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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 358

Because "internet connected". Somehow people with money to invest are bedazzled by those words. Eventually they'll learn that it isn't always a good thing.

In the meantime I haven't heard of internet connected irons (as in the ones that heat up and smooth clothes) yet. Feel free to run with that idea because I can't be arsed.

Comment Re:This is of no surprise (Score 1) 245

I'm sure those gaining as the inequality grows already think the world is better. And there are enough other people who are not gaining and never will gain but believe with an almost religious fervor that they are just one break from their hard work and inherent talent enabling them to leap the gap and they dream of that moment when they will be able to turn round and say "Fuck you, I'm alright now" to those left behind. And that's what will make the world a better place for them and they're happy with a world in which they think that will happen, because obviously it definitely will for them. Eventually. Don't expect any change until enough of them realize it's a false hope.

Comment Does this mean they're for sale? (Score 1) 209

Well, when it comes to music copyright, the "owner" of songs has been known to be changed for money. So if the state says the laws are copyrighted does that mean that the copyright can be purchased?

So, would buying them and then charging the sate for every use of them be a way to profit?

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