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Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 351

You can't vote without a voter registration card or some other proof of who you are (e.g. an electric bill), and you can't vote unless you have at some point properly registered to vote, which you can't do without a SSN. So for illegals to vote, they would have to either commit outright identity theft to register fraudulently (which they screen for and actively remove when found) or steal somebody else's mail and vote in his/her name (which would likely be discovered when that other person went to vote).

In short, the absence of strong evidence supporting such a claim is, in this case, strong evidence of the absence of such fraud.

Comment Re:Yes, Obamacare helped ruin health insurance... (Score 1) 425

-there are no taxpayer funded abortions
-there is no provision for it in the ACA
-abortions are dropping, in direct relation to increased availability of contraception, and better education
-the LSofP case involves contraception, not abortificants
-the ACA was not only not meant to fail, but it has succeeded rather well, within its limited abilities. the only better reform that could have happened would have been the public option, aka, Medicare for All, aka single payer.
-premiums increased before Obamacare too. the difference is, they are increasing more slowly now, than they did before (so once again: Obamacare is working)
-you're clueless, as usual

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 425

meanwhile back in reality:
-the economy is in its best shape, basically ever
-the rate of premium increase is actually lower than it was pre-obamacare*

(*yes, your individual plan may have gone up a lot, but when you've got a super plan for super cheap, that's called a market correction. the fact remains, that on the aggregate, while premiums have always increased year to year, the increases under obamacare were smaller than they were before obamacare)

Comment Re: Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 425

the cost isn't zero either, and standard xray machines are now also now rarely used for general diagnostics....because it's xrays. ionizing radiation that carried its own risks and so frequent usage is avoided.

for example MRIs and other machines are used much more commonly now, for the simple reason that they provide many times more information, and better diagnosis, than your "standard xray machine" canard.

and MRI machines ARE expensive.
and every hospital has one...or several.

in fact the installed capacity of MRI machines is incredibly high, far beyond what is actually needed in this country; the only country with a higher (and more inefficient) installed capacity of MRI machines is Japan.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 425

this shows a rather marked ignorance of how exactly insurance even came to be.

as medicine became more advanced (ie, moved past Doc Anderson hopping in his buggy to come give you liniment), costs began rising.

eventually someone figured out "hey, we don't all get sick at the same time."
"lets pool our money together."
"we'll all pay in. George, you'll pay in a bit more since you get sick more often"
"when one of gets sick and needs the doc, we'll pay out of the pool."

that's the origin of insurance in a nutshell....before it became a self-serving for-profit industry, with fees, "determinations" as whether you really need treatment, treatment denials, pre-existing conditions, etc.

the insurance industry exists because it, however ineptly and inefficiently, fills a need: specifically, that people CANNOT pay for their care on their own when tragedy strikes. medical bankruptcies would be even more common without insurance, than with it.

so no, you're wrong.
the way forward is not to go backwards.
the forward is to go the next step further than insurance and institute single payer or some other form of government level control.... like every other civilized nation that gets better care at half the cost .

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