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The Courts

Journal Journal: Protect America: Deny Women the Vote!

The recent headlines about some commie San Francisco-liberal mayor's efforts to treasonously violate state law and allow women to vote has brought women's suffrage back to the front of public debate. This is unfortunate, I thought we had sorted this out when we passed the Defense of Suffrage Act. To review why we must deny women the right to vote in order to protect suffrage, I recommend that everyone read my comments from last summer.

(Yes, this is a dupe from last summer, but given the current hoopla surrounding the San Francisco situation I thought it might be interesting.)

User Journal

Journal Journal: Do I vote for or against a local casino? 15

There is a referendum to authorize a casino in my county (for, against). I haven't made up my mind. I'm curious what other people think. Do you live in Dane County, Wisconsin? What are you planning? Do you live somewhere where a local casio was allowed? How did it work out?

At the moment I'm slightly leaning against the casino. Here is my current reasoning.


Journal Journal: Bad movie warning signs

Signs that a movie will be bad:

  • The phrase "The Movie" in the title
  • Use of an overused song to try and capture a particular feeling ("Bad to the Bone" and "Old Time Rock and Roll" are two particularly bad offenders)
  • The trailer fails to even hint at a specific plotline.
  • It's based on a soulless corporate comic strip that actually sucks the humor out of other comic strips placed near it.

I suppose you could say I'm not optimistic about Garfield: The Movie .

User Journal

Journal Journal: Scourge of Worlds DVD coverage 2

If you're a role-playing gamer, you might be familiar with Scourge of Worlds, a strange pick-a-path style DVD featuring the D&D iconic characters. If you're curious about this strange beast, check out my site dedicated to the Scourge of Worlds DVD game. I've got a full map of the game, a summary of the story, screenshots, and generally a great deal of evidence that I'm a giant dork.

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