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Comment Re:frikin lasers (Score 1) 440

We just hired 30 new police officers. They aren't everywhere, and they cost a lot more than a million dollars. My wife spent tonight trying to convince me to abandon our house and live in a friend's basement. I'm sorry that your anarchist pigheadedness screams for absolute solutions, but you are simply foolish, and your political analogs in my city have helped destroy my life.

Comment Re:An example of cameras in our town (Score 1) 440

Claiming that the reason that there are so many shootings on my street is because the real bad thugs who were keeping everyone intimidated into proper behavior got put away isn't the most absurd thing I've heard this year, but it's pretty close.

Your other example also implies that crime is only crime if it's observed and recorded, which is also ridiculous.

Comment Re:Ahhh, Slashdot (Score 1) 440

Wait, you're against 'meddling'?! Screw you and the horse you rode in on. Give the police the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and hold them accountable for that use. You don't have any more right to privacy on a public street than the kids shooting at each other on my street do, and that sure doesn't mean that everyone gets to be anonymous and invisible.

Comment Re:frikin lasers (Score 1) 440


I ask this because my neighborhood is in the midst of a fresh gang fight of some sort, people are dying on the sidewalks near my house and my wife is scared enough that she wants me to abandon the unsellable house and start over elsewhere. Cameras seem like the most cost effective solution to pinpoint shooters.

Comment Re:Guilty until proven guilty. (Score 1) 440

There have been twelve drive by shootings within three blocks of my house in the last month. A highschool student died last week on the sidewalk two blocks over and one block down, and bullets have been ending up in children's bedrooms. No one is talking to the police because they'll get shot if they do. The idea that freedom is only lost to government is moronic, and right now my neighborhood has lost a hell of a lot more freedom to random thugs that make people scared to walk down the sidewalk than they would to some cameras watched by people the thugs can't find to kill.

Don't like cameras? Find a better fix for the violence problem or sit down and shut up.

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