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Comment if not, fake news (Score 1) 474

on average millennials expect to retire younger than other working age generations.

Did you mean:

on average millennials expect to retire younger than other working age generations expected to retire when polled in the same way, at a comparable age and state of employment?

If not, fake news.

Comment preexisting malaise (Score 2) 191

What he wrote:

UPDATE: as a direct result of "the views espoused in my engineering article on Medium" I have been terminated from my contracting position at my current employer.

What's he's hoping people read:

UPDATE: solely as a result of "the views espoused in my engineering article on Medium" I have been terminated from my contracting position at my current employer.

Unfortunately, version 1.0 typically falls under the thick veil of he said, she said.

Here's the exact point where he wanders off into the weeds:

Its intractability comes not from incompetency or from a lack of discipline, ...

It doesn't take a 4-Sigmund review to spot the out-of-school litigation here. No one in a state of conflict appreciates the lateral spread of subtext.

I know estimation is often used as a management bully club, and I've had some pretty dark thoughts about some indivisuals who have chosen to behave that way, but sorry, I'm just not feeling the sympathy in this instance.

Comment Re:Fail policy; fact checking is usually biased (Score 1) 116

This is simply another fail policy; fact checking of late has be shown to to be biased.

Of course it has. And Hilary Clinton is a Reptoid from the Hollow Earth and Donald Trump has been negotiating with gray aliens for the cure to cancer. Do not believe the people who tell you these are not facts. They're biased.

Comment Re:It's true (Score 2) 259

Pixar was unique in Silicon Valley companies in that we had deadlines that could not move. The film had to be in theaters before Christmas, etc. I'd see employees families come to Pixar to have dinner with them. I took the technical director training but decided to stay in studio tools, first because Pixar needed better software more than they needed another TD, and second because of the crazy hours.

Comment Re:If you do engineering, you should be recognized (Score 1) 682

TL:DR;, Engineer is a title, granted by the state, not something you get for having an Engineering Degree

Except that Oregon has it simple, you have to be a LPE - Licensed Professional Engineer. That is a NATIONAL license. You take 4 years of approved schooling, and then sit the two LPE exams, and you are an LPE. Interestingly MOST of the exam is Civil Engineering (things like slump of concrete)
They are not the only state that registers engineers, and almost all of them it as simple as be an LPE, and register
Were you see this - real example. Want to put a ham radio tower in your yard? SOME municipalities require the drawings for installation to be "wet stamped" - aka the fact that the Mfg of the tower has down all the numbers that the design is good to XXX, and that the footing should be X sized, they require an LPE from that state to review the drawings, and stamp the drawings with his OK (they can not be photocopied) - aka they are "wet stamped"

Thing is, when an LPE signs off on plans, he is taking the legal responsibilities for those plans. Things go wrong, it is HIS/HER (I'll use he, as the vast majority of LPEs are male) ass on the line for lawsuits and possible criminal responsibility, NOT the company he works for!

This by the way is why we are not "software engineers". If we WERE, it would require a certified Engineer to sign off (first we'd have to agree to what a Certified Software Engineer IS), and that Engineer would be taking legal responsibility for any flaws in the software (not the company, although they may provide his insurance as a benefit)

It is a bit like being a "Member of the Bar" - the degree doesn't mean crap till they are admitted to their local Bar - and you can be Disbarred, and you can't call yourself a lawyer or practice law until you are a member of the bar - You'd have a law degree (JD) but not be a lawyer

BTW, where my daughter is going to school, as an example you can take
Mechanical Engineering - which is recognized by some large number of states, and allows for you to sit LPE
Mechanical Engineering Technology. Only a very small number of states allow this one for you to be called an Engineer.

Comment It is the use of the title (Score 1) 682

He can post whatever he wants, but in a lot of states, you can't use the term engineer without registering (and folks, this is why the title "Software Engineer" is Bull). Basically the state wants you to have your Professional Engineering license, which requires certain schooling, and then taking the tests. Joke? Unless you are doing civil engineering, it is generally not REQUIRED, but you can't call yourself an Engineer. You may have a PhD in say Electrical Engineering, but you can't use the term "Engineer"

Comment Re:Online ? Authors never shopped in real life (Score 1) 247

Because I hate to tell you, but stores in Beverly Hills charge more than they do in Compton for the exact same product.

Personally, I would lump the surcharge for blowing smoke up the customer's ass as part of the actual product for most of the merchandise available in Beverly Hills. When you're wealthy enough, the retail experience is the product, and what you actually take home is just the Broadway playbill souvenir.

Comment Re: Unimpressive performance. (Score 1) 144

You can buy a 128GB SSD for less than $77 (plus the cost of a new CPU and motherboard). Exactly what is Intel's value proposition?

Here, let me do your thinking for you.

1 TB NAS drives are running about USD $65 at Newegg today. You'll want to run two in a mirror configuration. (This will double your pathetic read IOPs over a non-mirrored drive, and double your sequential read performance to 300 MB/s.)

Both of those, plus the Optane SRT, works out to $207.

A single Crucial MX300 1 TB M.2 will run you USD $289 all by itself. The SRT-boosted system will probably allow you to search your file system metadata faster than the SSD. 300 MB/s sustained sequential read is actually pretty fast, if the hard drives aren't constantly interrupted to fetch small-block metadata.

Clearly, though, this product does not displace an SSD in your single, small SSD consumer box. Like, for a guy with nothing much to store, and infinite faith in angular's 50 different shades of cloudy "I agree".

While we're at it, let's clear up a second common misconception. Most people think that "pair" in "pair of pants" refers to the biological bilateral symmetry. But no, it actually refers to the sociological bicoronal symmetry—the imperfect, candle-light symmetry between front and back. Because I just know that you're going to complain that Joe consumer is not going to pony up for a NAS drive pair.

Well, Joe consumer does not have to pony up for a NAS drive pair. Best Buy will sell him the front half of the NAS pair for exactly half the price. And then the Best Buy moron-vultures will tell him that with only one drive, now he only needs the smaller Intel SRT, and now the wallet bump for 1 TB of SRT-enhanced NAS drive is down to a very attractive $109 and shoeless Joe gets some new shiny to crow about, too.

"But the other store told me all I needed was 128 GB!"

"Have you heard about the number of pixels in the camera of the new iPhone 9?"

"Really? The iPhone 9?"

"Yeah, it'll be so amazing. Don't be caught short with a tiny little SSD. Hey, and check out the mirror, too. You're looking gooood."

For this purpose, Best Buy has a special hand-held mirror, only slightly larger than a dental mirror, which makes it almost impossible to see the startled expression on the face of anyone milling around behind you.

Comment Fusion Drives... (Score 5, Informative) 144

Yup, this is no different to "fusion drives" that have been on the market for years - a small SSD acting as a cache for a large spinning disk.

What is different is that all Kaby Lake Intel chipsets come with support for setting this up in the bios, easily and quickly, so long as you are using an Optane PCIe stick as the cache device.

Once the DIMM packaged versions become available, thats when Optane will really start to take off - slightly slower than DRAM, but not much, but considerably cheaper than DRAM for the same capacity - so you get slightly slower, much much cheaper RAM, meaning large RAM setups (like 1TB plus) are no longer out of many peoples budgets...

Comment Re:After care may be needed (Score 2) 508

I'm sure you can technically "live" on $17k/yr but let's be real, this isn't won-the-lotto, now-you-can-relax money. After the pilot is over these people are gonna get kicked in the junk.

And, yeah everyone will love the program because it creates an artificial income disparity between people "in" and people "out" of the program. A true basic income test has to be truly universal, otherwise it'll just end up like the FEMA credit cards after Katrina or soldiers on leave -- a bunch of shady businesses will crop up with great ways for these people to blow all that extra money, and if there is one thing that people are generally good at doing across all income brackets it's spending someone else's money.

Comment blantant-predator moral honeypot (Score 1) 173

A public act by an organization ignoring robots.txt will only lead to the justification of other organizations ignoring robots.txt.

So what? When DoubleClick argues that they ought to have the same advantages as, they'll only manage to look like douchebags reaching their filthy hands into a cookie jar.

It's not always a bad thing to set up douchebag-honeypot moral exemption, even if it does depend on the mass audience (mostly) managing to find two sticks to rub together.

The real solution here is to make the directives in robots.txt more explicit concerning the predatory/non-predatory use cases.

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