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Comment Re:As someone with a masters in this -exact field- (Score 1) 184

Well, I heard an anecdote about Einstein many years ago - he was writing one of his articles about GR and wanted to make it understandable to the general public, so he read it to his granddaughter (or something like that), who was only about 5 years old, thinking, if she can understand it, then of course everybody else would as well. And, amazingly, this young child, who was playing happily with her stuff while listening to her nice graddad, would yes "Yes" every time he asked if she understood what had read out. I think it is a very sweet story ;-)

Another saying that I have seen attributed to Einsteing is, that you should always strive to make things as simple as possible, but no simpler. GR is a good example of this - it is a remarkably simple and elegant theory, and you really couldn't make it simpler; but it is still bloody complicated, not least because the toolset required (differential geometry on a smooth manifold with a Lorentzian metric as well as a volume form) is rather complicated in itself. C++, I suppose, compared to C, is like GR compared to Newtonian Mechanics; it gets really, really crinkly around the edges, not because the idea is unsound, but the subject just is that complicated, when you pursue it - and you can't make it simpler without losing important bits.

Comment Re: Wind and Solar are Environmental Disasters (Score 1) 425

This has probably less to do with where I live and more to do with the thicker walls on my current house compared to the house I grew up in.

So, given that we don't see any citations around, let's pit anecdotes against each other. In my experience, birds only ever fly into stationary, opaque objects, if they are ill or so young that they still haven't mastered all the details of landing on a twig. I have lived in the countryside for a few decades as well as in the city, I have spent a fair bit of time outdoors and I have had bird hit my windows from time to time. Of course, in Europe we tend to build farms out of stone or bricks, so it would have to be an ostrich for us to hear it, but even so, you would expect to find them occasionally. I suspect, if you have been hearing something go bump against your farm house, it might just easily have been something else, such as a rat making a noise on the roof or whatever - if it happened all that often, people probably wouldn't come running outside every time to make sure that this was in fact a bird. The thing is - if you sit inside what is effectively a big wooden box, then it is quite hard to tell exactly where a noise comes from, but it makes for a good anecdote to decide it's a bird: "Oh those birds out here, its like a hail storm".

Comment Re:Microsoft is leaning itself out (Score 1) 161

There is the business services unit that I still see very active.
I expect Microsoft is going to be like IBM dropping its consumer products and focus more on B2B products and relationships.
End use technology is really too cheap to focus software for.
Back when a good PC cost 2k. Putting an extra couple hundred bucks for OS and software was normal.
Today with PCs under $500 and will last you 6-10 years before going out of date means conserned are not willing to invest software on such a cheap system.

Comment Re:Now lets see. (Score 1) 1501

While not a Trump supporter. There is reward in taking risks. People who are successful in their tasks do fail often, and often fail big.

However for government. There are some things where failure is too horrible to deal with, so such a risky behavior at a sacrifice of getting the big success will prevent such a horrible failure.

But there are some aspects in government where Risks can be safely enough made, where a failure could be recovered, and success could lead to a big success. Many politicians try to keep their actions safe.

Comment Re:you think a billionaire is dependent on $500? (Score 1) 1501

There is a psychological aspect about receiving gifts. Even offering the person a bottle of water. If they receive the gift. It will get their guard down a little bit, and feel thankful and more willing to reciprocate a favor. Even if that is listening to the person for an extra minute where they may have that extra time to convince you.

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