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Submission + - Backdoor encryption sneaks into UK law (

Coisiche writes: Seems that all the US companies that said any encryption backdoors would undermine global competitiveness, when such a thing was recently mooted there, can now find out if they were correct or not by watching the UK. Meanwhile various TLA agencies will be wondering if it could be as easily slipped into law in their jurisdiction.

Comment Pilot a system? (Score 1) 204

I would normally consider the piloting of a system to be early adopters doing some final testing before it becomes widely available.

I expect the UK government will have already placed their order as it probably dovetails nicely with their recent snoopers' charter (which seems to include backdoors to encryption in the small print according to the Reg; someone has probably submitted that to Slashdot by now).

Comment Re:What does he think this is, Apple?!?!?!?!? (Score 1) 392

There was a documented case where a flight attendant survived a fall of about 20,000 without a parachute from an airplane, although I don't know the details of that.

I hadn't heard of that one but I do know of am 18,000 feet fall survived over Germany during WWII. Turns out there are links to other similar instances on the wiki page.

Comment Re:Affected serial numbers? (Score 1) 29

They will probably say afterwards that the range was lowest serial number claiming a replacement battery to highest one. If they specified a range up front (and they probably only know roughly than exactly) then lots of people who might not have required a replacement battery would claim one anyway, because who wouldn't?

Comment Re:Remind them that one day, their opposition can (Score 1) 359

The Conservative government, during this term, will pass boundary changes which are not blatant gerrymandering but do look like ensuring a multiple term Conservative government regardless of anything else that happens. The graph in the article nicely illustrates how irrelevant the Scotland, Wales and NI vote actually is despite what some (invariably Conservative supporting) people in England think.

Comment They're keeping it secret (Score 5, Interesting) 359

The news suppression must be in force.

No mention of it on the BBC website, but that's frequently the case if the government want something suppressed, the BBC is not the impartial news service that some people outside the UK think it is.

What's more annoying is that it has no mention of this on the bills before parliament site which shows the last action as Lords bouncing back to Commons.

But even if it's not actually law yet, it's going to be soon. There are just formalities left.

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