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Submission + - D&D goes digital (

An anonymous reader writes: Seems a new digital D&D will soon be offered. It's not a game in the Baldur's Gate style but rather seems to be about using apps to complement the experience.

I wonder if it includes some kind of VOIP facility so the D&D session can be established without everyone being in the same room.

Submission + - SPAM: Jet of magma faster than first thought

Coisiche writes: A jet of magma in the Earth's core is moving faster than first thought; moving at the speed of 45km a year. There seems to be a ring of faster moving magma running east-west around the geographic north pole. Detected by the European Space Agency's three Swarm satellites this magma "jet stream" is running in the opposite direction to its atmospheric equivalents.
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Submission + - SPAM: "Jet streams" in Earth's core

Coisiche writes: Most will know of the atmospheric jet streams, the bands of fast moving air circling the globe, and now it seems something similar has been discovered down below. There's evidence of a faster moving belt around the northern pole of the Earth's core. Moving at 50km per year it's definitely a bit slower than its atmospheric counterpart but still much faster than anything else down there is moving.
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Submission + - Backdoor encryption sneaks into UK law (

Coisiche writes: Seems that all the US companies that said any encryption backdoors would undermine global competitiveness, when such a thing was recently mooted there, can now find out if they were correct or not by watching the UK. Meanwhile various TLA agencies will be wondering if it could be as easily slipped into law in their jurisdiction.

Submission + - Technology faces some heat following ocean cargo loss ( 1

Coisiche writes: Ocean shipping cargo container loss is a constant hazard. Insurance will cover it for the most part but it's probably a bit embarrassing when your name appears in a national news website story, as HP have discovered. I suspect the insurance won't cover both the loss of cargo and the donation to clean-up costs but what can you do when you get bad press for something completely beyond your control?

Submission + - Space X use Culture ship names

Coisiche writes: In a tribute to Iain M. Banks, Elon Musk has named a couple of Space X drone ships after Culture ships that appear in the Player of Games novel.

If that's a trend there are a lot to choose from.

Submission + - Death of Sir Patrick Moore ( 1

Coisiche writes: Breaking news on the BBC news site reports the death of Sir Patrick Moore, renowned broadcaster and astronomer who will probably be most familiar to UK readers. He might be known outside of the UK for being the presenter of the long running TV show, "The Sky at Night".

When I was growing up just about every space related news I saw was presented by him. As well some of his books on astronomy I also read a series of fictional books he wrote for a juvenile audience that featured some travels around the solar system.


Submission + - Einstein proved correct again (

Coisiche writes: Observation of a pair of white dwarfs in a tight orbit provide further supporting proof for Einstein's gravity waves. Given how well his theories have held up to tests you have to wonder how anyone could have thought that CERN's superluminal neutrinos would be anything other than experimental error.

Submission + - Inexplicable stellar disk (

Coisiche writes: A star has been found with an over-sized debris ring that's difficult to reconcile with current star system models. I expect that there will be a natural phenomenon behind it but just once I want to see "artificial" as the only explanation for something like this.

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