars and their plants, galaxies, galaxy clusters and whatnot, all that took less than a fucking paragraph!

Look around you again and notice just how fucked his place is.
And now imagine how the rest of the creation has to be if THIS is what he spent about 99% of his time on!

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 1) 436

it was the *DEMOCRATS* who refused to sit some delegates simply because they were the wrong sex

Yeah, the Democrats have a policy concerning equal numbers of each gender which the Vermont delegation initially violated. Not seeing an example of sexism here, but an attempt to avoid it.

"Racist" is thrown out by the left so often it no longer has any meaning.

I'm pretty sure it does, it's just a sizable number of the right, particularly the alt-right, both understands that "being racist" is considered bad, but that they have no problems with a society that deals black people the short end of the stick, that they have an irrational fear of brown people, and even - in some quarters, most Republicans don't fit into this category, but many on the alt-right do - that they're worried about the influence of Jews.

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