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Submission + - Technology faces some heat following ocean cargo loss ( 1

Coisiche writes: Ocean shipping cargo container loss is a constant hazard. Insurance will cover it for the most part but it's probably a bit embarrassing when your name appears in a national news website story, as HP have discovered. I suspect the insurance won't cover both the loss of cargo and the donation to clean-up costs but what can you do when you get bad press for something completely beyond your control?

Submission + - Space X use Culture ship names

Coisiche writes: In a tribute to Iain M. Banks, Elon Musk has named a couple of Space X drone ships after Culture ships that appear in the Player of Games novel.

If that's a trend there are a lot to choose from.

Submission + - Death of Sir Patrick Moore ( 1

Coisiche writes: Breaking news on the BBC news site reports the death of Sir Patrick Moore, renowned broadcaster and astronomer who will probably be most familiar to UK readers. He might be known outside of the UK for being the presenter of the long running TV show, "The Sky at Night".

When I was growing up just about every space related news I saw was presented by him. As well some of his books on astronomy I also read a series of fictional books he wrote for a juvenile audience that featured some travels around the solar system.


Submission + - Einstein proved correct again (

Coisiche writes: Observation of a pair of white dwarfs in a tight orbit provide further supporting proof for Einstein's gravity waves. Given how well his theories have held up to tests you have to wonder how anyone could have thought that CERN's superluminal neutrinos would be anything other than experimental error.

Submission + - Study shows autism link to pregnancy obesity (

Coisiche writes: One of the reseachers admits that “We can’t establish causation from this study" linking autism with obesity in pregnancy but "it is interesting that obesity and diabetes are increasing as autism incidence is.” I wonder if it's an idea that will attract as much popular appeal as vaccines cause it did.

Submission + - European "typosquatters" fined (

Coisiche writes: A couple of European "typosquatters" have been fined.

The article is short on detail about what their fake sites were called but I'd have to say I'd be a bit suspicious if I thought I was on Wikipedia (which is named as an example) and got invited to try a competition. The only hard fact presented is that someone was conned out of 63 pounds sterling while thinking they were accessing YouTube.

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