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Submission + - D&D goes digital (

An anonymous reader writes: Seems a new digital D&D will soon be offered. It's not a game in the Baldur's Gate style but rather seems to be about using apps to complement the experience.

I wonder if it includes some kind of VOIP facility so the D&D session can be established without everyone being in the same room.

Comment Re:And so it begins... (Score 3, Insightful) 407

I did read it and this bit puzzles me

a robot unexpectedly activated, taking her by surprise

because I can't find the bit about her relaying that information to co-workers because they "eventually noticed that something seemed amiss found Holbrook dead". So how did she say that the robot unexpectedly activated and took her by surprise? It may well be a valid assumption but without any witnesses it cannot be stated with certainty.

Comment Re:familyâ(TM)s (Score 1) 227

This isn't facebook, where you can edit your post to make repliers look stupid

Well yes, but when it's done in Facebook the post gets an "Edited" label. So if you come across a disjointed sequence of posts and spy an "Edited" flag among them, then it doesn't take much intelligence to infer that one comment originally said something different... oh, wait. Yeah, I see the problem now.

Comment Re:uh (Score 1) 63

the first thing I have do do is figure out which Apache they are talking about

Reminds me of IBM Tivoli which has a host of unrelated things under one umbrella

Other: "You do Tivoli, right?"

Me: "Tivoli Monitoring, to be precise. Well, only ITM6 really, which is just rebadged Candle after they bought Candle out. I don't know much about previous versions."

Other: "Whatever. There's this backup issue..."

Me. "I think you'll find that's Tivoli Storage Manager. A completely unrelated product that I've never worked with."

Comment Re:We know... (Score 4, Insightful) 198

Actually, I think people believing a sci-fi movie to be true probably has less impact on the real world than those who believe historical movies to be completely true. It has often been said that history is written the victors, and that may have been true once, but nowadays the history that many know and believe was actually written by Hollywood scriptwriters.

Comment Flawed tactic? (Score 2) 457

5) The CIA hid vulnerabilities that could be used by hackers from other countries or governments. Such bugs were found in the biggest consumer electronics in the world, including phones and computers made Apple, Google and Microsoft. But those companies didn't get the chance to fix those exploits because the agency kept them secret in order to keep using them, the documents suggest.

Does that not display a high degree of hubris? I'd say that if a government agency discovers a security flaw in something then they have to immediately assume that "hackers from other countries or governments" either already have it or will independently discover it soon. I really don't think it's something for which you have a big window of exclusive use.

Submission + - SPAM: Jet of magma faster than first thought

Coisiche writes: A jet of magma in the Earth's core is moving faster than first thought; moving at the speed of 45km a year. There seems to be a ring of faster moving magma running east-west around the geographic north pole. Detected by the European Space Agency's three Swarm satellites this magma "jet stream" is running in the opposite direction to its atmospheric equivalents.
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Comment Re: Good for them (Score 1) 258

You're correct but the statement was not about "intelligence, capability, or desire to do good", it was that those people would "never have any influence in the world". There will be intelligent and capable homeless and poor people with a desire to do good but they are extremely unlikely to ever have any influence because they are marginalized and denied opportunity. Yes, some have achieved things despite that background but I have a suspicion that the number who do so has been dropping every year for a while now.

Comment Re:As if this is new (Score 1) 370

So when the starving mob are at the ruling elites' gates with torches and pitch forks, they'll surely find the resources to do the right thing.

Yes, they'll use some of their wealth to hire and equip private armies to keep the starving mob at bay because people would be very happy to take any escape from being in the starving mob.

Might be worth telling your kids that taking a job in the armed forces might be the best way to ensure well paid future jobs because military training would be in greater demand.

Comment Re:Why would that matter? (Score 3, Interesting) 156

it has been 6 months from the referendum result and the government still hasn't even decided what to negotiate for yet

In any industry I think a project manager who had only produced vague statements with nothing concrete for 6 months would be looking at quick receipt of a P45. Maybe even less than 6 months.

Unfortunately we can't get rid of the government for another 3 and a half years. And even then it will be tricky because of boundary changes favouring the Conservative party (which they probably have to hurry and pass while they still have a working majority). Although if they don't get Brexit through there might be some huge swings to UKIP, but I don't think they would ever get enough seats to form the government, and if they do get Brexit through and the leave voters don't immediately find themselves better off they are going to blame the Conservative government. No wonder Cameron resigned.

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