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Comment Re:Welcome to the future of capitalism (Score 1) 597

Thank the shitty nutritional documentations courtesy of your local governmental agency for that almost reality.
Assuming you prefer only one gender, you're already down to 50% roughly.
25% of the population is probably kind of old >65, so it would be cruel to expect many them to look too attractive.
So you're at about 37.5%.
Obesity rates are 50% or over so
So 18.75% would be nominally attractive, at least not obese.
I suggest that 1% of people being attractive is a bit low, probably closer to 9% assuming you're not too picky.
Twice as many if you're bi.

Comment Re: Welcome to the future of capitalism (Score 1) 597

Because no one will buy their shit or use the services of their shit companies if we aren't around. We, the 99% are the job creators, we are the demand side, without us, they'll soon be doing their own farming and having no one to buy the useless shit they convinced us we need.

Comment Re:America! (Score 2) 597

Great point cayenne8, there is a bit of a problem though with the foundation of your argument. That being that, yeah, back in the day, only/mostly kids who would take these types of jobs for extra cash. Unfortunately due to automation/outsourcing/walmart/dual-income trap, the number of good quality jobs has diminished. Subsequently for a lot of people, these side-gig jobs are the best thing out there. So, now the crap-shit jobs are the few jobs left. When Pres Obama was going on about job creation, sadly it was mostly these McJobs he was talking about.

Yeah, you are definitely in the "get off my lawn" crowd with this argument, I believe I've already covered what you missed. You're welcome! Have a great day! :-)

P.S. I have 15 mod points but thought I'd miss out on using them on this thread just so I could respond to you. That is how much I value your comment.

Comment Re:What's the point of Western Union? (Score 3, Interesting) 110

I've discovered that quite a few folks in the US think that an offer to pay them via bank transfer is a sure indicator that I'm trying to scam them, or seeking to hack into their bank account.

Not to mention all the places in the US that *require* payment via cheque or other paper instrument. WTF? Is it still, like, 1975 there? Seriously--I've not written a cheque in close to 20 years, but on a recent visit there, I was obliged to buy some money orders because that was the only alternative they'd accept other than me coming in personally with a big wad of cash!

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